Kendra Harris
Portrayed by Taraji P. Henson
Status Dead
Age 36
Gender Female
First Seen Bury The Hatchet
Last Seen The End Part II
Death shot by unnamed soldier
Relations Ivy Harris (daughter)
Unnamed sister (deceased)

Kendra Harris was a character in Dead Frontier. She is also a guest character in City of Angels, appearing within flashbacks.


Kendra had a daughter named Ivy, whom her and her estranged ex-husband had joint custody of. She also worked as a school counselor at Lane Tech College Prep, always a trusted shoulder to lean on and confidant for the students there.


Once Kendra learned that Lane's P.E. teacher, Nico De Luca, was planning to take refuge at the high school, she fled there with Ivy. Her headstrong attitude but also natural motherly instincts makes her one of the most well-respected group members at Lane Tech.


Kendra is caring and has a natural willingness to help those in need. However, her daughter always comes first, and that empathy is practically nonexistent whenever Ivy is in danger.

Kendra is a level-headed thinker and makes bold, sensible decisions that she won't hesitate to stand by.


To be written.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Possibly numerous amounts of infected
  • Jeremy
  • Sherry

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