Kenneth is a character in Say Goodbye to America: Scatter
First seen
The Same Asylum as Before
Last seen
The Same Asylum as Before
Mid 20s
Shot by Matt Graham (Alive) Stabbed in the Head (Zombified)
(The Same Asylum as Before)
Portrayed by
Michael William Freeman

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Kenneth's life before the outbreak

Post-Apocalypse Edit

At some point, Kenneth joined Gregory's group

Scatter Season 2 Edit

"The Same Asylum as Before" Edit

Kenneth joins Gregory on the mission to the mall with the rest of the 'B' Squad. He enters the jewelry store with Gregory, Margot and Nils. He, along with Gregory, aim their guns at Matt Graham and Bentley, respectively, and although Gregory kills Bentley, Kenneth is unable to hit Matt. Kenneth goes after Matt with a knife and is subsequently shot in the leg and then the chest. While investigating later, Julian comes across Kenneth's body and attempts to help, but Kenneth has turned and attempts to bite the former. Lulu comes in and puts Kenneth down for good

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous Counts of zombies

Killed By Edit

Matt Graham (Alive) Edit

  • While going after Matt with a knife, Kenneth is subsequently shot and killed before turning

Lulu (Zombified) Edit

  • After turning, Lulu stops an undead Kenneth from biting Julian by stabbing him in the head

Appearances Edit

  • The Same Asylum as Before

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