Landan Carr is a character in Beyond The Dead

Landan Carr
Actor Pooch Hall
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Police Officer
Ethnicity African-American
Relations Bradley Carr (Brother)
First Seen Mention in (Issue 3)

Issue 5

Other Information


Landan was a cop for five years! He was also the brother of Bradley.


Landan went on duty, to take care of angry rioters which lasted for 2 hours! He came back to his parents home in search for his brother Bradley. He left the house, only to come back to put his own brother and Lionell at gun point. Once he realized one of the men was his brother, he lost his composure and hugged him. He eventually joins the bus group, and brands along his cloths and curtains. Before leaving the neighborhood, he kills the zombified versions of his parents and takes there wedding rings along with him for memorys.   Landan offers to drives the group to Lexington Kentucky.

Landan helps Walter teach some of the guys how to shoot properly. Landan also attends the meeting with Lionell, to meet up with Drew. Landan took a big role in the assault, helping Teague and Jarvis kill many survivors. He is later seen celebrating at the mansion.

Landan is killed while trying too do to much. He sacrfices himself for the others and is eaten alive along with Drew.

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