Laura is a minor character that appears in Apocalypse Life.


Laura was a college student, interning for an unknown job. At some point, Harold Burrough discovered her and developed an interest in her, without knowing that she was to be her next subject of affection. Unfortunately for her, she was discovered by Harold when the apocalypse was about to hit.

She developed a secret relationship with Harold's son, Hamill, sharing more interests with him than his father.


Laura, when the world ended, was imprisoned in Harold's mansion, being the last lover he's had. At this point, they have both grown tired of each other, as Harold forced his love onto her. Hamill worked hard to get her out, but usually failed, thanks to the efforts of Vinnie and Rick, his father's bodyguards. Rick eventually grew empathic of their relationship and decided to help, without his two higher-ups' knowledge.


Laura is a smart, somewhat charismatic woman. She is attracted to anyone who matches her intelligence.


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Issue 23
Issue 24
Issue 25
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Harold BurroughEdit

Her relationship with him was meaningful at first, until things became rocky, and she developed an interest on his son instead. She would become his prisoner once the apocalypse subsides, fearing that she might be the last woman of his life.

Hamill BurroughEdit

They only acknowledged each other as acquaintances at first. But as she realized more things with Harold's relationship, she saw a more ideal relationship in him, mostly because he was closer to her age. He did what he could to take her away from the mansion.


  • Laura has a much bigger role in the spin-off, The Estate.
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