First seen
Last seen
Mid 30s
Portrayed by
Lee Pace

Lewis is a character in Say Goodbye to America: Scatter


Nothing is known about Lewis's life before the outbreak


At some point, Lewis joined Gregory's group

Scatter Season 1Edit


Lewis first appears with Gregory's militia in an attempt to attack the Target.  He is seen during the Massacre at the Target.  After running out of bullets, he tries to use a throwing knife, but to no avail.  He watches as Georgia is shot in the head by Warren Smith.  He flees into the woods with the other survivors

"Death" Edit

Lewis arrives back with the others after the attack at the Target and brings Gregory a bottle of whiskey. He is present when Sean Moreland fights and kills Avi

Season 2 Edit

"Wet Ribbon" Edit

With Gregory and most of the 'A' Squad being gone, Lewis is left in charge of the camp. He comforts Stephanie Key alongside Kevin and Maine after her assault by Johnny and Richard. He takes Maine to confront the two men, where he learns the two men assaulted her because she is a lesbian. He allows Maine to take Max and Taz to the target to find Alex, Liam and Callum, but the men return without the others. He learns Stephanie was raped and accompanies the other men take Johnny and Richard to the fighting circle, which he officiates. He watches Richard nearly decapitate Johnny and then as Maine shoots the former in the head. As he attempts to talk to Maine, he is told to save it

"Veneno Para Las Hadas" Edit

Coming Soon

"Trains" Edit

Coming Soon

"Arriving Somewhere But Not Here" Edit

Coming Soon

"Off the Map" Edit

Coming Soon

Season 3 Edit

"Lift" Edit

Coming Soon

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of zombies


Season 1 Edit

  • Pain
  • Death

Season 2 Edit

  • Wet Ribbon
  • Veneno Para Las Hadas
  • Trains
  • Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
  • Off the Map

Season 3 Edit

  • Lift


  • Originally, Lewis was planned to be killed off in Season 1, Episode 8, but the idea was scrapped
  • Lewis is the first character to be confirmed to appear in Season 3, where he will be moved up to the Main Cast

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