Lia Camper
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Personal Information
Portrayed by Emma Roberts
Status Alive
Gender Female
Age 17
Occupation Student
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Helen Camper (mother)
Nick Camper (father)
Miles Vance (boyfriend)
Francis Ubber (ex-boyfriend)
First Seen 101, Pilot
Last Seen 1210, The End
Origin Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Created by Kaffe4200

Lia Camper is a main character in Hope On The Rocks.



Before the outbreak, Lia lived with her parents, Nick and Helen. She went to high school, and participated in shooting contests. At one point she hooked up with Francis Ubber, but quickly lost interest in him.


Lia and her parents went to The Rocks, where they met Miles, Odin, Chad, Texas and Ellis. They later found Al as well.
Lia's mother was killed when Chad and Miles was looking for supplies and didn't manage to close the door in time. After her funeral, they got contact with Gavin Cart who told them about a refugee camp.
Some of them went off to find the it, but ended up finding Rogersville instead. They brought Lia, and the others who had stayed behind, to there.

In Rogersville, Miles and Lia hooked up.
Odin and an engineer died when bandits attacked, and Chad was blamed and kicked out of Rogersville. Along with her father and some others, Lia went with Chad. They stumbled upon Douglas Tallie's farm where Nick was accidentally killed. This had Lia kill Doug's son in rage.

They were forced off the farm, and found Bobby Lunar's Trailer Park, where Lia, Esther and Kerri were captured and held as sex slaves.
Lia and the others were branded with the words 'Belongs to Bobby Lunar'. With the other women, they managed to escape just as a war had begun between the Lunar Trailer Park and the other survivors. In the end, only Lia, Kerri, Dani and Margaret survived.

They went back to Rogersville where they found a group of survivors. Together, they all went to Leonardo Harbor where some of them took a boat and eventually crashed on a deserted island. Here they lived for a while, until a helicopter crashed. the pilot fixed the helicopter, and they all flew off to Greenland. They crashed twice, killing Ridley, Kevin and Miles, but they eventually arrived to Greenland.

Killed VictimsEdit

Centric IssuesEdit

Hope On The RocksEdit

Before The OutbreakEdit


  • Lia had a total of 14 centric issues, and appeared in 63 issues.
  • Lia has met all of the main characters.
  • Lia appeared in UFSW Hunger Games. She got ranked number 44/48.


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