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Some Members of the Main Cast of Low on Time

Low on Time is an apocalyptic story written by Fitz0021.


This stories follow a group of college students from the University of Pennsylvania, who are faced with doomsday.  Cut off from the outside world, the group will have to fend for themselves against the threat known as "Zombies".  They will have to learn, kill, adapt, and most importantly learn to trust each other if they are going to make it. 


The story begins September 2013.


Arc 1 - Time Before DarknessEdit

Arc 2 - The BeginningEdit

Arc 3 - World As We Know ItEdit

Arc 4 - DarknessEdit


See the character page for more information


  • Huge thanks to the most awesome X3picWarfareX for creating that banner!
    • Another huge thanks to the best Bait for helping picking out the song :D
  • Low on Time was the featured story on the Undead Fan Stories Wiki, from 9/2/13 - 9/28/13!
  • Low on Time has been confirmed to have 50 issues
  • During the UFSW Winter 2013 Awards, the Low on Time cast won "Outstanding Ensemble in a Story"


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Drama Action Comedy Futuristic Spin-off
Original Script Omniscient POV
Low on Time Issues
Arc 1 Pilot (1)Down Upon Them (2)Moment to Relax (3)What About Now? (4)
Arc 2 Scared Straight (5)Not Wanted (6)With Us (7)All Away (8)Outsiders (9)Losing Her (10)Losing Her, Part II (11)Omens (12)First Kiss (13)About Time (14)Protect You (15)Good News (16)Confide (17)Help (18)Nightmares (19)Mind (20)
Arc 3 Sick (21)Trust (22)Henry (23)Disbelief (24)Hope (25)Fourteen (26)Memories (27)Lato (28)Not Alone (29)Making It (30)Cellar (31)Soup Kitchen (32)Stay With Me (33)Try (34)Expendable (35)Keep Going (36)Hatchet (37)Big Hug (38)Mute (39)Journey (40)
Arc 4 Birthday (41)Flipped (42)Scarface (43)Withdrawal (44)Fun (45)Johnson's Medical Centre (46)Smith-Franchise (47)All I Have Left (48)Engulfed (49)Dinner and A Toast To The Future (50)
Low on Time Issues

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