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Lucas LeBlanca



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Toronto, Canada


Miriam Valdez (daughter)
Alicia Kinsey (girlfriend)
Ike LeBlanca (brother)
Newt (best friend)
Anton Olko (friend)
Tate Valdez (girlfriend)



First seen

"Let's Deal the Cards Again, Part II"

Appeared in

6 episodes


PBR Sharpshoot

Portrayed by

Dylan Everett

Eden Rising

Crocodile spice? It's mine. The stories you hear are true. The people who take this drug, they don't turn anymore, Tate. I am quality! Pure quality! And yeah, call me proud, cuz I am. I've been smart enough to play it safe for this long, and I'm smart enough to get us out of this situation, richer and safer than ever. We'll be able to raise Miriam somewhere else, and we'll be able to stop this world from decaying! How could I not be proud of that?

Lucas, explaining his plan to Tate, The False Knight on the Road and the God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues

Lucas LeBlanca is a main character in Eden Rising. Lucas migrated from Canada to the United Kingdom after North America became a desolate wasteland in the wake of the post-apocalypse alongside his brother Ike. The two got separated and Lucas made his own living selling drugs in London, as the leader of a gang known as The Barons. A young fencing protégé and famed radio personality, he decided to try and branch off of his life as a drug dealer and hosted a show alongside his best friend Newt. Lucas found himself unable to escape his underground criminal empire, as he became responsible for the distribution of crocodile spice, a "wonder drug" that has adverse effects to the virus that reanimates the dead.

When rival gang The Rippers, led by Gio Durant, became suspect in the spread of crocodile spice, Lucas was asked by Sierra Papadakis, leader of the United Nations, to infiltrate them. However, he was just playing along in order to better life with his conflicted girlfriend Tate, who worries for the safety of their infant daughter Miriam. Tragically, Lucas's plan to play the United Nations backfires on him, and Wolf Angelo is hired by Sierra to gun him down as she becomes aware of his plan to flee the country with his family. Tate is killed in the incident, and Lucas is taken into custody. Alicia Kinsey, a UN agent who sympathizes with Lucas and realizes that Sierra is only attempting to get the drug for herself and destroy it to control the population and keep power, frees Lucas and flees with him and Miriam.

The trio head to Eden, where Lucas reunites with his brother. Eventually, Lucas grows close with Alicia and the two begin a relationship. He is still, however, driven by vengeance against the UN and haunted by the responsibility he feels for Tate's death, but Alicia stands at his side throughout the ordeal to help him move on. When Gio, his former rival on the drug scene, joins Eden against the war, Lucas lets bygones be bygones and welcomes him to their side. Lucas eventually gets his revenge against Wolf for the murder of Tate, allowing him to move on from her death.


Lucas is known for his goofy and outlandish behavior, but can be surprisingly steely if need be. Having been raised in a family of drug addicts and thrown into the streets of Toronto at a young age to fend for himself, he is a master at starting - and typically dipping out of - conflicts.

Lucas shows a will of steel that keeps his fear to a minimal. Despite this, he knows when it's time to back off. He dwindles between the line of modesty and cockiness, controlled by one or the other depending on the situation but he never likes being the center of attention, because it takes him long to find something to say. To deal with his fear of infected, Lucas still participates in the use of pot when he can, but it is never his first form of stress relief. When his life is threatened, he throws empathy out the window and does his best to survive unless a loved one needs his help.


Killed VictimsEdit


"You want a circus? Fine. Put on your top hat and charge me with murder. I'll give you a show."
Lucas, to Alicia[src]



Season Four appearances
Let's Deal the Cards Again, Part I Let's Deal the Cards Again, Part II Halcyon Bury the Hatchet
Converge 'Tis Pity She's a Dead Whore Our Mutual Friend The False Knight on the Road and the God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues
Show Me Your Teeth Shadowboxing I Just Wasn't Made for These Times Mad World
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