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Lucy Brinkley
Portrayed by Naya Rivera
Status Alive
Age 26
Gender Female
First Seen Wide Awake
Last Seen Legacy
Relations Alexander (father, deceased)
Cole Pruitt (boyfriend, deceased)
Richard (brother, deceased)
Lauren (mother, deceased)
Stella Brinkley (daughter)
...You have to imagine when--when I had to see both of them as these--I don’t even want to call them things, because it’s much, much worse than that--but as these inhuman, disgusting, soulless...creatures...It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through and the worst thing I can imagine. I wouldn’t wish an experience like that on my worst enemy. Not being able to say bye to people you love.
— Lucy to Cole, regarding the deaths of her mother and brother.

Lucero "Lucy" Brinkley is a main character in Dead Frontier. Lucy lived a life of wealth, admittedly taking her privileged lifestyle for granted. Even during the apocalypse, she was protected by the walls of a lavish hotel brought to life by her father. Once those walls come tumbling down, she's forced to live on the road and faced with the harsh realities of what it means to be a true survivor.

Haunted by her inability to put down her infected mother and younger brother, Lucy hides behind a confident and charming mask. When she meets Cole, she finds someone she can be her true self around, and their rocky and complex relationship evolves into something extremely sincere. It all comes to a tragic end when Cole is mauled, and although she initially believed all hope is lost with his death, the revelation that she's pregnant with his child gives her an all new sense of purpose.




Killed VictimsEdit

  • Hunter Daft (Before reanimation)
  • Small amount of infected.


  • Lucy's theme is "Esmerelda" by Ben Howard.
  • Lucy is a contestant in the upcoming story, UFSWhodunnit?.
  • Lucy was voted "Outstanding Female Lead" in the Winter 2013 UFSW Awards.
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