Mac Jensen
Actor William Sadler
Status Alive
Age Unspecified; late 40's
Gender Male
Occupation Farmhand
Relations Unknown
First Seen Episode 1: The Beginning
Last Seen N/A
Death N/A
Other Information

“Me? I used to work on a farm, the only thing I was good at”

Mac to Charlotte.

Mac Jensen is one of the main characters in The End.


While working on the farm, his entire family was killed by walkers, causing him to leave.


Mac is first seen when he knocks out Daniel. When Daniel wakes up, Mac and Charlotte try to get him to stay with them. Mac tells Daniel about what had happened, and then they offer to go with Daniel some of the way to his hometown in Macon. In a flashback, it is revealed that him and Xander saved Charlotte from a horde of walkers. When Xander arrives, him and Charlotte are annoyed with him because he is creating too much noise. Mac brings the new group into the building with him. He is later seen having dinner with everyone. When the base is overrun, he helps Charlotte save the group. They find a church and stay there with a priest. When the church burns down, they find out that the church group are bad. Charlotte dies along the way, making Mac upset. He gets pissed when he finds out that Danny was forced to eat her body.

Mac doesn't have much of an impact in season 2, but in season 3, he goes with Peter to find Danny, and when they do, a herd of walkers separates them. Mac stays with Danny and goes with him to his farm. Mac stays wary of Danny, but keeps everything a secret from his family. Mac helps around with the farm, giving ideas such as making a generator to kill walkers that touch the fence.


  • He mentioned that he worked on a farm.
  • He was the first to meet Xander.

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