Margaret Petero is Julius's older sister. She indirectly appears in Apocalypse Life as a recurring character.


The oldest of two children, Margaret was the first to graduate out of college and move out of the state. She very rarely visits her family, though she maintains close contact with them from a distance.

She tries her best to look after her younger brother, whom she has long cared for since they were young.

Life outside of the familyEdit

Margaret, completely out of reach from her family, called them in any chance she had. She was especially concerned about Julius, who was denying the plague hitting their hometown. The unknown state she stayed in was already under State of Emergency, forcing her to stay in numerous refuge areas and military outposts. She manages to contact Julius in the night of the apocalypse one last time, tasking him to gather their parents and flee the state. Her contact was cut short when the phone lines went down, seemingly for the final time.


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Margaret is a responsible and caring person, oftentimes concerned for her family but never finding the time to be there for them.


Julius PeteroEdit

Julius is the closest person to Margaret before her emigration from their household. She cares for him dearly just as Julius does to her.


  • Margaret was supposed to have a concrete appearance in the story, being only a city away from Julius's location.
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