Portrayed by Theo James
Status Dead
Age Late 20s
Gender Male
First Seen Propaganda
Last Seen Animus
Death Shot in the head by Cole
Relations Alexander (former friend/superior, deceased)
Porter (best friend, deceased)
James (friend, deceased)
Charlotte (friend, deceased)
"Don’t worry about it."
—Marsh to Lienne, regarding his injured hand.[src]
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Stacy Marsh was a major antagonist in Dead Frontier.


Marsh was an unsuccessful actor.


Marsh is the first person from the Hyatt Regency to interact with the main cast. He leads them to the hotel and gives them their first official tour.

Soon after the arrival of the new residents, Marsh goes on a run gone wrong. The pharmacy they went to search was overrun, leading to the deaths of three of Marsh's best friends: Charlotte, Porter, and James. This has a profound effect on Marsh, for weeks after he suffers from terrible nightmares.

Marsh suggests to Alexander that they bring in live infected for training. Alexander shuts the idea down immediately, but Marsh does manage to convince him to allow training for those who want it. Marsh still goes against Alexander's wishes and sneaks a large amount of infected into the Hyatt's basement; while doing so, he is bit on his finger and is forced to amputate part of it.

Due to growing suspicions, LienneRobbie, and Duke decide to search the basement and figure out why Marsh seems to spend so much time in there. Lienne hears the infected groaning behind one of the doors and confronts Marsh about it. He threatens her with violence and orders her not to tell anyone.

During Lucy's 24th birthday party, Marsh releases the infected in the basement into the lobby where the party was flourishing.


Marsh is excessively charming and charismatic when he needs to be, though this pretense can break down in the presence of those he trusts. He's also a talented speaker, and can get easily get people to rally behind him. 

Marsh is a realist; he's aware of the dangers in the world, but also knows good still exists and goes to great measures to make sure that good stays intact, although he can take some drastic measures to make sure that happens.



Alexander considers Marsh his right hand man, although they have differing personalities. They often butt heads on ideas, and Marsh is often frustrated with Alexander's stubbornness.

Marigold LienessenEdit

Marsh doesn't appreciate Lienne's nosiness, and threatened to hurt her if she spoke a word about him harboring infected in the hotel's basement.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous amounts of infected
  • Robbie Rhodes
  • Numerous residents of the Hyatt (caused)


  • Marsh's theme is "Survival" by Eminem ft. Liz Rodriguez.
  • Due to the femininity of his first name, Marsh strongly prefers being called by his surname.
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