Mathis is a character that appears in Apocalypse Life.


Not much is known about Mathis, other than that he was a student in the college.

The First NightEdit

Mathis has found himself stuck in the college's library, constantly patrolling around it to rescue any survivors he may come across. He patrols with Officer Graham, a security guard he came across while in the library. He keeps his fiancé, Bowen, in the library, mostly to keep her safe.

He meets Julius as they were driving to find other survivors, crashing into an entrance full of walkers. They end up losing the car, but they do earn a new survivor with them. Afterwards, they return to the library, planning their next move.

Eventually, they follow through with their plan of escaping, successfully leaving the library and helping Julius find his own car in the process. Nothing was heard from them since.


Mathis, like many people, is struggling to survive in the apocalypse. All he looks forward to is a way out of the city. He is not trusting of other people other than Graham, mostly for the safety of his only loved one. Still, he hopes to find other people living just like him so that he doesn't lose hope.

Mathis is not experienced with a gun, but holds one as his primary weapon anyway. Graham has given him a few pointers, but it takes more time for a person like Mathis to handle it properly. He does not prefer fighting zombies up close.


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Mathis deeply cares for his fiancé, since she is the only closest loved one he has in the apocalypse. No matter what, all he looks forward to is the escape of him and his future wife out of the city. He still cares about their marriage, still hoping to make it happen even in the brink of extinction.

Julius PeteroEdit

Mathis recognizes Julius from all of the classes they had taken together. However, they never became friends, but just classmates, knowing each other for the sake of the class.

Officer GrahamEdit

Graham and Mathis worked together in following through with Mathis's plans. He and Graham were shown to function as partners upon first meeting.


  • Originally, Mathis was supposed to kill a hostile survivor hiding in the library with his gun.
  • Before the rework, Mathis was Caucasian.
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