Chrissie (daughter)



First seen

"Friendly Cards Turn and Back Again"

Last seen

"The Second Coming (That Which We Have Wrought)"


Shot in the head by Darla ("The Second Coming (That Which We Have Wrought)")

Appeared in

6 episodes

Portrayed by

Tracy Middendorf

Eden Rising

Maude was a supporting character featured in the second season of Eden Rising. She was introduced as a crazed hermit living in the forest, who was once a member of the Last Chance Society.



Maude was once a mother to her daughter Chrissie. Maude managed to keep Chrissie safe and bring her to the Last Chance Society. At some point, Maude lost her mind and began to act belligerent. This behavior led her to be placed in the 'Red Zone' multiple times, until her ultimate banishment.

Season 2Edit

On a search for a missing army medical truck, it was discovered by Tom, Leigh, Ash and Michael at a tiny camp in the forest. There were bones in the forest surrounding the camp, where Maude lived. Maude ambushed Ash and held him hostage, demanding the people to leave. She claimed she didn't murder the soldiers and they only left her the keys and gave her the supplies before taking off, but this story was unlikely due to the bones found surrounding her camp. Leigh grew impatient and hollered that she knew about Chrissie and would have her killed, to which Maude gave in and allowed them to take the truck and all of the supplies with it.

Maude was later encountered while Tom and Leigh were on their way to the Last Chance Society to give Leigh's dying father a final visit. She begged them to take her back there, and they agreed. The people at the Last Chance Society were not happy to see Maude return. Maude learned of her daughter Chrissie's murder and was taken to the Red Zone once again. Here, she later reunited with Ash and the man who took care of her daughter, Declan. She apologized for holding Ash hostage and claimed to want to help them escape.

She later revealed her true colors, using their trust to her own advantage. She claimed Ash was raping her, to which a guard arrived and she knocked him out and took his keys, locking Ash and Declan in the Red Zone and escaping on her own. Maude took Darla hostage, finding a lot of similarity in Darla to her deceased daughter Chrissie. They joined Ivy and Benedict's convoy of survivors. Darla was taking care of baby Adam at the time.

When the dissenters were attacked, Maude decided to flee with Darla and the baby. Maude hijacked a car and later, they stopped, where Darla manipulated Maude into thinking she was trusting her and caring for her. Here, she stole the distracted Maude's gun, turned it on the woman, and shot her in the head.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of zombies
  • Unknown number of soldiers (uncomfirmed, but very likely)


Season Two appearances
Home Friendly Cards Turn and Back Again There Was No Calm Before This Storm Thank You for Coming to Cut-throat Creek (Please Don't Overstay Your Welcome) No Peace
Moccasin A Spy in the House of Love Wedding You Want to End This Once and For All? The Second Coming (That Which We Have Wrought)
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