Actor Lucy Hale
Status Alive
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Relations Bobby (Boyfriend)

Lori (Sister) Elle (Sister)

First Seen Episode 2: What Has Become
Last Seen N/A
Death N/A
Other Information

"You can't leave us behind. We can help you"

Meghan to Daniel.

Meghan Dodge is a supporting character in The End and a main character in After The End.


She had a close relationship with her parents but her dad was overprotective. He threw Bobby out of the house when he was in her room. When Bobby came back, the parents were dead, in which they all left.


Meghan and her family appear in Episode 2. They were surviving in a small house before Xander had found them. When the base is overrun, she sees her boyfriend and sister die, and now she must take care of her other sister. She stays with the group in the church. After the fire, and after the church group reveal themselves to be bad, she takes up a small leadership role like Peter. After her sister commits suicide, she becomes hardened, but Peter says that she is not dead. Elle doesn't make it, which destroys Meghan.

She begins a friendship with Darren once they find the town. After Darren goes crazy, she watches as he accidentally kills a guard on one of the roofs. She runs outside of the town, finding Peter, Sniper, Patrick, Daryl an Merle. They go to save Darren and Sam. Darren was bit, so he and Sam sacrifice themselves to save the others. Darren kisses her before he dies.

After The End

She stays with Peter and goes to find Snipers boat, but they soon see that there are no boats left on the dock.


  • The weapon she uses is a machete.
  • She was suggested by the user Fitz0021.

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