Book Eclosion, Part One
Published Dec. 25, 2015 (Original)
Jul. 31, 2016 (Edited)
Chapters Prologue, 1, 2, and 3.



Decisions is the first issue of Mercy. It contains the prologue and the first three chapters of the story. It was originally published on December 25, 2015 and republished on July 31, 2016. Read the issue here.

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Plot SummaryEdit

In the first issue, Michael starts to wonder whether or not his current lifestyle can be sustained. Anna tries to understand the problems plaguing her marriage, as Liam realizes that there is no use in dwelling on the negative. Daniel is betrayed.




Author's NotesEdit

A Note on the Repost...Edit

The first issue was posted before I settled with the novel format I use now, and I've been slowly editing the first three "issues" as I write the fourth.

These have been split into shorter chapters, and all scenes have been rearranged accordingly. No scenes have been removed and no significant new material was added, so the story remains essentially the same, only prettier and more organized.

I have also moved everything to Google Docs. It's more convenient and I don't have to deal with the hassle of formatting them to fit the wiki every time something new is published.

A Note on the Narrative...Edit

The story is told from the perspective of several characters, an approach called 3rd person subjective or 3rd person limited.

The third-person limited is when the narrator conveys the thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. of a single character. The reader is "limited" to the thoughts of a particular character as in the first-person mode, except still giving personal descriptions using "he," "she," "it," and "they," therefore, non POV characters are only presented externally from the perspective of a POV character.
In other words, third person limited is much like when a video camera is placed over the shoulder of a character and the camera follows that person closely throughout a film. We stick with that person and are privy to his or her thoughts and feelings while still seeing everything and everyone around him or her in each scene.

A Note on Chronology...Edit

As a final note, most chapters don't strictly follow the previous one so much as overlap with them at times. A chapter following a character at the hospital might very well be taking place concurrently with a chapter following someone at the school, and so on. Of course, every now and then chapters will take place immediately after the previous one.

And finally, chapters may cover a timeframe of a few minutes, an hour, two hours. Half a day, a whole day, a week, etc.


  • 4th time's a charm.
  • This issue originally featured a short Anna chapter, which was merged and moved to another chapter in issue two.
  • This is as PG-13 as it gets.
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