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aka Earl

  • I live in A.P.I.T.W. (Awesome Place in this world... The Philippines)
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Writer of The Fall of Mankind (UFS Wikia)
  • I am male
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  • "Fuck yeah it's a dead end." said Martinez. "What should we do?" asked Mary. "This might be a problem." said Jack. "I saw an underground passage on our way through here!" exclaimed Jericho. "You have an underground passage?" asked Jack. "I didn't know about it." explained Martinez. They went in that underground passage led by Jericho. "Ewww...rats." said Chris. "Damn fuck, are you afraid of 'em?" asked Martinez. "No, sir." said Chris. "Well, I think this is a sewer." said Jack. "Man, this sewer is huge." exclaimed Jericho. "Hell yeah, you what happens in sewers? They--" as Martinez was to ask something, there was someone who yelled. "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" yelled someone. "Fuck, who's that?" asked Martinez. "I think it's a girl." said Jericho. "Then let's help her!" exclaimed Jack. They rushed forward in the girl who yelled. "AIEEEE! MY SHELLS THEY'RE OUT!" yelled a girl. "Don't worry I will save ya!" said Jericho. Jericho shoots the Corpses with his trademark weapon, M4A1. BAM! BAM! The Corpses were endless. "Fuck they're too many!" yelled Jericho. "Kill them!" exclaimed Martinez. BAM! BAM! The Corpses who were killed were about 30+ "We just waste our ammos." said Martinez. "No we didn't. Because we save her." said Jericho. The girl thanks him and kiss him in the cheeks. " need to do that." said Jericho. "Hihihi... my name is Sarah... Sarah Smink. Outside this sewer, is the Paralode Outskirts. I lived with my grandpa." explained Sarah. 

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    • Chapter 8:

      "Let's kick their asses." exclaimed Drew.

      " always want their asses do you Drew?" asked Micheal insulting him.

      "THE FUCK, DO YOU WANT A FIGHT!?" shouted Drew engaging him to a fight.

      "Now, now...Don't fight we got a job to do." said Blake.

      "FINE!" yelled Drew punching a mirror.

      "Okay...The plan is to destroy their fences and once it's destroyed we will infiltrate and kill them. But I'm sure they guarding the house so we will take out the people who are guarding." said Daniel explaining their plan.

      "YES! Finally a hard-punching job!" exclaimed Drew.

      "Now I can use my Revolver and my Machine Gun!" exclaimed Micheal.

      "Uh...We don't need a Machine Gun." said Blake.

      "Okay, boys pack up your things!" said Daniel.

      "ROGER!" yelled the trio.

      Meanwhile in the Smink Family's house, the fences were done...

      "Finally...after that hard work...huff...We should rest." said Chris.

      "Yeah, good thing-" BAM! Before Brock was to finish his sentence a gunshot was heard.

      Paul look around and wonders where is Chris, then he looked down. He saw Chris lying in the ground and has a shot in his head.

      Jack and the rest of the group woke up because of that gunshot.

      "FUCK! WHAT'S THAT GUNSHOT!?" yelled Jack.

      "" a traumatized Paul murmurs.

      BAM! Paul dodges the gunshot and ducks then gets his AK-47.

      Meanwhile inside the house...the situation tenses.

      "Jack there is a person in front yard and 2 in backyard!" exclaimed Jericho.

      "SHIT! WE'RE BEING INFILTRATED AND IF THIS GUNSHOTS CONTINUES...THE CORPSES WILL HEAR IT!" yelled Jack who warns everybody then gets his hammer.

      In the forest

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  • Meron akong ginagawang bagong Wiki kung saan lahat ng impormasyon tungkol sa The Walking Dead ay isinalin sa Tagalog.

    Marami pang gagawin diyan sobrang dami.

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  • Sorry answer is a bit late, I did respond on the actual page but you might not have seen it, so I thought i'd give the answer here.

    The song is Parting Glass although I cannot remember what version of it, if I remember the version again, i'll let you know.

    I also asked whether you was a reader of the series or not? just curious, I like to know who actually reads what I write :P

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  • Hey. Welcome to this wiki. I hope you enjoy this wiki. This wiki has very respectful admins and chat mods, and also a very cool founder, hallow.

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  • Hi, welcome to Undead Fan Stories Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:Never more0122333 page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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