Michelle Wilson
First seen
Last seen
Late 30s
Devoured by infected
Georgia, USA
David (Husband)

Amelia (Step-Daughter)

Bobby (Son)
Portrayed by

Michelle Wilson (née Schneider) was a minor but important character in Surviving, Not Living.


Somewhere in GeorgiaEdit

Before the apocalypse, Sarah lived in a rural part of Georgia with her husband, David, and step-daughter, Amelia. She was best friends with a woman called Sarah. Two months before the apocalypse, she fell pregnant.


Six months into the apocalypse she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Bobby. Presumably hours later, it is told that Michelle and David's deaths were due to Sarah, although nothing is explicitly stated.

Killed VictimsEdit


Killed byEdit

One night, Sarah found a house for the group to rest in. She went into the house first to check for signs of danger and declared the house safe to sleep in. However, when Michelle and her husband, David, entered, she was bitten by an infected. Presumably, she died from blood loss due to the bite.



Michelle was a fragile and weak person who worried extremely once the apocalypse fell.

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