Actor Joel Courtney
Status Alive
Age 16
Gender Male
Occupation High School Student
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Nancy (Mom; Deceased)
Beverly (Sister; Deceased)
Miranda (Girlfriend)
Tyrone (Friend)
Billy Lee (Friend)
Ash (Friend)
First Seen Morts-Vivants/Issue 2
Last Seen Morts-Vivants/Issue 65
Death Shot by Miranda
Other Information
"But, you need to eat more. You're with child"
—Mike to Veronica about taking his share

Mike is a main character in Morts-Vivants.



Nothing is known about Mike's life prior to the apocalypse except he had a mom and a sister.


Mike set up a camp off the highway with other survivors.  Tyrone would often look out for Mike at the camp.  When Miranda arrived at the camp, he took a liking to her right away.  When bites attacked, him and Tyrone fought side-by-side.  He ended up getting tackled, and his left index finger was bit off.  He ended up surviving though.  He survived the attack on the camp.  He went with the group to go to a farm that Jake said would be safe.  On the way there, he was attacked by Patrick.  Miranda tried saving Mike, but her car flipped over when she was trying to get away from Patrick.  He was saved by Will along with Miranda.  He got to Jim Lee's farm safely and was diagnosed with a severe concussion.  Over his time at the Lee farm, he became really good friends with Billy.  He found out Veronica was pregnant when she told him to get pregnancy tests for her.  When Trent attacked the people in the farm, Mike tried to save Miranda, Veronica, and Beverly.  He tackled Trent but Trent gained the upper hand and shot both of Mike's knees and Mike wouldn't be able to walk again. He was saved by Veronica.  His birthday was the next day and spent most of it passed out.  He was kidnapped by Zachary Silva and placed in a cell with Mike.  Mike let words slip insulting Zachary and was beaten by a guard.  

Killed VictimsEdit


  • Mike plays a guitar and his sister sings
  • Mike was promoted to main character after Issue 10 after being introduced in Issue 2 along with Beverly
  • Mike Lee is named after Mike
  • Originally, Mike's love interest would've been Brenda, not Miranda
  • In the early development of the arc following the battle with the bandits, Miranda would've hooked up with a grieving Billy, who had just lost his girlfriend, and Mike would've eventually found out.  Mike, who was still torn about the loss of his sister, would've then commited suicide after losing his only comfort left in the world.
  • Mike is one of the many amputees in Morts-Vivants, having his finger bit off by a zombie.
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