"What do we do now?" asks Jake.  Everyone is still standing around huddled together.  Will looks at everyone, his mind is running through ideas.  'Maybe it's just Monica', 'What if she was bit but didn't tell us', 'What is going on'.  Will looked over at Izzy and Tommy and realized they just lost their mother.  Will walks up to them and gets on his knee so he's at eye-level with them.

"What's gonna happen to us?" asks Tommy.

"Don't worry kid, we'll take care of you" says Will.

"Where did we lose my mom?" asks Tommy.

"She's dead..." says Izzy.

"That's not true. She's alive... in Heaven"

There was a silence and Will walked away.  He walked over to Jim, Veronica, Jake, and Paul.

"What will we do about the kids?" asks Will.

"I'll take them" says Jake.

"I don't know if your quite ready to be a dad" says Paul.

"Maybe, maybe not. But those kids are gonna need me"

"Jim, you're a doctor. Can you tell us anything?" asks Veronica.

"I'm a doctor, not a scientist."

"How did you escape the hospital? I heard those were the first places that got taken down" asks Jake.

In a hospital, Jim and a few other nurses were talking while military soldiers ran around making sure everything was ok.

"We have to leave" says a nurse with the nametag Kerry.

"They aren't gonna let us leave. The outside is crawling with those things" says Jeanette, another nurse.

"My kids though. They are gonna have to let us leave" says Jim.

"It's not looking that good for us" says Nomi.

They hear gunshots and look down the hallway, military soldiers are shooting down patients and staff.

"What the hell is this?" asks Jim staring in disbelief.

Kerry walked up to the military soldiers who just executed the civilians.

"What the hell is your problem? Those people weren't sick. That guy, all he had was a broken arm"

A military soldier turned around and gunned down Kerry.  Jim, Nomi, and Jeanette look in fear.  Nomi is the first to run down the hallway, followed by Jim and Jeanette.  The military guards see them and chase after them.  They run through the hallways and go down the emergency stairs.  They get to the bottom of the stairs and before heading outside, they hide under the stairs.  A military soldier came down the stairs after them and he looked out the door.  Jim came up behind him and started to strangle him with cables.  The military officer passed out and Jim took his gun.  Nomi picked up a pistol off of him and three clips.  The three ran out the door and started shooting the infected.  Jim led the two to his car and he got in. Nomi got in but Jeanette wasn't able to get in because an infected bit her ankle.  Jim looked outside the car window and saw it.  He heard the screams of Jeanette and he slammed on the gas.  Him and Nomi drove to the high school the kids went to.  He waited outside and saw Billy lead Sherry, Ash and Gwen out of the school.  Blood on their shirts, Sherry and Ash hugging and crying.  They got in the car and drove back to Jim's farm where Susan and Kennedy waited for them.  Nomi pulled Jim aside.

"I'm gonna go home. My husband is waiting for me and I can't leave him alone"

"Ok, go for it. Come back when you're done."

Nomi got in Susan's car and drove off.

Miranda, Billy, Mike, Kennedy, Gwen and Beverly went to Billy's room to talk.  Billy, Gwen and Miranda sat on the bed while the others stood.

"We are so screwed you know." says Kennedy pacing back and forth.

"We aren't. The best thing to do is stay calm" says Billy.

"I agree with Billy" says Miranda.

"Stay calm? How do we do that?" asks Kennedy.

"Damn it, so we are all fighting not to die and become one of them but you don't even have to be bit to become one" says Mike.

"Kid, chill out" says Gwen.

"We are fighting to live, not to not become one of them" says Miranda.

"But, there's nothing to fight for anymore" says Kennedy.

"There is still hope. There is always hope." says Billy.

"What do you mean?" asks Beverly.

"Think about it. It takes one mutation of genes. Let's say me and Gwen decide to have a baby" says Billy.

"I never agreed to this" says Gwen sarcastically.

"Not the point. Now, let's say there is a mutation, and that certain mutation makes them immune. We just gave birth to the God child."

"Oh well, look like we got a straight A student to solve all our problems" says Kennedy.

"Straight A plus if we wanna get technical" says Billy.

"Whatever" says Kennedy.

"Now, if that's true Billy, there could be a baby out there already" says Beverly.

"That is correct. There could possibly be even someone who never got infected when you think about it" says Billy.

Sam sat on the porch of Jim's house staring at David's dead body next to Monica's.  He wanted to cry but he didn't want anyone to see him weak.  He just sat there and stared at their bodies.  The door opened next to him and he looked to see who it was.  Susan came out and took a seat next to him.

"Hey" says Susan.

"What do you want?"

"To talk. I just wanna be nice, plus I think that was very brave of you"

"For what?"

"Killing your brother. You may not like it now, but that's how it had to be. He would've killed you next"

"I know. It just... hurts"

"I know how it feels."

"Do you?"

"I do"

"So, tell me"

"I killed my sister when the outbreak started. She was a farmhand here too. A survivor came here bitten and we didn't know what it did.  When he died and turned, he killed my sister.  Kennedy killed him... and soon enough my sister turned and I killed her myself"

Susan started moving closer to Sam. Sam looks at her and smiles.  Susan kisses Sam and Sam kisses back.  Susan smiles and kisses him again.

Will and Veronica sat on Will's bed.  They were kissing and slowly taking off their shirts.

"Hurry up, Miranda stays in this room too you know." says Veronica.

Miranda walks into the room and just stands there.

"Miranda" says Will confused and worried.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Oh--well, nothing. What are you doing?" asks Will.

"I was going to go to sleep, but instead I'll go downstairs to go to sleep"

"Wait, we weren't doing anything"

Miranda walked out of the room rolling her eyes.

"It's weird, how as soon as you said 'hurry up Miranda sleeps here' she walked in" says Will.

Gwen and Billy were in bed together sleeping.  Billy was tossing and turning furiously.  He did it again and fell off of his bed.  Billy woke up and so did Gwen at the sound of him hitting the floor.

"Are you okay?" asks Gwen.

"I'm just having nightmares."

"You've been having nightmares for the past week. Can you just tell me what it is already?"

"I'm still thinking about the first day this all happened..."

Billy sat in his class 'College Algebra' on a nice spring day.  He looked up at the teacher who was lecturing about the importance about math and looked over at Gwen who sat on the opposite side of the classroom.  She looked at him and smiled.

"Mr. Lee?" asks the teacher.


"Stop making googly eyes at your girl and pay attention please"

"Will do sir"


The teacher went back to teaching and Billy looked back at Gwen who was laughing at him. He heard screams in the hallway suddenly and rushed to the door to see what's happening.  He sees students fleeing and sees blood all over the floor.  All the students started gathering by the door now.  Billy went to the back of the crowd to Gwen and pulled her out.

"What's going on?" asks Gwen.

"I don't know. There's blood though, it doesn't look good"

"Let's get out of here" says one of the students.

Most of the students and the teacher flee out of the classroom and only 6 people stay.

"Should we go to?" asks one of the girls.

"Don't do that. If something bad is happening the last thing you want is to panic and run straight towards your death" says Billy.

One of the jocks turn around to Billy and looks at him.

"Listen I know you think you're so fucking smart but you don't know everything. We should leave" says the jock

"I don't think that's a very good idea"

The jock pushes him to the ground.  Gwen runs up to him and checks on him.  The other four students run out of the room.  Gwen and Billy sit their confused.

"What do we do? Do we go?" asks Gwen.

"Not without Sherry. Let's go"

"Where is she?"

"It's 5th period so... history" says Billy.

Billy and Gwen leave the classroom and into the hallway.  The hallway looks deserted.  He hears screams from downstairs.

"What's going on down there?" asks Gwen.

"I told them not to go. It's dangerous"

Billy leads Gwen and they start making their way through the hallway.  The hear screams and they run and hide behind lockers.  They look and see Ash and Sherry running through being followed.  Ash slips in the blood that's on the floor and she falls on her head.  Sherry tries pulling her away.  Billy jumps into action and sprinted to the thing and tackles him.   He looks at it and sees that the thing has skin in it's teeth and that the skin is greyish.  He recognizes it as his best friend, his only friend besides Gwen.  The thing lunges at him but Billy kicks it.  Billy curb stomps his former best friend while Gwen and Sherry help up Ash.

"Are you guys okay?" asks Billy.

"Yes" says Sherry.

"Alright then let's go" says Billy.

The four go through the hallway and go down the backstairs.  Billy sees the bodies of all his classmates.  He sees Sherry and Ash crying and Gwen isn't showing emotion.  He opens the door and sees his dad waiting for him.

Miranda knocks on the door and Beverly opens it.

"Hey" says Miranda.

"Hey, anything wrong?" asks Beverly.

"No, need a place to sleep while Will has sex"

"You can come in, no problem"

Miranda and Beverly walk into the room.

"There's only one bed, and Mike's on it" says Miranda.

"Yeah, we share. He's such a heavy sleeper though that if we pick him up and take him off, he won't notice."


Miranda and Beverly pick Mike up and puthim on the floor. Beverly puts a pillow under his head. Miranda and Beverly hop in the bed and try to get much-needed sleep.


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