It's been one month since David and Monica's death.  In that time, nothing significant happened and it was quite boring for the group, but they were surviving.  At the farm, it was raining very hard.  The group was outside with the exception of Mike, Tyrone, Billy, and Jake who were planning on going on a run into town for supplies.  Will, Miranda, Jim, and Paul were standing in the rain.

"Thank you so much for taking us in Jim.  You are a life saver." says Will.

"Don't mention it. My kids are grateful for you guys to come here"

"How is Sherry doing? She's been quieter ever since we found about the whole everyone's infected thing" asks Paul.

"She will be fine. She is in a short state of depression, being a doctor I know what the best things are.  Which is why I'm nervous about you're supply run"

"Why are you worried?" asks Miranda.

"Well, if someone dies she can slip into a deeper depression, especially if Billy dies"

"Don't worry. Our guys are professional biter killers.  They'll be fine" says Will.

Jim chuckles and watches Billy walk out of the door with the scavenging group. 

Jake and Tyrone hopped into one of the cars.  Billy and Mike carried a bag full of weapons to the car.  They got the bag into the car and mike pulled Billy away.

"Can you stall them for a couple of minutes?  I forgot one of my bags" says Mike.

"Yeah, no problem.  I'll make them wait" replies Billy.

Mike walked inside and he grabbed his pistol.  He goes to walk back outside but Veronica walks in his way.

"Sorry Veronica" says Mike.

"It's fine, I need a favor" says Veronica.

"What is it?"

"I need you to pick up something for me on your supply run"

"What is it? I'll get anything"

"I need you to get me a pregnancy test"

Mike stood there and looked confused.

"Wait, what?" asks Mike.

"I need pregnancy tests"

"When did this happen?"

"Don't question it"

"But, you need to tell someone... when did this happen?"

"None of your damn business."

"Maybe you should tell Jim, he's a doctor"

"Listen. Nothing is final yet, I could just be paranoid."

"And if you're not?"

"Will you get it?"

"Of course"

"Ok, and you can't tell anyone. Not Will, not your sister, not you're too buddies Billy and Tyrone. No one"

"Ok, I got it"

"And if you tell anyone, I will cut you're dick off and hang it on my wall"

"And why did you tell me?"

"Because I know you're a little puss and you're scared of me. Now go"

Mike walked outside and looked at Will.  He looked back at Veronica who shook her head at him.  He walked to the car and hopped in next to Billy. Jake drove away from the farm.

"Hey, why did Veronica give you the evil eye?" asks Tyrone.

"I don't even know" replies Mike.

At the farm, Ash and Beverly were waiting outside of Sherry's door.  Ash was holding flowers.

"Should I wait?" asks Ash who looked nervous.

"You're one year anniversary is today isn't it? So don't wait." replies Beverly.

"But, she's been so sad lately. I haven't been able to cheer her up at all"

"She needs time."

"She hasn't left her room in 5 days. I've been sleeping on the couch"

"Have you seen her?"


"You'll do fine"

They hear a bang from in there, it was small and it didn't really get much attention.

"You see, she's up and moving it sounds like. Go on in" says Beverly.

Ash walks in the door and sees Sherry hanging from a noose and gagging.  Ash screams and tries to pull her down.  Beverly runs in and sees it and runs for Sherry too.   Beverly takes a knife from the dresser and starts cutting the rope.  She cuts her down and she falls on Ash.  Ash hugs Sherry who was uncontrollably coughing.  Beverly goes down next to her.

"Go get Mr. Lee" says Ash.

Beverly leaves the room to get Jim while Ash lays there hugging Sherry.

Mike, Tyrone, Jake, and Billy pull up in front of "Dan the Man's Pharmacy".  The four get out and walk into the pharmacy.  They don't see any walkers so they start looking for anything useful.  Mike stowed away from the other three and went to the woman aisle.  He looked for any pregnancy testers.  He found a couple and threw them in the bags.  He got up and walked right into Jake.

"Oh, sorry Jake" says Mike.

"Don't worry about it. Now can you tell me why you're putting those in your bag?" replies Jake.

"Put what in?"

"Don't play stupid boy"

"I'm not"

Jake takes Mike's bag and pulls out a box of condoms.  Mike kinda sighs a sign of relief when he sees it wasn't the testers, but quickly realizes what it was and his face turns red.

"You do realize that the young girls back at the farm are either lesbian, your sister and Miranda right?" asks Jake.

"Well they aren't for me"

"And no you don't have any chance with Miranda... no offence"

Mike puts his head down and walks away.

Ash is crying and laying on Sherry's bed next to her.  Jim runs in followed by Beverly and Kennedy.

"What in God's name is this?" asks Jim.

Ash gets out of bed.

"She tried hanging herself" replies Ash.

Jim goes next to Sherry and puts his hand on her head.  Jim leaves to get his kit to check her throat.  Ash lays back down with her.  Kennedy and Beverly stand there.

"What the hell is your problem Sherry?" asks Kennedy who is angry.

"Listen, I don't think you should raise your voice.  Now's not the time" says Ash.

"Don't tell me how to treat my sister"

"Listen Ash, is trying to help" says Beverly.

"Let my sister speak for herself.  Sherry, what is your problem?"

Sherry just lays there faced the other way.  "Nothing" she finally mutters after a long period of silence.

"Nothing? You just tried to kill yourself."

"Being angry won't help her." says Ash.

"I will make it help.  Maybe I should hit her like mom used to" says Kennedy.

Sherry whimpers and tries closing her eyes.  Jim enters with his medical kit and gets to work.

Will and Veronica are sitting on the porch.  They see Sam and Susan walk by together talking.  They see Nancy and Gwen showing Tommy and Izzy the chickens.

"So, how are you feeling?" asks Will.

"I'm doing good.  A lot better than this morning"

"I'd hope so, you were puking a lot"

"Yeah, I don't know what's up"

They see Jake pull the car up and the four get out.  Mike looks at Veronica and Will and looks down on the ground.  Veronica looks at him and walks inside.  Will looks at her oddly.

Veronica is upstairs on her bed and Mike walks in.  He throws her testers at her and she coneals them.

"If you need anything, you can tell me" says Mike.

"Did anyone see you take these?" asks Veronica.

"Jake almost caught me.  When he pulled something like that out of the bag, he found Paul's condoms and made fun of me instead."

"Thanks kid. Now remember, don't tell anyone"

"I won't"

Mike leaves and Veronica looks at the testers.  Her mind is racing and she has a mixed feeling of guilt and nervous.  

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