Veronica sat in the bathroom on the toilet.  She keeps checking her watch continuously every 10 seconds.  She set up the pregnancy test on the sink.  There is a knock on the door.

"Hey you okay?" calls Jake from outside the door.

"I'm fine" says Veronica.

"You sure? You normally would've said 'fuck off I'm fine'. So tell me, what's going on?"

"You sure have a way with words Jake.  Now fuck off I'm fine."

"Ok, you could've asked politely babe"

Veronica put her face in her hands and checked her watch.  It was time, she picked up the pregnancy tester and read the result.

Kennedy and Ash stood in Sherry's room watching her.  Ash looked at Kennedy nervously.  Kennedy looked angry and didn't pay attention to Ash.  Ash gave her a little nudge.

"What?" asks Kennedy.

"Well, can you give us privacy please?" asks Ash.


"This isn't helping Kennedy.  You can stand here and be angry or you can let me talk to her.  The first option won't help"

"Fine.  I'll be back in 5 minutes" says Kennedy leaving the room and shutting the door behind her.

Ash looked at Sherry and sat next to her.  Ash put her hand on Sherry's hip.  She kisses her forehead.

"Listen babe, I love you.  Why would you do this?" asks Ash.

"There is no hope." replies Sherry.

"There is though.  Open your eyes.  We haven't had a biter attack since we got here.  Listen to me, you kill yourself, you kill me too."


"I wouldn't be able to live without you. Today is our one year anniversary and it's the most important day of the year to me.  If you were to kill yourself, I would follow"

"You could always have Beverly"

"But I don't want her Sherry.  I want you"

Sherry turns around and faces Ash.  Sherry starts crying and Ash hugs her.

"Everything will be okay... I promise" says Ash.

Mike, Miranda, Billy and Gwen were hanging out in the back of a little fortress the Lee family had set up.  Mike and Miranda were inspecting the fortress.

"Dude, this is totally military style" says Mike who's in awe.

"It's awesome right?" says Gwen with the sound of boasting.

"How did you guys do this?" asks Miranda.

"It was easy.  My mom was a military officer, when this started happening she got us set up with rifles and all of this stuff.  In case of a herd or whatever we go back here and light them up" says Billy.

"Where is your mom?" asks Mike.

"She was sent to evacuate civilians in Charlotte" says Billy.

"I bet she's safe there" says Miranda.

"Right... so anyways, mind telling me what you were trying to hide from everyone?" asks Billy.

"What are you talking about?" asks Mike.

"Don't play stupid.  Veronica giving you the evil eye, Jake said you were acting sketchy.  Hell, even Beverly said something"

"As much as I wanna tell you guys, I can't.  Not my decision" says Mike.

"Uh-huh.  Whatever" says Gwen.

"How's Sherry?" asks Miranda.

"I gave her my speech and she'll be fine.  Ash will take care of her" says Billy.

Will, Paul, Jim, Susan, Sam, and Oscar were sitting at a table looking at a map of the city. 

"I can go into the forest here, I'll be able to get a deer or something" says Sam.

"Well, you can't go alone" says Will.

"The hell I can't"

"Sam, he's right" says Susan.

"Is he now?"

"Yes.  It's way to dangerous.  The amount of biters increase daily" says Susan.

"I'll go" says Paul.

"I can do it" says Oscar

"Ok, here's what we'll do.  We'll split into two teams, one lead by me and one lead by Sam.  Sam's team will be Sam, Mike, Susan, Jim, and Paul will branch off in this direction.  The second one will be me, Jake, Billy, Nina and Oscar... if we're allowed to bring Billy sir" says Will.

"Of course.  Just keep him safe." says Jim.

"I won't let him out of my sights" says Oscar.

"I'll hold you to it" says Jim.

Nina, Nancy, Tommy, and Izzy were praying in Nancy's room.  Kennedy walks in and sees them all doing it.

"What are you doing?" asks Kennedy.

"We're praying" says Tommy.

"You guys are still doing that?"

"Yes, you should be to.  It'll make you feel better" says Nina.

"How can you guys be praying when my sister is thinking of a plot to kill herself right now?"

"You don't know that she is.  It's amazing what faith can do for you" says Nancy.

"You'd be surprised how much I don't believe in that"

"Tell her what my dad said" says Izzy.

"Oh, yes I remember Monica telling me this.  He didn't believe in that either, ghosts, bigfoot, yetis.  But look, you're surrounded by ghosts everyday." says Nancy.

"You guys are worthless you know?" says Kennedy leaving.

Sherry is laying in her bed with Ash.  Ash is kissing her but Sherry is just keeping her eyes closed.  She just wants everyone to go away so she can be free.  She thinks about the people she would leave behind.  Billy, Kennedy, her dad, and the most important person to her, Ash.  Ash hasn't left her side and she wasn't mean to her about anything.  Sherry turns to Ash and kisses her back.  Kennedy opens the door slowly and peeks in.  She hears Sherry say "I love you" to Ash.  Kennedy smiles and closes the door.

Veronica lays on her bed looking up at the ceiling.  Her mind is going crazy, she just wants someone to walk in so she can tell them it.  She looks back at the tester and it has two red lines for positive.  She is ready to cry, but she likes having her reputation as the badass blonde who scares everyone.  She hears a knock on the door and Mike walks in.  Veronica sighs with relief.

"Everything okay?" asks Mike.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Jake said that you weren't feeling well.  Did you take the test?"


"And the results?"

"Came back positive"

"What--what are you gonna do?"

"Yeah, don't try to keep me calm"

"I'm sorry.  What do you need?  I'll get you anything"

"Nothing for now."

Mike stars walking out of the room.

"Wait Mike"


"Remember what I said about cutting off your dick.  That's still in play"

Mike leaves the room and Veronica goes back to staring at the ceiling.  She's thinking about the endless possibilities that could happen with the baby.  Maybe it'll be a stillbirth.  Maybe it'll be a miscarriage.  What if it dies in her stomach and rips her apart.  That's all Veronica can think as she is laying own on her bed.


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