Veronica was still laying in her bed, it was now night time.  Will walks in with Miranda.  Will hops on the bed next to her and Miranda goes to her bed.  Will hugs Veronica and kisses her forehead.

"Anything wrong?" asks Will.

"No, just been tired" says Veronica.

"C'mon, you can tell me"

"I'm fine"

"Ok, well, I'm going on a run with a majority of the group tomorrow.  We need you to protect the others here"

"Ok. Just be safe please"

"Trust me, I will"

"Promise me you'll come back alive"

"I promise.  I'll come back alive"

Veronica hugs him and he hugs her back.

In the morning, Veronica was outside eating eggs that Kennedy made for everyone.  Mike hurries outside and looks over his shoulder.

"Anything wrong kid?" asks Veronica.

"No. Take this" says Mike handing her his share.

"No kid, you have to eat.  You're going on the supply run"

"But, you need to eat more.  You're with child"

"I'll be fine."

"And so will I"

Veronica looks at Mike and realizes he won't give up.  She takes the plate and he goes back inside to get ready for the run.

In Sherry's room, Ash is still laying awake next to Sherry.  She hasn't left her side all night.  There was a knock on the door.  Ash answers it and it's Nancy.

"Hey... Ash is it?" asks Nancy.

"Yeah, hey"

"You wanna take a break?"

"No I'm fine"

"Want me to bring up some food?"

"That would be great thanks"

"You sure, you don't need a minute bathroom break or something?"

"I'm fine for now"

"Ok, suit yourself.  I'll go get the food"

Nancy leaves and Ash closes the door and lays back down.

Will is putting the bags in the car.  Tyrone walks up to him with Jake.

"Hey Will" says Tyrone.

"Hey Tyrone"

"Hey can I ask you something?"

"Yeah go ahead."

"Don't come back with another black guy"


"I'm probably gonna die if there's another black guy.  That's just what happens"

Will and Jake burst out laughing.  Tyrone stands there annoyed.

"I'm serious"

Will and Jake just keep laughing.  Tyrone finally walks away.

Three cars drove down the road.  They drive down five miles and see an opening in the woods.  They drive into it.  They drive in and park their cars in.  The two groups split up and head out looking for food.  Will, Jake, Billy, Nina and Oscar go down the west path and follow it.  The group splits into two different groups, Will, Billy, and Nina in one group, and Jake and Oscar in another.

Will, Billy, and Nina walk through the path and come across a deer.  They look at it and try to remain quiet.

"Do we shoot it?" asks Billy.

"No, it'll attract noise.  If we could somehow find time to shoot it and carry it back without being munched on, I'd say okay" says Will.

"Plus, we have the other group out there." says Nina.

"So, what do we do?" asks Billy.

"Go cut it's jugular" says Nina.

"What?" replies Billy in disgust.

"I'm kidding.  I have no idea honestly"

In the middle of the forest, there were footsteps.  They were shoeless and the legs were dirty.  There was seven of them.  Two of them were limping and being carried by two others but they kept pushing on.  They hear footsteps around them.  They stop and they look around.  They see a biter, one of the members takes out his pistol and points to it.  One of the others put their hand on his shoulder and he lowered it.  The group was filthy, each person having dirt and mud on their clothes.  They see more biters.  The same member as before shoots one of them.  They than sprint away from the scene.

Sam, Susan, Jim, Mike and Paul are in the woods looking for animals.  They hear the gunshot.

"What was that?" asks Mike.

"They probably got a deer or something" says Sam.

"Let's push on" says Paul.

Will, Billy, and Nina hear the gunshot and immediately got worried.

"What was that?" asks Billy.

"I have no idea" says Will.

"Is that Oscar and Jake? It came from over there" says Nina.

"Let's go" says Will.

The three run off into the direction of the gunshot.  Will is in front followed by Nina and Billy.  They were running and out of nowhere, one of the other members of the group collided with Will and they both fell.  They both shot back up.  Will looks behind him and realizes that Nina and Billy fell behind.  He looks at the other people.  There was seven of them covered in dirt and mud.  They all looked paranoid and worried.  They all looked in there teens.  One of the members walks to him and points a gun to him.

"Who are you?" he asks.

"I'm Will."


"I'm Will."

"Are you one of them?"

"I'm speaking so that's impossible"

"Not one of them.  One of them, the cannibals" interrupts a blonde in a cheerleading uniform.

"What cannibals?"

"These fuckers offered us a place to stay.  We took in, there was 20 of us.  They killed 5 of us and ate the other 8.  The rest of us barely made it and these two were shot" says the first guy pointing to two of his friends.

"I'm not gonna hurt you kid.  Put the gun down"

"Kid? I ain't no kid. I was, and that's what those fuckers thought too.  That's why they got us so easily, cause we were kids.  I ain't gonna listen to you"

Nina and Billy finally catch up. 

"Who are they?" asks the first member.

Jake and Oscar show up to the scene.

"What's going on Will?" asks Jake.

"It's 5 vs 7 son.  5 of us know how to use a gun"

Billy looks at the group member and looks like he's seen a ghost.  Billy runs in front of Will.

"No fucking way" says Bill getting excited.

The first member looks at Billy and starts putting his gun away.

"Billy?" asks the guy.

"Trent. It's great to see you" says Billy hugging him.  He sees the other members and realizes it's all his classmates.

"Hey Billy" says one of the girls.

"Everyone, what happened?" asks Billy.

"Have your friend tell you when were safer" says Trent.

"You know these people?" asks Oscar.

"Yeah, they were at a school football championship the day of the outbreak.  Man it's great to see all of you... what happened to Brenda and Sully?" asks Billy.

"They were shot. You guys got a doctor?" asks Trent.

"Yeah follow us" says Will.

The group starts walking back to the cars.  One of the members of Trent's group turns around.

"Oh no." he says

The rest turn around and see tons of biters moving in on them.  Oscar and Nina take the rear and cover the others going back to the cars.  Will notices that the other group's car is gone.  Will, Jake and Billy help the injured in the car.  Will looks out his window.

"Let's go guys" he says to Nina and Oscar.

Nina and Oscar run back to the car.  Oscar trips and a biter jumps on top of him and starts biting him.  He screeches in pain.  Nina turns around and she starts shooting at the biters.  Jake hops out of his car and drags Nina back to the car and they drive off.

Jim, Veronica, Paul, Beverly, and Kennedy sat on the porch.

"It's been a long time" says Veronica.

"Not that long" says Beverly.

"They'll be fine.  They probably got a lot of food" says Paul.

"What did you guys get?" asks Kennedy.

"We got a deer.  It'll taste delicious" says Paul.

They see the two cars pull into the driveway.  They see everyone get out and help the wounded out.

"What is this?" asks Jim walking up to Will and Billy.

"They're my old classmates dad" says Billy.

"They've been through a lot and I think we should help them" says Will.

"What happened to them?"

"Have one of the kids tell you.  Two of them were shot if you don't mind helping" says Will.

"I'll do my best." says Jim walking away.

"Hey, do you know all of them?" asks Will.

"No, only 4 out of the 7.  There was Trent, Sully, Brenda, and Jenny.  The other three I recognize from the hallways.  They were all cheerleaders or on the football team."

"I think we ought to pay the cannibals a visit" says Will.

"Where are they?"

Will sees Trent helping Brenda into the house with help from Beverly.

"I think I know how to find out"



  • Last appearence of Oscar
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