The day after finding the high school survivors, everyone was resting inside besides Tommy and Izzy who were running around outside.  Will, Veronica, Beverly, Sam, Jake, Mike, Ash, Sherry, Billy, Trent, Jenny, the three other high school survivors and Paul were in one of the rooms sitting around in one of the rooms.

"What are your three names?" asks Will hoping to start a conversation.

The three just stood there and looked around at each other for a little bit.  One of them stepped forward.

"I'm Mike Chandler.  This is my little brother Eric and his friend Dan" says Mike.

"Nice to meet you. You seem a little old to be a high school student" says Paul.

"I'm not.  My brother was in the game so I went to support him.  Happy I did now seeing as the world has gone to shit"

"Your brother and his friend don't talk much do they?" asks Veronica.

"No ma'am."

"So, Trent can you please tell me something" says Will.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Where are the cannibals?"

"I don't know"

"What do you mean?" asks Beverly.

"I mean, I ran for my life trying to save my friends.  I didn't stop for the scenery" says Trent.

"What about my sister?" asks Jenny.

"Your sister wasn't my fault.  She was eaten because you didn't sense anything" says Trent.

"Did you sense anything?" asks Jenny.

"No.  Therefore, you can't put the blame on me"

"Guys, stop fighting.  You guys are safe now" says Billy interrupting the small argument.

"Nice group" says Sam sarcastically.

Jim walks into the room, wiping his hands on a cloth.

"How's Brenda and Sully?" asks Jenny.

"They will be fine.  Brenda keeps mumbling about a cabin in the woods though" says Jim.

"Probably where those cannibals are" says Ash who is rubbing Sherry's head which is in Ash's lap.

"Is your sister okay Billy?" asks Trent.

"She's fine, she's a little emotional right now" says Billy.

"Guys, if you point us in the direction, we'll go take out the cannibals" says Jake.

"Brenda would know better.  She kept going for walks in the woods with Yim, another cheerleader.  She can get you there" says Jenny.

"I'll ask her when she wakes up" says Paul.

"Nope Paul, I'll do it" says Billy.

"Why?" asks Beverly.

"She'd rather a friendly face"

"So Billy, how's Gwen?" asks Trent.

"She's upstairs sleeping.  We were up late last night?"

"Doing what, I must ask" says Beverly sarcastically.

"We were watching Scream 2.  It's a classic" says Billy.

"Ah, let's have one of our good ol' fashion movie debates later Billy" says Jenny.

"Movie debates?" asks Mike.

"Yeah, when me and Jenny were best friends in the 8th grade, we'd have the most intense movie debates"

Will looked at Veronica and saw her trying to hold back tears.  He has no idea why, but she's been really emotional over something.  And he wants to get to the bottom of it.

Miranda, Nancy, and Susan were trying to comfort a distraught Nina who was still weeping over Oscar's death.

"It's okay." says Nancy.

"No it's not. I never told him how I felt" says Nina.

"I know it's sad but he died for a good cause" says Susan.

"What? Saving high school students who were probably the school bullies.  You got all the jocks" says Nina.

"They aren't all like that.  I dated a jock and they are the sweetest people ever" says Miranda.

"Just leave me alone" says Nina forcefully.

Miranda, Nancy, and Susan walked out of the room.

"So, you dated a jock? Was he really all what you said he was?" asks Nancy.

"No, he was kind of a douche" says Miranda.

Time: One Year Before Outbreak In Lincolnton, North Carolina, Miranda is standing at a track where there is a bunch of high school students screaming 'Go Lynx's'.  It was a playoff game for The Lynx's and it was a huge rivalry.  Miranda looked at the field and spots her boyfriend, start wide receiver, sophomore Paul Goodman.  Miranda knew they were designing a play for him as there was 10 seconds left, with 40 yards to go and down by a touchdown.  The quarterback, senior Nolan Smith, called hike.  Paul ran down the field and beat his defender by outrunning him.  Nolan throws the ball to Goodman, and Paul goes up for the catch.  He gets the ball in his hand, and drops it.  The crowd falls silent and a rain of boos come out.  Miranda sees Paul leave the field and run towards the school and she goes after him.  After catching up to him, Miranda puts her hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay" Miranda says.

"No it's not.  I'm going to be the laughing stock of the school" replies Paul with anger in his voice.

"Just don't angry"

"I am fucking angry" he snaps back.

"What? The steroids didn't work this time?" she asks sarcastically.

Paul looks at her dead in the eye and mutters "Why should I care about a girl who won't even have sex with me?"

Miranda looks at him surprised and slaps him.  Paul hits her back in the mouth and she falls to the ground.  He starts walking away.

"I guess the steroids worked that time" he says going into the locker room.

Miranda feels and tastes the blood in her mouth.  She starts crying, and she is found by a couple other football players.

Mike is playing guitar outside on the porch.  He's doing his rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers.  Billy, Ash, Sherry, Trent, Miranda, Gwen, Mike Chandler, Eric, Dan, Beverly and Jenny walk outside and Billy and Trent bring Sully and Brenda outside.  Mike has earplugs on and doesn't notice them.  Miranda takes an earplug out of his ear and he looks at them.

"Hey" he says quietly.

"Hey, Mike is it?" asks Jenny.

"Yeah" he replies.

"You're shy I'm guessing" says Brenda who is helping being seated by Trent.

"No, didn't talk much before and I am not expecting to change" he says still playing the guitar.

"You're not quiet around me" says Miranda.

"Yeah, well I like you. I don't know these people"

"I hope your opinion changes soon.  It's quiet lonely in this apocalypse world" says Sully.

"I hope it will too, but there's a lot of us here. We got 19 here, 26 including you guys" says Mike.

"Don't mind him.  He wasn't like this to me for some odd reason" says Billy.

"That was different Billy.  I had a concussion if you remember"

Miranda looks at the high school survivors, and feels there is something off about most of them.  She hopes that everyone else notices it too.  She feels uncomfortable around them.  She looks at Ash to see if she notices it but Ash is to busy hugging Sherry to notice anything.  She looks at Beverly who is chatting away with Brenda and Sully.  She then looks at Billy who is talking with Jenny and Trent.  Lastly, she looks at Mike and sees him just sitting there playing guitar.  She starts thinking that he might be the only one he can confide in him more than anyone.  She looks to the field and sees Kennedy running with Tommy and Izzy.  She thinks Kennedy could be there to help her if she was there.  But, since she's not, she'll quickly side with Billy.

Veronica was sitting down watching a movie with Jake and Paul.  She starts noticing that Paul is moving closer to her. 

"Hey Veronica, can I ask you something?" says Paul.

"Yeah go for it" says Veronica.

"Is the thing between you and Will serious?"


"Cause we had such a good relationship after I saved you.  Then Will came, and now we're growing apart"

"Yes it's serious"

"Can it not be?"

"You're sick"

"Fine. Suit yourself" says Paul with annoyance in his voice and he gets up and leaves.

"What's his problem?" asks Jake.

"I don't know" replies Veronica.

"So, how are you doing?" asks Jake.

"I'm doing great actually.  I have Mike in the palm of my hand ready to do anything"

"Taking advantage of a fear in a 15 year old?"

"Well, yes.  But you don't know the context.

"Mind explaining the context to me then?"

"Maybe later" says Veronica getting up and leaving.

Jake gives her a curious look and goes back to the watching the movie.  Tommy runs inside and goes up to Jake.

"Hey new dad? Can you play catch?" asks Tommy.

"Sorry bud, but do you wanna play a game Tommy?"


"Let's play detective.  Go find out what's wrong with Veronica, and remember don't let her see you"

"I'm on it" says Tommy running away.

Mike went up to bed when he got sick of hearing the new guys talking about their football and cheerleading days.  He walks upstairs with his guitar in hand and goes into his room.  He sits on his bed and soon after Beverly comes in.

"What's your problem?" Beverly asks.

"Me?  What I do?" Mike asks.

"You were being so rude to the newcomers.  They went through Hell for safety here"

"You wanna hear my side of the story?"

"Not really" says Beverly leaving.

Soon afterwards, Miranda walks in the room.

"Here to get angry at me like my sister?"

"No, just hear to talk"

"About what?"

"The new people."

"What about them?"

"They creep me out"

"I have a history with those people"

"Who, those same people?"


"What happened?"

Time: Two Weeks Before The Outbreak

Mike walked down the hallway.  This was his first day in a new school.  His sister hit it off with some of the girls yet he didn't make any friends.  He sat in the hallway after school because his suster said she would pick him up.  He put his iPod in and sat near the front entrance.  He hears a group of people talking and looks over to them.  Trent, Eric, and Dan were walking with Brenda.  Mike looked away and put his head down.  Eric looks at Mike and points him out to Trent.  Trent walks over to him and pulls out his earplugs.

"What's this?  Fresh meat?" says Trent.

Mke tries walking away but Eric cuts him off.

"What do you want?" Mike asks.

"What's your name new guy?" asks Trent.


"Mike?  Hey Mike, you know who we are?"

"Not a clue.  And I really don't care"

"Listen.  We are the star seniors, sheriff's if you will.  And let me tell you something I don't like your attitude kid"


"Just an ok?" asks Dan.

Trent takes Mike by the shirt and pushes him into the wall.

"What makes you think I won't punch you in your mouth kid?"

"And why would you in the first place?"

"Hey Eric, you see Mel or that Korean kid, you know our usual victims?"

"I don't see them" replies Eric.

"Good.  Well, now you have your reason"

"Guys, leave him alone" says Brenda.

"Or what Brenda? You'll quit the cheerleading team?" asks Trent.

Trent looks back at Mike who is shaking in fear.  Trent punches Mike in the stomach with all his force.  Mike bends over in pain and Trent pushes him back up against the wall.  Brenda runs up and slaps Trent.

"Don't touch the kid" says Brenda.

"Eric, grab Brenda" says Trent.

Eric grabs Brenda back and Trent looks at Mike.

"Now, I would've let you off easy Mike.  But hotshot here had to run her mouth" says Trent as he delivers a huge punch to the jaw of Mike.


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