Trent, Jenny, Sully, Dan, Mike C, Eric, and Brenda are in the front yard walking around.  Trent calls them in for a group meeting.  They gather around Trent.

"What's up?" asks Jenny.

"Brenda, did you tell them where the cannibal camp is?" asks Trent.

"I did"

"Good.  When are they going?"

"They said that 5 of them are going tonight at around 7."

"Ok good"

"Why, what's up?" asks Mike.

"Let's take this place" says Trent.

Brenda and Sully look at each other with confused looks.

"Why would we do that?" asks Mike.

"Why? Look at this place, secure and defendable.  When they're gone we can kill them all and take it" says Eric.

"Brother, you have to be kidding me" says Mike.

"What about the kids, Izzy and Tommy?" asks Jenny.

"Kill Izzy, she's too old" says Dan.

"You people are sick" says Sully.

"C'mon Sully.  We all elected me, Eric, and Dan the leaders cause we were the oldest.  Trust me it's for the best" says Trent.

"Whatever man" says Sully walking away.

Brenda, Jenny, and Mike look at each other.  Brenda and Jenny follow Sully.  Mike still stands there.

"C'mon bro" says Eric.

"No" says Mike leaving.

Dan, Trent, and Eric stand their with anger that they were rejected by their friends.

Ash and Sherry were laying in their bed and they were hugging.  Kennedy walks in and stands there looking at them.

"Ash, Sherry.  Make sure you stay in calling distance of Paul, Billy or Veronica tonight" says Kennedy.

"Where are you going?" asks Sherry.

"I'm going to go to the cannibals"

"No Ken.  Don't go" says Sherry.

"You'll be safe, I promise."

"It's not me, it's you Ken."

"I'll be fine.  Will, Sam, Tyrone and Jake are going with me.  I'll be more than fine" says Kennedy.

"Ok, be safe" says Sherry.

"Yeah, I will" says Kennedy leaving.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you Sherry" says Ash kissing her.

Mike C., Sully, Brenda, and Jenny are sitting in their room that is shared by all seven members.  They are playing cards.

"Should we tell them?" asks Sully.

"Tell who, what?" asks Brenda.

"Tell Will or Billy about Trent's plan"

"No.  They would be stupid to try it now and I don't think they will" says Jenny.

"Plus, my brother is too nice" adds Mike.

"They would see the look on that lesbians face, Ash I think it is, and they would stop because she has the cutest face" says Sully.

"You got a crush Sully?" asks Brenda.

"No.  Even if I did she's a lesbian.  Besides my 'crush' is sitting right next to me" says Sully flirtatiously to Brenda.

Beverly, Will, Miranda, Billy, Nancy, Susan, Nina and Jake are eating breakfast.  Mike walks in, grabs his share, and leaves right away.  The rest of them look at him leave.

"What's his problem?" asks Susan.

"Who, Mike?" asks Jake.

"Yeah, he's been acting strange lately"

"Him and Veronica.  They both have been acting unusual" says Will.

"Well, I talked to Mike and he has reason to act the way he is acting" says Miranda.

"And what reason is that?" asks Billy.

"He probably needs a talk.  The day of this started we were at a family therapy, Mike never talked to us about problems but loved going there" says Nancy.

"I'll go talk to him" says Beverly.

"No, I got this" says Miranda getting up and leaving.

"What do you think is wrong with Veronica though?" asks Nina.

"Could be anything.  I know she's been puking a lot lately so she could be sick" says Will.

"That's disgusting, not while we're eating" says Beverly.

"Jim should take a look at her" says Susan.

"He should, I already asked Veronica and she said 'no'." says Will.

"She should be fine soon" says Jake.

Mike walks into Veronica's room and gives her his food.

"Do, you need anything else?" asks Mike.

"I'm fine, thanks though" says Veronica.

Mike starts to walk away and he sees Miranda waiting by the door.  Veronica looks up and sees her.

"Why are you giving her your share?" asks Miranda.

"Miranda, I'm not hungry and she wanted more so I just gave her mine" says Mike.

Miranda pulls Mike out of the room and he looks back to Veronica for assistance.  She mouths the words 'No More Penis' and he looks back at Miranda.

"Tell me now" says Miranda.

"But, I-I can't" says Mike.

"Really?  You can't?"

"I can't.  I want my penis"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Long story"

"I have time"

"Well I don't"

"Where are you going then?" asks Miranda.

"Look, I just can't. Ok?"

"Fine. Go"

Mike walks away and Miranda stares at him.

Jim walks upstairs to the sound of puke coming from the bathroom.  He walks in and Veronica is on her knees and Mike is holding her hair back.

"Are you okay?" asks Jim.

"I'm fine" says Veronica forcefully.

"I'm a doctor, I can help"

"Fine, I'm pregnant." says Veronica.



"Who else did you tell?" asks Jim.

"Just this kid and you" says Veronica.

Veronica starts to cry. "Please don't tell anyone" she says.

"I won't trust me.  How far along?"

"A month"

"Ok, I can help" says Jim.

Mike looks over and sees Jake standing there.  He looks at Jake's eyes and Jake walks away.

"We may have a problem" says Mike.

Tyrone and Paul are sitting on the couch watching That '70's Show. 

"Man, I love this show" says Tyrone.

"It's an amazing show" replies Paul.

"So, favorite character?"

"Red or Hyde, you?"

"Kelso, Jackie and Fez"

"All characters besides Kitty are great" says Paul.

"Amen, she annoys me"

Will walks into the room.

"Tyrone, we're going now" says Will.

"I'll be there soon" says Tyrone.

Will leaves and Tyrone looks at Paul.

"Well, I gotta go" says Tyrone.

Eric, Dan, and Trent are watching Kennedy, Will, Sam, Tyrone, and Jake go into the car and drive off from a window.  They see Izzy, Tommy, Nina, Veronica, Jim, Sherry, and Ash wave goodbye to them.  Trent looks at his friends with an evil look in his eye.

"The time has come" he says with a sadistic smile.


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