Will runs up to Jim who is applying pressure on Sherry's wound.

"What the hell happened?" asks Will.

"Those kids you brought back, three of them went crazy and started shooting at us.  We have two dead and three wounded." replies Jim who is in a bit of a panic.

Will looks up at Brenda and Jenny who were standing there shaking.  He sees Kennedy run over and put her hand on Sherry's head.

"We brought back a girl, who is missing an arm.  What should we do?" asks Will.

"You brought someone back?" asks Jenny.

"Yes" says Tyrone.

"Ok, to many people are in here.  Will, bring Mike and Ash in the other room, they will be fine my attention is needed with Sherry and this new girl you're bringing" says Jim.

Mike C. and Sully enter the room.  Will and Tyrone pick Mike up and carry him to the other room.  Will gets up to bring Ash but sees that Sully and Mike C. already did it.  They lay the two next to each other.  Will walks back up into the room where Jim is.  He sees Sam and Jake carrying Olivia and laying her down.  Jenny and Brenda put their hand on Olivia's head, and Jenny almost starts crying with happiness. 

"WHAT THE FUCK?" yells Sam from the kitchen.

Will, Tyrone, and Brenda go into the kitchen and see Sam kneeling over Susan's dead body.

"Susan, Susan baby come back" he says pleading for Susan.

Will looks up and sees Beverly, Gwen and Miranda walking downstairs.  He hears footsteps from behind him and he looks over and sees Sully and Mike C. standing there.  Mike and Sully stand their looking down.  Sam looks at them and his face turns red.  He picks up his gun and he points it at Sully's head.  Sully looks in fear at the gun and looks at Mike.  Mike pulls out his pistol and points it at Sam.

"You're not going to hurt him" says Mike.

"I'm not gonna hurt him, I'm a kill him.  And then you" says Sam.

"You shoot, I shoot" says Mike.

Will goes to interrupt but is stopped by Tyrone and Miranda.

"Let them be" whispers Miranda.

Paul enters the room and sees the situation.  Paul runs up and hits Mike with the butt of his gun and Mike topples over.  Paul points his gun at Sully too.

"What did I do?" asks Sully.

"You, you did nothing.  But I'll prevent that from changing" says Paul.

"STOP" yells Veronica entering the room.

"What do you mean stop?" asks Sam.

"Yeah, this kid will kill us" says Paul.

"No he won't.  Kid how old are you?" asks Veronica.

"What--" starts Sully.

"Answer the question" says Paul.

"I'm 17"

"17?  Almost an adult.  Now tell me what happened?" asks Veronica.

"I-I was downstairs with Jenny, Mike, and Brenda.  Eric came down and attacked us, and Mike killed him.  He killed his own brother"

Sam starts lowering his weapon.  He looks over at Mike who is staggering up.

"You killed your own brother?" asks Sam.

"I had too.  He wasn't my brother.  My brother wouldn't have killed these people"

"I feel you bud.  Same thing happened to me, my brother, David, I had to kill him."

"Was he infected?"

"No, he killed one of our group members"

"It's tough"

"Yeah it is, Paul lower your gun"

Paul lowers his gun and Sully lets out a sigh of relief.

"I heard you brought one of my group members back" says Sully.

"We got Olivia Morris" says Will.

"Olivia? No way" says Sully.

Sully goes into the room Jim is in and he looks at Olivia who looks up at him.

"Olivia?  It's great to see you" says Sully kissing her.

"Kid, back up" says Jim.

"Yes sir" says Sully.

"Ok, now Sully, do you want to help?"

"Of course"

"Go in the other room and stay there.  Keep an eye on the two injured"

"Got it" says Sully leaving.

Will enters the room followed by Veronica, Gwen, Miranda and Beverly.

"How can we help?" asks Beverly.

"Miranda and Beverly just go make sure Ash and Mike are fine with Sully.  Veronica, how are you feeling?" asks Jim.

Miranda and Beverly leaves and Will stands there looking at Veronica.

"I'm fine.  How can I help?" replies Veronica.

"What blood type are you guys?" asks Jim.

"B positive" says Will.

"No clue" says Veronica.

"A negative" says Gwen.

"Ok Gwen, I need some blood to help save Olivia.  She gave me her blood type, Sherry is going to be fine, Billy gave enough blood for her to survive.  Veronica and Will if you can, can you bring the bodies of the deceased outside?"

"Will do.  I'll go grab Tyrone and Paul and go do it" says Will leaving.

"We need to get the bullet out of her" says Veronica.

"I know.  I'm going to do that now, Gwen stay here please." says Jim.

"What about Ash and Mike?  I don't know if you saw Mike's knee's, but they are fucked up.  And Ash has the bullet in her shoulder too.  We have too much stuff to do." says Veronica.

"I know.  All I know is that we need more hands" says Jim.

"Everyone's willing to help besides Nancy, Izzy, and Tommy who refuse to leave" says Gwen.

"Get Kennedy.  She knows how to do this, send her to Ash and make her help Ash first, and then Mike" says Jim.

"Got it" says Veronica leaving.

In the room next door, Sully, Jenny, Billy, Miranda, and Beverly are keeping watch over Mike and Ash.

"I'm so sorry this happened" says Sully.

"So am I" says Jenny.

"It's okay.  It's not your fault" says Beverly.

"It's just so weird, you know?  Trent, Eric, and Dan were the coolest people.  I never would've known they were capable" says Sully.

"How often did you hang out with them?" asks Miranda.

"Not much, I normally was with Olivia"

"Wait, what's happening?" asks Beverly pointing to Ash.

Miranda, Sully, Billy, and Beverly walk over to Ash while Sully and Jenny stay seated.  They look at her and notice her eyes opening. Billy looks at her. "Hey, you awake?"

Ash looks at him and everyone around her. She sees Mike laying next to her.

"What happened?  God my arm is killing me" Ash says.

"You were shot.  You're going to be fine" says Billy.

"Where's Sherry? Oh God, did she-what happened?"

"She's fine too.  I'm sorry this has to be done" says Kennedy entering the room.

"What's happening?" asks Billy.

"We used all the laughing gas on Sherry so dad could do her surgery.  We have to do her's, while she's awake"

"No you don't" says Miranda.

"What do you mean?" asks Billy.

"Someone punch her, really hard" says Miranda.

"What?" exclaims Ash.

"Just do it, she'll be asleep for the surgery if you go fast"

"Kennedy punch her" says Billy.

"Fine" says Kennedy.

Kennedy looks at Ash and punches her in the face, knocking her out.

"You better act fast" says Beverly.

"Ok, move Mike.  Billy if she wakes up hold her still and Beverly stay here to give me supplies when needed"

Sully walks up and helps Billy pick Mike up and move him.

"Ok, here we go" says Kennedy.

Outside, Will, Tyrone and Paul threw Eric's body outside with the others.

"Let's burn them, bury Susan and Nina" says Paul.

"Let's build the two graves in the morning" says Will.

"We need another one.  For Mike's kneecaps" says Tyrone.

Will chuckles.

"Not the best time to be a comic relief Tyrone.  Although, I'll admit it's kinda funny" says Will.

"Now what?" asks Paul.

"I'm not sure" says Tyrone.

They hear the door open and see Mike C., standing there.

"What's up?" asks Will.

"We have to go find some plant in the woods" says Mike.

"Why?" asks Paul.

"Jim says we need this plant to ease the pain.  Some sort of herbal supplement.  He says it's in the forest somewhere" says Mike handing him Will the paper.

"You wanna go now?" asks Will.

"I think it would be best" says Mike.

"Let's go then.  You two in?" asks Will pointing to Tyrone and Paul.

"I'm in" says Tyrone.

"No thanks.  This isn't how we should be wasting our time" says Paul going inside.

Mike, Will and Tyrone go and enter the forest.  They start walking and they get up to a hill.

"Do we have to climb that?" asks Tyrone.

"I think so" says Will.

"Guys, biters" says Mike,

Will and Tyrone turn and looks and see tons of biters coming towards them.  Will and Tyrone raise their guns, but before they can shoot, the biters start dropping dead by way of gunshots.  They stand there confused looking. 

"Hey, up here" they hear a girls voice say.

They look up and see a group of four looking over them, three guys and one girl. 

"Come on up, we don't bite" says the blonde guy.

"You sure, you guys look dead" says Mike.

"We got a joker.  Here grab the cable" says the brown haired guy who throws down the cable.

"If we get up there, you better not murder us" says Tyrone.

"Maybe, maybe not" says the black haired guy.

"Let's get this trust factor out of the way now.  I'm Abby.  This is Brett, Matt, and Ryan" says the girl.

"Ok, were coming up" says Will.

"You sure about this?" asks Tyrone.

"No, but we'll find out" says Will.

Elaine's Group

Abby's Group


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