Will climbed the rope that Matt threw down.  He was followed by Tyrone and then Mike.  It was getting dark out and Will was still unsure of these four people.  Will finally reaches the top and is pulled up by Ryan and Brett.  Mike and Tyrone get up soon afterwards.

"So, what brings you here to the woods?" asks Abby.

"Looking for some plant, that supposedly eases pain" says Will.

"Are these two all you brought?" asks Brett.

"Well, we are in a shit-storm right now... long story" says Mike.

"Ok, follow us, we don't have some plant, but we got painkillers" says Abby.

The seven walked through the forest with Abby and Matt leading the way.

"So, where are you holed up?" asks Matt.

"A farm not too far" says Tyrone.

"The Lee farm?" asks Abby.

"Yeah, his family took us in.  You know him?" says Will.

"No, but we are at a farm not to far away.  We have six people not including us there. We were took in by the famer's daughter." says Ryan.

"So, you've got meds?" asks Mike.

"Yeah kid, we do.  We'll gladly give you some.  If...." says Abby.

"I knew there'd be an 'if'" says Tyrone.

"If, you trade food" finishes Abby.

"Yeah, you can come by and take a couple chickens" says Will.

"Shouldn't we consult Mr. Lee first?" asks Mike.

"I don't think he'd mind, we have too many wounded" says Will.

"How many wounded?" asks Ryan.

"Four" says Will.

"How do you manage that?" asks Brett.

"It's simple.  Three members go all rambo and shoot three of them.  And we find a poor girl with no arm in a cabin... that sums it up" says Tyrone.

There was a pause.

"That was awkward" says Brett.

"Anyways, here we are, the farm" says Abby leading the six up to the farm.

Will looked around, they have guard towers built and have two snipers on lookout. 

"Nice setup" says Will.

"Thanks, we try to impress" says Brett.

The seven get up to the door and Abby leads Will, Tyrone, and Mike in.  Ryan and Matt stay outside.  Will looks inside and sees this pretty girl cooking with her teenage daughter.

"So, what's your job?" asks Will.

"What do you mean?" asks Abby.

"I mean, it looks like everyone has a job.  You've got the cooks, the guards..."

"Us and the other two you met are the scavenging team.  That's Isabella and her daughter Grace.  Outside, the two snipers only go by the cities they're from.  They're Oklahoma City and Jacksonville." says Abby.

"Really? They had a nice ride" says Tyrone.

"OKC never talks much, I assume it's been hell" says Brett.

"What about your other two members?" asks Mike.

"Probably in the bedroom.  JULIA, DRAKE get down here" yells Abby.

About two minutes passes and Julia and Drake come downstairs with messy hair.

"You brought guests" says Julia.

"They need painkillers.  They got four wounded" says Abby.

"Four wounded?" asks Julia.

"Don't ask. I made that mistake" says Brett.

"We aren't just giving it to them though, they are trading it to us for food, or their second option a fallback bunker" says Brett.

"Fall-back bunker?" asks Tyrone.

"Well yeah, in case we get overrun." says Brett.

"I like that" says Mike.

"So, we got a deal?" asks Abby.

"Yes we do" says Will shaking her hand.

"I'll go get them" says Drake leaving the room.

In the Lee household, everyone but Jim, Billy, Sully, and Kennedy goes to sleep because they are preforming the surgeries.  Kennedy was almost done with Ash's surgery and she starts hearing her moaning.

"Oh no.  Billy get ready to hold her down" says Kennedy.

Billy runs next to her and puts his hands on her shoulders and Sully holds down her legs.  Ash's eyes slowly open and she gets a sudden rush of pain.  She screams in pain and tries to break free but Billy won't let her.  So she just keeps screaming and trying to kick.

"Calm down Ash" says Kennedy.

"She's almost done" says Billy.

Ash doesn't listen and she just keep screaming.

"Is everything okay?" calls Jim from the other room.

"It's under control dad" calls back Kennedy.

Kennedy then removes the bullet from Ash's shoulder and Ash passes back out from the pain. 

"Now what?" asks Sully.

"I have to sow her up before she does that again" says Kennedy.

Miranda, Beverly, and Jake make their way downstairs.

"Is everything okay?" asks Miranda.

"Yes, everything's fine, she woke up during surgery" says Billy.

"You need anymore help?" asks Jake.

"We should be fine.  You can stay if you want to though" says Kennedy.

"What about Mike?" asks Beverly looking at her brother.

"He hasn't woken up, and Ash's surgery is almost done.  When her's is done we'll start working on his knees" says Billy.

Drake comes back with two bottles of painkillers.  He gives them to Will.

"Is this enough?" asks Julia.

"This will suffice. Thanks" says Will.

"No problem, now get home you guys, and remember we're open for trading" says Abby.

"Thanks, you can stop by whenever" says Will.

"Hey, maybe we will" says Brett.

Will, Tyrone, and Mike leave the house and go back into the woods.

Beverly went back up to her bed and sat cradling a pillow and crying.  Miranda entered the room and sat beside her.

"Are you okay?" asks Miranda.

"I'm fine" says Beverly.

"Tell me, what's wrong?"

"It's my brother.  He won't be able to walk again.  He's gonna wish he was dead"

"That's not true.  He'll be grateful"

"That's a lie.  We won't know, but I doubt he's going to be grateful."

"You shouldn't worry Bev.  There is nothing to be worried about."

"Tell me that when he's being chased by five biters.  He won't escape"

"Trust me, I'll look after him for you"

"I'll hold you to that"

"I hope you do"

Beverly hugged Miranda and Miranda got up to leave.

Jim was just finishing up Sherry's surgery and he turned his attention to Olivia.  He gave her the blood that Gwen donated and he sat down.  Will, Tyrone, and Mike enter the house and the room.

"What are you doing?" asks Will.

"I'm basically done.  Nothing to do now but wait" says Jim.

"We didn't get the plants, but we got painkillers" says Tyrone.

"Where'd you get these?" asks Jim inspecting the bottle.

"The farm down that way is holding 10 survivors" says Will.

"Good for them.  Anyways, go bring one bottle to Kennedy in the other room"

"Will do" says Mike taking a bottle and leaving.

"What about Mike? He still needs help" says Tyrone looking through the doorway.

"I got the life-threating surgeries done.  I will do his surgery in the morning with Kennedy"

"Why won't you help him now?" asks Tyrone getting defensive.

"Why do you care so much?"

"Why do I care?  He is like my own son.  I trained him, helped him and I want the best for him"

"I'll do it in the morning"

"Forget this" says Tyrone leaving the room.

"He'll be fine" says Will.

"I hope you're right" says Jim.


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