The black Toyota drove down the highway. Will looked over at Miranda who was sleeping, quite uncomfortablly. Will was looking forward to getting to Greensboro and out of this mess forever.  He feels acomplished, as he saved a life along the way.  He drives down the highway and there is a large sign in the road.  He pulls over and looks at the sign. It read:

Down there, survivor camp know as LoNome. All survivors wanted, don't go to Greenboro it is NOT safe. NOT safe.

There was a big arrow pointing towards a dirt road and he turned the car down it. He was so happy but he was more curious. What did they mean "not safe" Greensboro has to be safe. It's the one chance he has. He drives down the road.

When he gets there, he sees tents set up. He sees people talking and working. One of the elder women point out the truck and he is met by two men.

"Hey, you friendly?" one of the men says.

"Yeah, just came from Lincolnton and saw the sign. Was on my way to Greensboro" Will says.

"Greensboro's gone. Kinda what happened to Lincolnton, too many refugees" says the other man.

"Oh, hey Miranda wake up" says Will shaking Miranda.

"AH" screamed Miranda waking up... she looks around "Sorry nightmare... are we in Greensboro?"

"No. Greensboro's gone. Hey, do you mind if we stay here?" Will asks.

"Not at all. I'm Paul, Paul Lincoln. This here is Jake Boms" says the first man.

"I'm Will Jacobson, this is Miranda. I found her in Lincolnton on my way out." says Will.

"Welcome, I'll show you around" says Jake.

Will and Miranda hop out of the car and follow Jake while Paul searches their vehicle. "It's great to see new people, there is always work that needs to be done" says Jake. "We have a lot of the jobs filled, that's Karen, she brought a barbecue as her apocalypse baggagge. She's also our cook" says Jake pointing at Karen. Karen waves at them.  Miranda waves back. The three continue to walk.

"How has biter attacks been?" asks Will.

"Barely get them. Once in a while a straggler comes" says Jake. "Ok, we have three extra tents. You can get one each. Come meet the rest of the crew when your settled in."

Jake walks away and Miranda and Will but their stuff in the tents. They meet eachother outside afterwards.

"Can you believe this? This is awesome" says Miranda.

"I know. Go meet everyone and be nice. We can make this a permanent home if we help out" says Will.

"So, how you likin the place?" asks an unfamiliar voice.

The two turn and see two teens standing there.

"Hey" says Miranda.

"Hey. I'm Mike and this is Beverly my sister." says Mike.

"I'm Will and this is Miranda" says Will.

"So, before you go and introduce yourselves to everyone you should know somethings." says Beverly.

"And what is that?" asks Will.

"There are two members you should watch out for. There's Sam and David. They are two brothers and don't trust anyone but themselves." says Beverly.

"Why is that?" asks Miranda.

"I don't know" says Mike. "They never talk to anyone. Especially two dipshit teens like us"

On the other side of camp, a group of ladies are sitting their talking and watching Will and Miranda talking to Mike and Beverly.

"It's so weird, the other day Mike was telling me how much he wanted a girlfriend, and now look" says one of the older ladies.

"Oh my God Nancy." says one of the other ones.

"What Kim?" asks Nancy.

"She's like 18 or something, Mike is 15." says Kim.

Two little kids come running up to one of the younger ladies.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy can you play ball with us?" asks one of them.

"I'm sorry Tommy but I can't." says the lady.

"How about with me?" asks the other one.

"Again no, Izzy" says the lady. "Go asks Jake"

The kids run away to Jake.

"So, Monica, how's the kids holding up?" asks Kim.

"They are fine... I think" says Monica.

"When is the group getting back from his scavenging mission?" asks Nancy.

"Who knows, he'll be fine" says Kim.

At Miranda's Toyata, Jake had just shooed away the kids and is talking with Paul.

"So Paul, what do you think of them?" asks Jake.

"I like 'em better than David and Sam" says Paul.

Jake and Paul start laughing.

"We heard that dipshits" says David who was tanning on top of his car with Sam.

"And you're lucky we are tanning, I need something to kill. Might as well be the asian when he gets back" says Sam.

"Ok tough guy" says Jake under his breath walking away with Paul.

Later that night, they are all sitting around a campfire except for Will who is in his tent and Sam and David who were in their tent. He was laying there staring at pictures of Jessica and crying. He hears a little knock on his tent. He opens it and a young girl, around his age is there.

"Hey, am I disturbing you" says the girl.

"No, it's fine. Just reminiscing" says Will.

"I'm Veronica." says Veronica.


"That girl of yours is very shy. Had to keep asking her questions till she spoke"

"Not my girl. Found her in trouble and saved her about two-three days ago"

"She is beautiful though"

"She looks like my mom from when she was that age from pictures"

"Come join us"


Veronica led Will to the campfire. They sat down with everyone.

"You're just in time for the toast" says Paul.

"A toast to what?" asks Will.

"A toast to new friends" says Paul.


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