After the funeral, everyone has continued on with the rest of their day.  Beverly and Nancy stayed with Mike, Billy and Gwen were together, Ash, Jim, and Jake was with Sherry.  Will, Paul, Tyrone, Sam, Miranda, and Veronica were standing in the kitchen.  Will was watching Mike's group who were sitting down talking to each other.

"What should we do with them?" asks Will.

"Who? Them?" asks Tyrone pointing at them.

"Yeah, them"

"Let's throw those sons of bitches in the forest.  They killed Nina and Susan" says Paul.

"No they didn't.  Their other three members did it." says Sam.

"Yeah, they didn't have a part in it" says Miranda.

"I still want them gone" says Veronica.

"What, why?" asks Will.

"They are dangerous" says Paul.

"Dangerous?  You see those two girls right there.  They can't do anything.  Plus, you saw how that one kid got when you pulled a gun on him Sam; he was like a bunny" says Will.

"I agree with Will.  They don't stand a chance out there" says Tyrone.

"I don't know if you recall, but I'm the leader and my say goes" says Paul.

"Leader?  This here is a democracy" says Sam.

"Not anymore.  You saw how that went" says Paul forcefully.

Paul walked over to the four high school survivors.  They all stood up to greet him.

"You're leaving" says Paul.

"I understand" says Mike.

"Wait, what?  Mike you can't let them do that it's night and besides that we won't survive" says Jenny.

"You're leaving, first thing in the morning and that's final" says Paul walking away.

The four survivors stare at each other.

"What about Olivia?" Sully calls to him.

"What about her?" asks Paul.

"She's my girlfriend, I won't leave her."

"Oh, trust me, she's awake as we speak, she borrowed some of Sherry's clothes and she's leaving with you guys tomorrow"

"She's awake?"


Sully immediately leaves the room to find Olivia.

Ash was sitting in a chair besides Sherry.  Jim was standing behind her.  Ash saw Sherry's mouth begin to move and Ash went in closer.  Sherry's eyes opened and she started breathing heavily.  Ash put her hand on her head and Jim got some of the painkillers.  He put them into her mouth and poured water in to help.  Sherry soon began to calm down and she looked up at Ash.

"Ash?" asks Sherry.

"Hey Sherry, you're ok" says Ash.

"Hey dad"

"Hey baby" says Jim.

Ash looked with happiness as Sherry woke up and started talking to her.

It was night time and everyone was sleeping.  Everyone was in their bedrooms besides Mike and Sherry who stayed downstairs to sleep.  Will woke up to the sound of gunfire he looked at his watch and it was 3 A.M.  He hopped up and looked around.  Miranda wasn't there.  Veronica gets up too.

"Where's Miranda?" asks Will.

"I don't know, what's happening?" asks Veronica.

Will exits the room and sees all the adults exit the rooms.

"Where is Beverly?" asks Nancy.

"Where's Tommy and Izzy?" asks Jake.

"Where's Gwen and Ash?" asks Billy.

"What the hell is going on?" asks Will.

He hears more gunshots from downstairs.

Will, Jake, Paul, Tyrone, Jim, and Billy grab their guns and run downstairs.  They go through the house and Sherry was still where they left her.  They see Mike is missing too.  They see Mike C enter the room carrying Brenda covered in blood.

"What happened?" asks Paul.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save them" says Mike.


"People came and took all the kids and teens.  They came in and blew those darts that make you have seizures and pass out.  When they entered the basement, I woke up to see Sully and Jenny already gone.  They weren't trying to take me, I went for my gun and shot the two carrying Brenda and Olivia.  I went outside and started shooting at the cars but their gone"

"Let's go after them" says Jake.

"No.  We need more hands, there were at least 20 guys." says Mike.

"Well, where do we go?" asks Tyrone.

"I know where to go" says Will.

Veronica goes downstairs and stops Will.

"Don't go" she says.

"I have to"

"Babe, I'm pregnant"

Will stands there in shock.

"You're pregnant?"


"That's wonderful"

"Yeah, so come home safe, please, I beg you"

"Trust me, I'll make sure"

At Julia's farm not so far along.  Their group was starting to wake up.  Julia went downstairs and saw Abby, Brett, and Drake together eating breakfast.  They hear a scream from upstairs and Abby, Brett, and Ryan ran upstairs.  They go to Isabella's room and see her laying there and Oklahoma City helping her up.

"What happened?" asks Brett.

"Grace is gone" says Isabella.

"So is Jacksonville" says Matt entering the scene.

"Well, where could they have gone?" asks Abby.

"GUYS COME DOWN STAIRS" they hear Julia yell. 

The entire group runs downstairs to Julia.

"What's wrong?" asks Abby.

"They're here" says Julia pointing outside.

Abby and the others look and see Will, Paul, and Tyrone coming onto their property.

Miranda wakes up on a concrete floor.  She gets up and looks around.  She sees that there is two bunk beds and that the walls were cement.  She sees bar keeping her from getting out and she realizes, she's in a damn prison.  She looks around her cell and finds Mike on the top bunk.  She goes up there and slaps him to wake him up.

"OW" he says rubbing his face.

"Wake up" says Miranda.

"You could've, oh I don't know, said 'good morning'"

"Look where we are"

Mike looks around and sees that their in a cell.

"Where are we?" he asks.

"I have no idea"

"Help me up"

Miranda helps Mike get up and they get down from the top bunk.  Se sits him on the bottom bunk and Miranda goes up to the bars.

"HELP. LET US OUT" she screams.

She looks across at the cell across from her and sees legs.

"HEY WAKE UP" she screams.

She notices the legs start moving and the girl hops up followed by the guy who's also in her cell.  She notices it's Beverly and Sully.

"Where are we?" asks Beverly.

"I don't know" says Miranda.

"Where's everyone?" asks Sully.

"Again, I don't know, Mike's in hear with me"

"My Mike, or your Mike?"

"My Mike" says Miranda.

"Oh, so I'm your Mike?" asks Mike.

"Shut up"

Miranda looks around the other cells she can see.  She sees Tommy and Jenny in one cell, Izzy and some girl she hasn't seen before and they are waking up.

"What's going on?" asks Izzy.

"Where are we?" asks Jenny.

"You what's you name?" asks Miranda pointing to the girl.

"I'm Grace."

"I'm Miranda"

"Hey, Sully, Beverly who else do you see?" asks Miranda.

Beverly and Sully look around.

"Okay, so we have Ash and Gwen over there.  And a couple of people we don't know in the other cell" says Beverly.

"Hey, you what's your names?" asks Sully to the two guys.

"I'm Jacksonville"

"I'm Charlie"

"Do you know what's going on?" asks Beverly.

"I have no idea" says Jacksonville.

A guy comes through the door and he walks past everyone's cells.

"Welcome" he says with a menacing smile.


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