"Miranda, let me see" says Mike.

Miranda helps Mike over to the bars and they watch the tall man talk.

"Welcome.  I am Zachary Silva.  I brought you here for a reason, that will not be shared with you yet.  Here's things to know.  No tolerance for escaping.  We will kill you on sight and that wouldn't be very good now will it?  Two.  Always listen to directions, if not you will be executed.  Follow those two simple rules and your time here will be very fast"

"How long are we staying?" asks Beverly.

"Until your duty is no longer needed."

"And what's that?" asks Gwen.

"I already said, I'm not telling you yet.  Lunch will be served in a couple hours." says Zachary as he leaves.

"What a dick" says Mike to himself.

"What did you say kid?" asks a guard who was standing there.

"Oh, uh nothing sir" says Mike getting worried.

"Open cell 12 A" says the guard through a walkie-talkie.

The bars open and the guard walks in.

"Move miss" says the guard.

"He can't walk though." says Miranda.

"Really?  Still, drop him"


"Fine then"

The guard pushes Miranda away and Mike falls.  The guard starts beating Mike with his police baton.  Beverly stands in the opposite cell appalled.  After 10 seconds of constant blows to the face, the guard leaves and closes the cell.  Miranda goes to Mike and sees if he's okay while the guard smiles walking away.  Mike was bleeding from the nose and his eyes were starting to swell up.

"He hits like a girl" says Mike trying to shrug it off bue he's clearly in pain.

Will and Abby were discussing the events.

"They took your people too?" asks Abby.

"Yes, we came here cause we need an army" says Will.

"We'll join.  They took two of our people. Where is this place?"

"We don't know.  We were hoping you could also help with that"

"You have a plan?"

"I do"

"Lay it on me"

"Ok, so we go in pairs of two tonight.  We look around within a 10 mile radius, some by car and some by foot."

"Let me guess, you already have the pairs selected too?"


"Alright let's hear it"

"So, I was thinking it would be: Me and Matt, you and Jake, Paul and Tyrone, Oklahoma City and Sam, Isabella and Mike, Ryan and Kennedy, Brett and Billy, and the last group would be Brenda and Drake"

"What about Julia, and the rest?"

"They can stay at the farms"

"Okay, you ready?"

"I was born ready"

The bars open and Miranda helps Mike out of the cell.  Beverly and Sully come over and Beverly hugs him.  Sully helps bring Mike to the table.  The four sit down and is joined by Jenny, Tommy, Izzy, Ash, and Gwen.  Miranda looks around and see that Jacksonville and Grace are sitting together and Charlie is by himself.  A guard comes by and drops food for everyone at the table.  The guard is a young Asian man who looks harmless.  Each person gets a plate full of these weird mashed potatoes.  The guard looks at Mike and gives him an ice pack.

"Why are you giving me this?" asks Mike.

"Take it.  It took me a while to convince them.  Be happy I'm not a guard like him" says the guard pointing to another guard. 

The other guard gives Charlie his food.  Charlie takes a long look at it.

"What sir, no protein?" he asks sarcastically.

The guard punches Charlie in the gut.

"Don't talk to the guards unless spoken too" says the guard walking away.

"Thanks.  He appreciates it" says Miranda.

"You're welcome" says the guard

"What's your name?"

"I'm Arnold Young."

"Thanks Arnold" says Beverly.

The guard walks away.

"What's happening?" asks Izzy.

"I'm scared" says Tommy.

"Don't worry kids.  You'll be okay" says Jenny.

The group starts eating the weird mashed potatoes besides Ash who just stares at them.  Zachary walks over to her.

"Listen fire crotch, we run a tight ship around here.  Eat the food okay?" says Zachary.

"No, I'm not hungry"

"You're lying.  Being stubborn gets you nowhere"

"I'm not hungry" repeats Ash.

"Fine, like I said we run a tight ship, this comes with punishment" says Zachary walking away.

Gwen looks at Ash.

"Just eat"


"He might hurt you"

"Let him do his worse.  All I want is Sherry" says Ash starting to tear up.

Gwen hugs Ash and brings her head into her chest.

On the other side of the table, Miranda, Jenny, Mike, Beverly, and Sully are eating.

"What are we gonna do?" asks Beverly.

"Do what?" asks Miranda.

"Escape.  We need to leave"

"We should charge then" says Jenny.

"We should wait for the cavalry" says Sully.

"Yeah, I'm in no condition to make a prison break if you haven't noticed" says Mike.

"What do you suggest we do then?" asks Jenny.

"What Sully said" says Mike.

The groups split up into their little groups and went scouting.  The groups went into the forests, highway, corn fields, in a lot of places.  Will and Matt were walking along the highway.

"So, tell me bout yourself Will" says Matt.

"Me?  How bout yourself?" asks Will.

"I asked you first"

"Alright, all I want is to get my friends to safety"

"Same, you got any family?"

"I have a girlfriend, and an unborn child"

"Well, I'll be damned.  That's awesome man, congrats"

"Thanks.  I also have Miranda, but she's been kidnapped."

"She important to you?"

"Yes, she's the first survivor I encountered that I've survived with.  I want her to be safe"

"Okay, but pay attention to what I'm going to say... you can't save everyone"

"What do you mean?"

"Let's say we find this place and you save Miranda.  Remember that there are still others there.  You have Grace, Mike, Beverly, Tommy.  Not everyone will come out alive"

"I know"

The two continued walking, hoping to find something.

After lunch, everyone went to their cells.  Miranda sat Mike down on the bottom bunk and they awaited instructions.  Soon enough, a guard came down and started throwing clothes into the cells.

"What's this?" asks Miranda.

"These are your new clothes.  You have to wear them sweety" says the guard.

He throws the clothes into everyone's cell and when he got to Ash and Gwen's cell he only threw one pair in.

"You forgot one" says Gwen.

"That's cause red-head doesn't get a pair for not eating" says the guard.

"I'm supposed to go naked?" asks Ash.

"No, you can still wear your underwear and bra.  But no clothes besides that, sorry" says the guard walking away.

The group gets changed into their clothes, each one in an orange jumpsuit.  Mike and Miranda sat down on the bottom bunk and just talked while they awaited instructions.

"I'll protect you, don't worry" says Mike.

"I think I'll be the one to protect you" says Miranda.

"We'll see"

Miranda looks at Mike and kisses him, Mike kisses her back.

"I'll protect you" says Miranda again.

A guard soon walked by screaming "TIME FOR BED".  All the people went into their beds.  In Beverly and Sully's cell, they all stayed awake.

"What should we do?" asks Beverly.

"Trust me, Will will come for us" says Sully.

"What if he doesn't?"

"He will.  You need hope and faith"

"Where do I get that?"

"Pray, that's what I do. It always helps"

"Pray about what?"

"Whatever you feel you need to pray about"

And that's what Beverly did, she prayed.  She prayed that Will, Jake, Tyrone, and Sam would come to save her and her brother.


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