Tyrone and Paul were walking through the forest.  They were reminiscing about their previous life when they see an exit in the distance.  Paul leads them through and they get out of the forest.  They see a prison with guards surrounding it.

"Get down" says Paul and they hop on the ground.

"Is this the place?" asks Tyrone.

"Only one way to find out"

"Oh no.  We're not about to go stroll on in are we?"

"Yes we are.  Let's go"

Paul and Tyrone get up and signal to the guards.  A couple of the guards see him and starts running to them.

"You ready?" asks Paul.



Grace was sitting at a desk in the prion cell and Izzy lied in the bottom bunk on the other side of the room.  She sat there holding a pocket knife and it had fresh blood on it.  She looked at her arm which had tons of cuts.  She moved her pocket knife to her arm and starts cutting her arm.  She sees Jacksonville wake up and hides the knife right away.  Jacksonville checked on Charlie and he walked over to the bars.

"Hey Grace, are you okay?" he asks.

"I'm fine" she says.

"We're going to be fine.  I'll get you back to your mom"

"Thanks Jack"

"Wait, is that blood on your arm?  What happened?"

"It's nothing" says Grace walking away.

"Tell me what happened"

"Nothing happened"

"C'mon.  Let me help"

"You couldn't save your little brother, why do you think you can save me?"

Jacksonville is taken back by this.  He walks back to his bunk bed and Grace almost immediately feels bad.

"Wait, Jack I didn't mean it"

"Shut up" he mutters.

At Julia's farm, Julia was cooking with Veronica.  Olivia walks into the room.

"Where's Sully?" she asks.

Veronica looks back at her

"Kidnapped" Veronica says.

"What do you mean?"

"Some guys came in the middle of the night and took him.  Mike saved you"

"But-where is he?"

"How the hell do I know?"

Olivia leaves the room, and Julia turns towards Veronica.

"Would it kill you to be nicer to the poor girl?  She lost and arm and was just reunited with her boyfriend and then lost him" says Julia.

"Maybe it would kill me.  I don't wanna find out honestly.

In Miranda and Mike's cell, Miranda was standing by the bars and noticed Mike waking up.  She went and sat down next to him when he sat up.  She kissed him and said "good morning".

"Good morning to you too" says Mike.

Mike lied back down and Miranda lied back down next to him.  They lied down for five minutes and heard Beverly calling Miranda and Mike's names.  Miranda helped Mike up and over to the bars.

"What?" asks Miranda.

"Look who it is" says Beverly pointing to Zachary talking to a couple of people.

Miranda looks over and sees him talking to Paul and Tyrone.  Tyrone looks over and sees Miranda and Mike staring at them.

"We would like to join the group" says Paul.

"What would you like to do?  We always need more hands" says Zachary.

"We can shoot pretty well" says Paul.

"Done. You can be guards, outside or inside?"

"Outside for me" says Tyrone.

"I'll do inside.  I get sunburnt easily" says Paul.

"Okay, then it's settled.  We have a bunch of teens here that have to be guarded at all times"

"I can do that"

"Good.  A couple of them have a bit of an attitude.  Don't be afraid to hit them... hard"

"I can do that too"

"Welcome aboard.  Names?"

"I'm Tyrone, this is Paul' says Tyrone shaking Zachary's hand.

"Hey can you show me the ones with an attitude?  So I'm not surprised later?"

"Of course follow me Paul.  Hey Arnold, take Tyrone to his new guarding spot"

"Yes sir" says Arnold taking Tyrone away.

Zachary and Paul walked down the cells and Paul looked at all the teens.

"This is Mike.  This son of a bitch can't even walk, but again don't be afraid to hit.  This is Ash, she is to stubborn and as you see by a lack of clothing, was punished.  And this is Charlie" says Zachary as they pass the cells.

"Okay.  I can do this" says Paul.

"Good to hear.  Charlie take Paul to his station.  I want him guarding downstairs when they eat, that's where we want some friendly faces.  If you can Paul, play good cop for us.  Talk with them and make them think it's not so bad here and here's the two things punishable by death: Not following orders and tyring to escape"

"Of course" says Paul.

"Okay Charlie, take him"

"Yes sir" says Charlie taking Paul walk away.

Will and Matt kept walking down the highway.  Will took out his walkie-talkie and broadcasted the message.

"Did anyone find anything?" he asks.

He gets no's from Kennedy, Mike and Drake.  Tyrone answers back with a "Yes"

"Yes? Where?"

"You know the old prison?"


"They are there"

"You sure?"

"Yeah I'm in the building, they took us in and I saw Miranda"

"Okay, get a layout of the prison and bring it back here"

"It may take a while, like a week"

"Then you and Paul have to play cool for a week.  Can you manage?"

"Yeah I can manage"

When lunch came around, everyone went to their spot from yesterday.  The same guards came handing out lunch.

"Hey Arnold" says Jenny.

"Hey Jenny, how is everyone today?"

"We're managing"

"You need crutches kid?" Arnold asks to Mike.

"A wheelchair would be better" says Mike.

"Unfortunately we don't have that."

"He's got me though" says Miranda kissing him.  

"That's a good point, nothing matters more than friends and family.  Anyways, back to work, and Ash please eat today.  Look at yourself"

Ash just stares at him and looks back at her food.  Arnold walks away.

"So when did you two start dating?" asks Beverly.

Paul watched the group eat.  When he noticed Ash not eating again, he walked over to them.

"C'mon Ash eat" he says.

Ash doesn't look at him.

"In here it could be punishable by death"

"Fine." mutters back Ash.

She starts eating her food.

"So how is everyone?"

"Terrible" says Gwen.

"Don't worry, you'll be back soon.  You're only staying a week more, I promise"

"Cavalry coming?" asks Sully.

"Yes they are"

"You sure?" asks Tommy.

"Yeah, I'm sure.  Until now I have to fit in, so later someone act like a jerk"

"What, why?" asks Mike.

"If we want to sell this, I'll have to act like one of them.  So, who do you volunteer to be a punching bag?"

"Mike" says Jenny, Beverly, and Gwen.

"What? Me?" asks Mike.

"You were chosen" says Paul with a faint smile on his face.

Miranda hugs Mike and whispers to him "Just do it".  Mike looks at her and sighs.

After lunch, Paul escorted them back to their cells.  He went on break and met up with some of the other guards.  There were six guards and they were sitting enjoying coffee.

"So, new guy.  I figured you want to meet everyone" says a tall African-American man with a Nigerian accent.

"Of course.  I'm Paul Lincoln.  You guys?"

"I'm Alan Richardson." says the African-American.

"I'm Charlie Seags." says another man.

"Jenkins.  Former military" says another man.

"Arnold.  Former basketball player" says Arnold.

"And I'm Chrissy" says the lone female.

"Why are you guys here?" asks Paul.

"There's an abundance of supplies.  My family is safe here.  My son and my wife" says Charlie.

"Family?  Other people live here?"

"Yes.  We're not here to torture these poor kids" says Chrissy.

"So, then why are they hear?"

"I have no idea.  I don't want to ask. We've all talked before and none of us wanna do this, but we are out numbered.  We go along for our families, or in my case, friends" says Alan.

"The best thing to do is to act like you like this.  You do that, you will be granted safety." says Alan.

"What about you two?" asks Paul to Jenkins and Arnold.

"Same.  I feel for these kids.  I was one of them till I talked my way into the ranks of a guard" says Arnold.

"And a lot of help form he" says Jenkins.

"That too"

Paul looked at the guards and realized, these are normal people too.  They are just trying to protect their family and friends like he is.  It gives him an idea to help Miranda and the kid's escapes.


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