Drake left Sherry's room with a big smile on his face.  Sherry lied in her bed shaking.  She grabbed a pillow and put it over her face and she screamed into her pillow.  She looked around and her mind ran, 'Should I tell anyone?', 'What would I say?',  'Would my dad believe me?'.  That one took on it's own life, her dad wouldn't believer her, being a doctor he knows that a side effect of depression would be lying.  'If her own dad couldn't believer her, who would believe her?' Ash.  She needed Ash, now more than ever now, and she's gone.

Will sat down in a room and put his face in his hands.  Veronica sat down beside him and put her hand on his neck.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"I'm angry.  I know I won't be able to save everyone in the battle in 5 days, and it worries me.  So many people are counting on me.  Miranda, Nancy, Isabella, Tommy, Tyrone, and everyone"

"You'll do fine"

"Maybe, but if Tommy dies I'd be distraught.  He's so young"

"I know.  But you need to come back to protect me.  I need you more than you know"

Will leaned over and kissed Veronica.  He got up to discuss more plans with Abby.

Miranda was laying on the bottom bunk with Mike.  He was shaking and couldn't speak well, after Paul's attack.  He can say the small words, but he wasn't speaking very well.  They hear the bars for the cell open.  Miranda goes and looks through the bars.  They see a bunch of guards dragging Beverly, Ash, Sully, Jenny, and Grace from there cells.

"What the hell is this?" asks Gwen from her cell.

"I have no idea. Ask" says Charlie.

Arnold walks past the cells trailing the other guards,

"Shit.  What is going on Arnold?" asks Miranda.

"Dude, I don't know.  I'm kinda new here too" says Arnold.

All the guards and leave and they sit there in their cells.  Miranda looks around and sees Alan come back.  This dude didn't talk much, but he scared the hell out of all of them.  They watch him pass and he stands in the middle of them. 

"There are four days left.  Your groups are coming to save you.  Act like you don't know this and resume your normal life.  Your time here is almost done" he says and walks away almost right away.

"Is he serious?" asks Gwen.

"I hope so" says Jacksonville.

"Maybe Paul got him to help" says Miranda.

"We are gonna be saved?" asks Tommy.

"Yes, yes we are" says Gwen.

Miranda walked back over to where Mike was and rubbed his head.

"We are leaving soon, just hang in there" she says

In the morning, Kennedy walked into Sherry's room and saw her shaking.  She sat next to her and rubbed her head.

"Are you okay Sherry?" she asks.


"Sherry, don't lie.  Are you okay?"

"I'm not gonna try and kill myself.  At least not before I see Ash again"

"Don't say that.  She loves you, I love you.  I know it's very stressful living in this world with the undead, and were gonna fight the living"


Kennedy left the room oblivious to the fact that Sherry had been raped the day before.  Sherry lied there and she couldn't stop shaking.

Chrissy was talking with Arnold and Jenkins.  They were looking at they layout of the prison.

"So, if everything goes according to plan, then one team should enter here and one from here.  They would surround the remaining guards" says Jenkins.

"That is correct.  I'm going to be outside and helping them get inside with Zoey and Tyrone.  I'll try and get Mike and as many kids out of the cells before we start shooting.   Jenkins, you're leading the rebellion inside.  You, Arnold, Alan, Paul, and Charlie will attack the guards that are guarding the kids." says Chrissy.

"Okay.  And if we start losing?" asks Arnold.

"We won't, but if we did, we'd go to Cell Block C"

Drake was washing his hands in the bathroom when Billy walked in.  Billy had a hateful look in his eye.

"What did you do to Sherry?" he asks.

"Me, I did nothing.  Just had a talk" replies Drake.

"Really?  What did you say to her than?"

"I told her the truth.  She can't fight because she is injured"

"Why would she be so upset about that?"

"Because maybe she just wants to help Ash"

"Should we bring her?"

"Of course not.  She just got out of a fucking depression am I right?  Why would we send her to see death?" replies Drake leaving the bathroom.

Jake and Sam were sitting by a tree in the forest.  Sam was praying and Jake was watching the birds in the trees.  He looked over at Sam.

"Hey, if you ever need to talk..."

"No thank you, I'd rather not"

"Okay.  But I'm here for you buddy"

"Since when was I your buddy?  A month ago you hated me and my brother"

"Times have changed man.  We finally see eye to eye"

"Maybe, but that won't last very long"


"My time is coming.  Whether it be the attack on the prison, or an eater, my time is almost up.  I can feel it"

"Hey, don't say that.  We are all going to make it"

"Are we?  I had a nice talk with Isabella, who's daughter was taken.  She said she felt her time was up too.  That ain't coincidence"

"You guys are just nervous.  You'll be fine"

Tyrone stood outside and put a supressor on his assault rifle.  He aimed for a biter and took it with ease.  Chrissy walked up behind him and poked him.  He turns around and faces her.

"Hey Chris" he says with a smile on his face.

"Chrissy, I told you I don't like that name"

"Really, and why not?"

"Its a guys name.  Do you like being called Tara?"

"Where did that come from?"

"I don't know"

"Did you wanna talk about anything?"

"Yes.  Went over the plans with Jenkins and Arnold and they are for it.  We are good to go"

"Good.  We are going to need to be ready for this"

Zachary tied Beverly to a chair.  She was in between Ash and Grace, and on the ends were Sully and Jenny.  There mouth was gagged and they couldn't move.  Zachary was the only guard in the room besides Alan who stood there silently.  He put a gun to Ash's head.

"Fire crotch, do you know anything about an escape plan?" he asks.

Ash nodded her head no and he punches her in the face.

"I'm going to get you guys to talk, one way or another"


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