Chrissy went over to Charlie with Zoey.  They were where the civilians were, there was about eight of them.  Charlie is with his wife and child. 

"It's happening early, like now" says Chrissy.

"What's happening" asks Charlie's wife.

"Let me handle this" says Charlie pulling the two away from his family.

"What's happening?" he asks.

"Zachary sent a few soldiers and they shot and killed a man.  They should be attacking any minute, that's what Tyrone says" says Chrissy.

"What do we do?" he asks.

"Go find Jenkins, Alan, and Arnold.  I'll start evacuating some of the prisoners" she says.

Will, Jake, Isabella, Julia, Kennedy, and Ryan were walking.  With the death of Drake, who was their sniper along with Brenda, died so Billy took his spot as sniper and Julia joined in on the fight.  The six make it to the exit of the woods and they see the prison.  There are guards everywhere.  Kennedy takes her binoculars and looks around.  She sees Abby's team waiting for the cue.

"What so you see?" asks Will.

"They're ready.  Just waiting on the snipers to start shooting." says Kennedy.

Isabella was looking nervous and on ready to cry.  Jake put his hand on her shoulder.

"Isabella, we'll get Grace back, I promise" says Jake.

"Thanks.  I know we will" she says.

Chrissy and Zoey walk into Mike and Miranda's cell.  Chrissy and Zoey grabs Mike and signals for Miranda to follow them which she does.  They do the same for Tommy and Izzy.  They bring them down to the infirmary where Alan, Arnold, Jenkins, Tyrone, Paul and Charlie was.

"What's going on?" asks Miranda.

"Your group is attacking soon.  We are going to get you guys out of here as fast as we can." says Charlie.

"How will we do that?" asks Mike.

"There is a military convoy car.  We'll get you guys into it and drive away.  Alan, Arnold, Charlie, and Jenkins, stay here.  Paul and Tyrone you guys too" says Chrissy.

"Let's do this" says Tyrone.

"What about the others?" asks Miranda.

"If everyone's gone, that'll raise suspicion.  For now, everyone act normal." says Zoey.

"Let's go" says Mike.

Will sees the military convoy truck drive out and he gets ready to make his move.  He hears a gunshot and sees a guard drop dead.  He sees Abby's group start making their move.  The six of Will's group start heading up and fires into the guards.  He hears a scream, and sees Isabella laying down with a bullet wound in her abdomen.  Jake tries to pull her out of the battlefield, but she is shot again, this time in the head.  Jake dropped her and continued the assault.  Will sees Kennedy, Ryan and Jake attacking in unison.  He looks back for Julia and she's gone, she was shot in the head a couple times.  Will sees Abby's group make it to the front door, and they only lost Oklahoma City.  Will, Kennedy, Jake, and Ryan make it to their entrance soon enough.

Zachary hears the gunshots and head out of his office.  He sees all the guards getting ready to attack the intruders.  Alan, Charlie, Jenkins, Paul, Tyrone, and Arnold were waiting for the doors to be busted through.  Zachary seems them looking as calm as they do and he senses something is wrong.  Zachary walks over to Jacksonville and Charlie's cell and shoots the two of them.  This enrages Alan and he shoots at Zachary.  The others join in taking out the other guards.  Jenkins is shot and killed by one of them.  Soon enough, Will and Abby's groups bust in and attack the remaining guards.  Zachary goes out a door and leaves his soldiers to die.  Pretty soon, the guards are all dead and Will starts letting out the prisoners.

Chrissy and Zoey waited by the military convo for the rest of them.  Chrissy sees biters approaching, probably they heard the gunshots.  Zoey has a faint smile across her face and Chrissy takes out the walkie.
Adrianna Palicki and Alyssa Diaz

Zoey and Chrissy sees biters approaching

"Will, it's Chrissy.  We got biters incoming" she says.

"Alright, we'll be right out.  Get the others to the farm now" says Will over the walkie.

"Yes sir" says Chrissy.  They hop into the car and start driving off.

"What's going on?" asks Miranda for the backseat.

"We're going to the farm.  They will meet us there" says Zoey.

Charlie runs to get wife and son.  He sees them laying their dead with the rest of the civilians.  The room is full of C4 too.  Charlie pays no attention to that, he goes and cradles his dead son.  Arnold and Abby enter the room.

"Dude, there's C4 everywhere" Arnold says.

"I'll go warn the others" says Abby leaving.

Arnold stays to get Charlie and Abby tells Will what's happening.  Arnold enters the room worried.

"THERE'S A TIMER" he yells.

"How much time?" asks Brett.

"30 seconds"

"Everyone go... now" says Will.

Everyone runs out of the prison besides Abby.  She opens up the cell that has Jacksonville's body, and she picked up his body.  She starts walking out of the prison.  She gets outside and everyone is already running through the forest.  The prison blows up and debris falls from the sky. 

In the forest, they all regroup at a campsite that Brenda had found earlier. 

"How many kills you get?" asks Sam.

"Four" says Billy.

"Got two of them" says Brenda, clearly accomplished.

"Lets do a head count here.  We started with 14, and Beverly, Sully, Jenny, Grace, Ash, Gwen... we are missing someone" says Will.

"Abby" says Brett.

Brett runs off back in the direction of the prison.  Will goes to follow them but is stopped by Sam.

"He needs to do this himself" he says.

Brett makes it to the prison and starts going through the debris.  He sees the biters approaching and doesn't care.  He starts lifting debris until he finds a locket.  He picks it up and opens it.  It's Abby's, there is a picture of the two of them from before the apocalypse.  They were at a carnival and Brett surprised her with it.  Brett starts crying at the sight of the locket and his heart drops.  He looks up towards the sun and just lies there.  Pretty soon, a figure stands over him.  He can barely see with the sun in his eyes so he stands up.  It's Abby.  Brett hugs her and doesn't let go.  He sees the biters approaching closer and closer so he takes her hand and they run through the forest.



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