At Julia's farm, Olivia and Veronica are playing cards.  They both don't want to admit it, but they are worried that the group isn't coming back.

"So Veronica, how's the baby?" asks Olivia.

"How should I know?" she responds.

"Sorry, just wanna talk about something"

"Kid, it's fine.  I'm just on edge"

"I know what you mean.  This can't be easy"

They hear a knock on the door.  Olivia goes to answer it but is stopped by Veronica.

"Who is it?" she asks.

"Ummm I have no clue"

Veronica grabs her pistol and motions her to answer it.  Olivia opens the door and it's Zachary.  Olivia looks startled.  Veronica comes with her pistol pointed at her.

"Hi Mr. Silva" says Olivia.

"You know him?" she asks.

"Yeah, it's Brenda's dad"

"May I come in?" asks Zachary.

"Of course" says Veronica.

Zachary enters and they all sit down at the kitchen table.

"What happened to your arm Olivia?" he asks.

"Cannibals ate it" she responds.

"Oh my God, is Brenda okay?"

"Yeah, she's attacking some people that kidnapped our friends"

"She is? I heard the gunshots from where I was"

Veronica looks out the window and sees a military convo pull up.  She sees Zoey, Chrissy, Mike, Miranda, Tommy, and Izzy come out. 

"Well, I'll be damned" she says exiting the house.

Olivia and Zachary turn to see what she's looking at and Zachary looks at Olivia.  Veronica goes and meets them at the car and helps Mike out with Miranda.

"You're back" she says hugging the group.

"Yeah.  Veronica, this is Zoey and Chrissy.  They helped us escape" says Miranda.

"Where's Will?"

"He is coming.  We are in radio contact, they should be arriving soon" says Chrissy.

"You know if Brenda made it?" asks Veronica.

"I have no idea.  Why?" asks Miranda.

"Her dad just showed up"

"Did he?"

"Yeah, Mr. Silva showed up, he's in with Olivia right now"

Zoey and Chrissy look at each other.

"Oh no.  Grab a gun.  Miranda go with Zoey and flank around back.  Veronica stay with Mike and the kids, I'll go through the front" says Chrissy.

"What's going on?" asks Veronica.

"Silva was the man who led the prison group" says Miranda grabbing a gun.

Veronica sees Tommy pointing to the front door and she turns and looks.  Zachary is there with Olivia in his grasp.  He has a gun pointed at her head.  Chrissy, Zoey, Veronica, and Miranda raise their guns.

"You're letting me go... now" he says.

"Like hell I am" says Chrissy.

"You are.  Or this poor girl gets a bullet in the head.  You wouldn't want that would you?"

Veronica starts lowering her gun. 

"Hey, Zoey, remember who else you came here with?  Your boyfriend Chad?  Remember what happened to him?"

"He was devoured by eaters you said"

"That is correct.  But how was he eaten?  I saw him talking with Alan about how he wanted to leave and I kicked him into the eaters below us"

Zoey gets furious and charges Zachary.  He throws Olivia to the floor and shoots at Zoey.  Zoey went down and looked back at Chrissy.  Chrissy looks at Zachary and sees he doesn't have anyone covering him.  She fires at him and he fires back.  Zachary enters the house and goes to cover.  Miranda, Chrissy and Veronica go to the back of the car.  Izzy, who is in the back of the car, peeks her head up to look at Miranda and Veronica.  She is shot in the head by Zachary.  Tommy screams at the sight of his sister dying and Mike clenches him.  Mike sees a M16 in the car and grabs it. 

Will and the rest of the surviving attack group are going through the woods.  They hear the screams and the gunfire.

"What's that?" asks Sam.

"Okay, only able bodies come with me.  Everyone else move slower.  We'll get it resolved when you get there" says Will.

Will, Brett, Ryan, Sam, Billy, Matt, Alan, Tyrone, Mike, Paul and Jake start sprinting through the woods, with the rest following, but moving slower. 

Zachary exited the farm house and shot at the military convo car.  Miranda, looked through the glass to see if he can find him, and instead saw Izzy's body.  She starts crying and gets angry.  She fires at Zachary non-stop.  Zachary fires back at her.  Chrissy starts making a move to cover Miranda.  Olivia starts to get up.  She gets up and looks around.  She runs and tackles Zachary.  Chrissy moves forward at this opportunity.  She aims her gun at his head.  He pushes Olivia off of him and stands up.  Miranda comes over pointing her gun at him too.  Veronica goes and checks on Zoey who is fine.  Zachary pulls a pistol out of his back pocket.  He aims it at Miranda and is shot in the head spontaneously.  Miranda looks at Chrissy who looks back at her confused.  She looks at Veronica who is helping Zoey up.  She looks at the convoy car and sees Mike on the hood of the car with his gun.  Miranda runs up to Mike and hugs him who doesn't hug her back.  He goes back into the car and grabs Tommy who is staring at his sister's lifeless body.  Miranda opens the door and helps Tommy and Mike out.  Miranda grabs Izzy's body and starts bringing it to them.  Veronica mutters a "Oh fuck" and goes over.  She looks at Izzy's body and starts crying.  Veronica helps Mike go over to the porch and they look at the chaos.  Will, Brett, Sam, Mike, Ryan, Billy, Matt, Alan, Tyrone, Jake, and Paul get there and look around.  Jake sees Izzy and runs up to her.  He picks her up and starts crying.  Will hugs Miranda and Veronica.  The rest look around in shock.

Everyone got back to Julia's farm and they decided to go back to the Lee farm.  They are met by Jim, Sherry, and Nancy.  Ash and Sherry hug when they reunite.  Jake carried Izzy's body.  Billy hugs Sherry too.  Tyrone and Matt start digging out a grave for Izzy, it will be next to Susan's.  Nancy hugs Mike and Beverly.  Sully, Olivia Jenny, Mike C., and Brenda were watching everyone getting sad.  Sam walks over to them.

"Why don't you guys seem sad?" he asks.

"We're so used to death by now, it's hard to be sad" says Jenny.

Miranda took Mike upstairs and lied him down on his bed.  She sat next to him and kissed him.  Mike is crying.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"It's just-- I never thought I'd take a human life.  Add that with Izzy and--" he says.

"Mike it's okay.  You saved my life"

"I know, it's just-- these people went crazy, and we're only two months into this stupid world.  Imagine when we are five months in?  We will encounter the craziest people, and will have to kill more"

"I know, but as long as you're there.  I'll be happy"

Miranda leans in and kisses Mike.

Olivia, Abby, Brett, Kennedy, Jenny, Sully, Arnold, and Grace were watching Scream in the living room.

"I can't believe this movie used to be scary" says Abby.

"I know.  This used to gave me nightmares" says Jenny.

"Weird, I never saw this series" says Grace, who's trying to take her mind off of her mother's death.

"You haven't?  You missed out dude" says Arnold.

"Do you have the other three?" asks Sully.

"Of course we do" says Kennedy.

"So Sully, I heard you got branded" says Olivia.

"I don't wanna talk about it"

"Was it an 'O'?"

"An 'X'.  Maybe there's treasure in my back"

"I might have to find out later"

"You guys are so weird" says Brett.

"Oh, so you're not interested?" asks Abby.

"Hold on, I never said that"

"Are you sure?" asks Grace.

"I'm 100% sure"

Will, Jake, Alan, Billy, and Paul were outside watching Tyrone and Matt dig five graves.

"Why four more?" asks Paul.

"We lost four people, not including Izzy.  Isabella, Julia, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville"

"What about Drake?" asks Jake.

"He doesn't deserve one" says Billy.

"Why not?" asks Will.

"He did terrible things.  I'd rather not discuss them"

"We should pray.  Back in Nigeria, we would pray whenever we needed God's strengths.  We could use it" says Alan.

"What did you do in Nigeria?" asks Paul.

"I was a drug dealer.  I saw my brother murdered in front of me and I left for America.  When I got here, I was a police officer.  That's why I was at the prison in the first place"

"You don't seem like that kind of a guy though Alan" says Billy.

"And you don't seem like the kind that would kill one of your own"

"What are you talking about?" asks Jake.

"He killed Drake.  I am questioned on why you didn't realize this"

"How do you know?  You weren't even there" says Billy.

"I was Silva's right-hand man.  I knew they didn't go into the forest to attack you either"

"So, why him?" asks Will.

"He even said that Drake doesn't deserve a burial"

Paul pulls out his gun and aims it at Billy.  Jake does the same.  Tyrone and Matt notice this and runs to the porch.  Jim and Sherry also walk outside.

"What's going on?" asks Tyrone.

"He killed Drake" says Paul.

Sherry looks at her dad who doesn't show any emotion.

"So, are you going to murder him, without letting him explain himself?" asks Matt.

"I agree with Paul.  Let's just kill him" says Will.

Sherry runs in front of Billy.

"If you shoot him, you'll have to shoot me" she says.

"Why did you do it?" asks Tyrone.

"I did what was necessary" Billy replies.

"What was necessary?" asks Jake.

"He was protecting me" says Sherry.

"How was he protecting you?" asks Matt.

"I--I..... I can't talk about it.  But you have to let him live"

"Tell us what happened.  Or I'll shoot" says Paul.

"He shouldn't have to explain himself" says Jim.

"What?" asks Will.

"He protected his sister.  He helped you guys against the prison guards.  He proved his loyalty"

Jake lowers his gun.  Billy and Sherry walk inside.

"Don't worry, I'll figure out what's wrong" says Will.



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