Everyone has gathered for Izzy, Jacksonville, Isabella, Oklahoma City, and Julia's funerals.  Ryan walked up and stood in between Izzy and Isabella's graves.  He looked nervous, and sad.

"I didn't know Izzy, so I can't speak for her.  But, The other four, I can.  Let's start with Isabella.  She was a loving mother who had died trying to save her daughter.  Oklahoma City, he was a father of four.  They all perished with his wife in a car accident, a few weeks before the outbreak.  Jacksonville, he was great.  I used to talk with him about comics, Superman, Batman, and all that stupid stuff.  I trained him to be a soldier for the battle against the biters.  He perished not being able to defend himself, and for that I'm angry.  But, Julia, she was the sweetest person you could meet.  She took me in, along with Matt while we were cold and starving.  She made her house our house, and for that, we thank her."  Ryan pauses and looks at Will.  "If anyone else would like to speak, they should do it now".

Jake walks to where Ryan was standing.  He goes to speak but nothing comes out of his mouth.  He feels like he is about to cry, but he doesn't want to embarrass himself.  He looks at Kennedy and she nods at him.

"Izzy... Izzy was great.  She was so young and had her entire life ahead of her.  I remember, one of the first days of all this, I was driving anywhere away from Lincolnton.  I hit a bump in the road which caused the car to stop in front of a wheat field.  When I went out to check it, I kept hearing screams from the wheat field.  Pretty soon, I see Monica carrying Tommy out of there.  She looked at me and yelled at me to find her kid, so I ran in there and found Izzy being chased by four biters.  I had avoided killing any of them and when I saw one of them almost get her, I smashed it's head in with a rock.  After that, she kept calling me 'daddy' and 'hero' and stuff like that... God, she was so sweet and innocent.  She didn't deserve--to die"

When he was finished, he lied flowers down onto her grave and walked away.  Will watched him walk away and went to follow him, but he was stopped by Miranda. "Don't" she says, and Will nods, knowing it's for the best.  Tyrone walks up to the two with a pen and piece of paper.

"What's that for?" asks Will.

"I figured that this is the only thing that will keep us from falling apart.  You know how everyone thinks Paul is incapable as leader?" he asks.


"Well, this is the solution.  I have a list of everyone's name, and everyone gets to vote for two people.  I then tally up their votes and the four highest people in votes win"

"So, this is like a president election?" asks Miranda.

"If you wanna see it that way, then yes"

"Who's winning?" asks Will.

"I can't tell you that"

"How many votes for Tommy?" ask Miranda.

"Just tell me who you vote for"

"Jake and Jim" says Will.

"Will and........ Jake" Miranda says, after a while of thinking.

Mike rolls over in his wheelchair to them.

"What, no votes for me?" asks Mike.

"Hmm... I was gonna but then I took a bullet to the knee" replies Miranda.

"Haha very funny" says Mike sarcastically.

"What's wrong with you?" asks Will.

"It's this damn wheelchair, I am no good using it"

"Really?  How hard can it be?" asks Tyrone.

"Very, combine that with very bad hand-eye coordination, you're fucked"

Miranda laughs.

"Yeah, laugh it up babe" says Mike.

Miranda walks over to him and kisses him.

"Come on, quit complaining.  Let's go watch a movie"

"Okay.  What movie?"

"The Notebook"

"Goddamn it"

"Yup, and since your legs don't work, you have to stay"

"Perfect" says Mike sarcastically and the two leave.

Will and Tyrone look at each other and continue their conversation about the voting.

Abby, Brett, Matt, Ryan, and Grace were inside at the kitchen table.

"So, who did you guys vote for?" asks Grace.

"Abby and Matt" says Ryan.

"Same" says Grace and Brett in unison.

"What about you two?" asks Ryan.

"I voted for Brett and Matt" says Abby.

"I voted for Abby and Jake" says Matt.

"We need someone to represent us, I mean we are the odd guys out" says Ryan.

"Nope.  The four prison guys are" says Matt.

"Yeah, we're one above them" says Grace.

"Maybe two.  I don't think the high school dudes are on their good side" says Abby.

"Hey, we helped in the battle, we earned their trust" says Brett.

"Maybe, maybe not.  Paul is becoming crazy, he looks like Billy Loomis from Scream" says Grace.

"I'm guessing you liked that movie Grace" says Abby.

"Yeah, but he does look like him.  It's coming full circle"

Beverly, Ash, and Sherry were playing cards in Sherry's room.  Ash puts her cards down revealing a royal flush.

"Damn it" says Beverly.

"Ash, you cheated" says Sherry.

"Really?  How did I do that?"

"I'll figure it out"

"So, who did you guys vote for?" asks Beverly.

"My dad and sis"

"Will and Jake"

"Yeah, I voted for Will and Tyrone"

"Not your mom?" asks Ash.

"I don't think she is capable honestly"

Miranda and Mike were on the couch in the living room where The Notebook was playing.  They weren't really watching it, as they were kissing mostly.  While they were kissing, Olivia and Sully hopped on the couch next to them.

"Hey" says Miranda.

"Hey" says Olivia.

"You guys wanna watch the movie?"


Mike looks at Sully who looks back, and he nods his head 'no'. 

"So, can I be excused so when you two start crying, I don't get soaked?" asks Sully.

"Nope.  You can be excused when I say so" says Olivia.

"Yes mom"

Tyrone, Jake, Paul, Will, Veronica, Alan, Jim, and Sam were in the dining room of the house.

"So, I tallied the votes" starts Tyrone.

"Just say it" says Veronica.

"Yes ma'am.  Okay, so the people who were voted to lead were Abby, Jake, Jim and........."

"Just spit it out" says Paul.


"Not me?" asks Paul.

"I'm sorry, but you weren't voted" says Tyrone.

"That's bullshit.  I carried this group on my back to safety.  And this is how I'm repaid?" he asks.

"It is fine.  You will still have a say in what goes" says Alan.

"That's some bullshit" Paul leaving.

"How do we lead?" asks Jake.

"I don't know.  Just, like, make big decisions, like who should be on the scavenging team, who should be on watch duty, you know stuff like that" says Sam.

"Okay, seems simple enough" says Will.

"Well, Paul didn't do such a good job" says Veronica.


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