It has been a week since the funeral, and Will, Veronica, and Abby were sitting on the front porch. They were watching Alan, Matt, Arnold, and Kennedy build a sniper tower. They were nearly finished, as the entire group has been working their ass off to get this up.

"We do this, we'll be set for life" says Abby.

"I'd hope so, but it doesn't always work like that" says Will.

"Well, ok Debby Downer" says Veronica.

"I'm just saying. Prepare for the worse, expect the best right?"

"Not a very good way to live Mr. Jacobson" says Abby.

"If it protects everyone, then I'm fine with that"

"How was The Notebook?" asks Veronica.

"You know about that?"

"Brett told us" she says.

"Damn it Brett"

Will gets up and walks over to the sniper post.

"How's it coming along?" he asks.

"Good boss" says Kennedy.

"Can we use it now, or do we have to wait?"

"We can use it now" replies Alan.

"Just be careful" says Arnold.

Will climbs up and stands on top of it. He picks up binoculars and starts looking around. He sees a biter approaching the house.

"We got a biter. Arnold can you go take him out?"

"Yes sir"

Arnold runs over to it and stabs it in the head. He looks around and sees a herd of biters roaming around.

"Fuck" he mutters.

All of the biters turn towards him and start moving toward him. He drops his machete and sprints back to the house. Will sees him approaching and looks through his binoculars and sees the biters.

"Go get everyone... now. We're leaving" says Will.

"What's happening?" asks Matt.

"Biters, tons of them"

Arnold finally gets back to the group, out of breath

"They... are... over"

"We know. Go warn everyone" says Will.

Will, Alan, and Kennedy start firing into the biter crowd coming towards then, while Matt and Arnold go to warn everyone. They get to the porch.

"What's going on?" asks Veronica.

"Biters... tons of them. I'll go get everyone else, you guys get out of here. We're going to meet at..... uh- the highway where you said Miranda was attacked" says Matt.

"Okay" says Abby.

Everyone is emerging from their rooms. Arnold makes it upstairs.

"What's going on?" asks Nancy.

"Why are their gunshots?" asks Miranda.

"Biters, tons of 'em"

"What are we going to do?" asks Jake.

"We're leaving, going to the highway"

"Where's Will?" asks Miranda.

"He's fighting them. Everyone GO"

There is an array of panic. Over 20 people are trying to escape the house. Miranda, Tyrone, Billy, and Gwen remains upstairs. Miranda runs into her room and tries helpig up Mike.

"What's happening?" he asks.

"Biters. We have to go" she says trying to get him up.

Billy enters and picks up Mike by the waist and Miranda follows. The four go downstairs and exit the building. It's chaos. There are people running, and people fighting. No one is trying to get to the cars like they were instructed. A biter approaches them and Tyrone shoots it. Miranda sees Sherry, Beverly, and Ash hiding in the bushes and runs for them.

"Where are you going?" asks Mike, but she's not in hearing distance.

Billy brings Mike to one of the four people seats and hops in with Gwen. Tyrone gets in too and they drive off, heading to the highway like they were told.

Will, Kennedy, and Alan were joined on the front lines by Matt, Jake, Sam, and Mike C. Will turns around and sees everyone panicking, and not doing what they were supposed to be.

"What the hell are they doing?" asks Will.

Kennedy turns around to see what's going on.

"They aren't leaving, their too scared to do what they were supposed to do." says Mike.

"Mike, go get everyone to the cars. They can't do it themselves"

Paul, Brett, and Jim were guarding Tommy and Nancy as the biters approached. The biters started surrounding them and they were backing up against the house. Jim looked around and as they were fighting and started slipping away from them. When he was farther away he ran away.

"Where's Mr. Lee going?" asks Tommy

Brett and Paul turned and saw him leaving.

"That son of a bitch" says Paul.

While distracted, a biter was able to bite Paul in the jugular and the blood poured out. Brett immediately, in a panic response wen to help him. When he left Nancy and Tommy for less than six seconds, a biter bit her in the stomach, and she let out a painful scream. Brett looked in awe as she is killed. He sees Tommy getting attacked next, and he won't let this one die. He shoots the biter in the head and grabs Tommy and runs.

Miranda gets to Ash, Beverly and Sherry who were hiding in the bushes.

"We have to get to a car" she says.

"There's one by the fallback bunker" says Sherry.

"Let's go then"

The four run to the fallback bunker where there is a jeep waiting for them. Sherry goes to grab the keys which is under a chair. She grabs it and runs to the jeep. She unlocks the car and Ash and Miranda hop in the car. Sherry turns on the car and notices Beverly isn't in the car, She gets out to go to her and sees her being chewed on by a biter. She breaks down into a cry and gets on her knees. Miranda gets out of the car and drags her to the car,

"NO BEV NO" she screamed as she's pulled into the jeep. Miranda put it in drive and stepped on the gas, She drove through the front and saw Brett running through the woods carrying Tommy. She pulled up next to him and he hopped on in the car.

"Thanks" he says.

"Where's Beverly?" asks Tommy.

"She didn't make it" says Miranda.

"Poor Mike, losing his mom and sister in one day.  Who's going to break it to him?" asks Brett.

"Nancy's dead?" asks Sherry, still crying.


"I'll tell him" says Miranda.

"If he's sill alive" says Ash.

Sully, Brenda, Jenny, and Olivia were running through the forest.  They bailed on the car idea and planned to run till they found the road.  Brenda tripped over a branch and Sully helped her up and they continued to run.

Ryan and Grace got into a car and the biters surrounded them.  Ryan put the key into the engine and turned it, but it wouldn't start.  Grace looked worryingly at Ryan as he tried to start it.

"Fuck" he mutters.

"We're screwed aren't we?" she asks.

"No. Don't worry"

As he says that the biters broke through the windshield and got into the car.

Will hears the screams coming from the car and turns around.  He sees the biters enter the car and he turns back around to fight.  Will, Jake, Kennedy, Alan, Sam, and Matt were fighting.  There were too many biters and Will was starting to realize it.  Will motioned them to start backing up and they did.

"Go to the cars, it's time for everyone to go" says Sam.

Kennedy, Jake, and Matt started running away.  Will and Alan stayed with him.

"Go guys" he says.

"No, I won't leave" says Alan.

"What about you Will?"

"I'm staying"

"You got your pregnant girl to take care of"

"I know... come with me"

"No, just go Will.  I'll be fine" says Sam.

Will turns around and followed the other three.  He ran in their direction and passed Kennedy getting eaten.  He looked down sick and shot both the biter and Kennedy.  He got to the car with Matt and Jake who were waiting for them and they drove off.

Veronica and Abby were running for a car that they saw.  Abby was leading the way for her.  Abby was bit on the arm and Veronica was forced to leave her.  She almost got to the car when she saw Jim hop in the car.  At first she felt relieved, but when Jim started the car and drove away without her, she started having a feeling that he wasn't coming back.  She watched him leave in shock and she tripped.  She saw a biter approaching her and she started backing away from it.  Veronica saw the biter get closer and it opened it's moth ready to eat her.



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