Veronica kicked the biter that tried to bite her and it kept coming.  All of a sudden, a gunshot goes through it's head.  Veronica looks up and sees Chrissy with Zoey, Arnold and Mike.  Zoey helps her up.  The five see more biters converging on them and run into the woods.  Arnold led the way followed by Chrissy, Veronica, Zoey, and Mike.  They stop by a lake and sit down.

"Thanks" mutters Veronica.

"No problem. No one gets left behind" says Chrissy.

"Where do we go?" asks Veronica.

"The highway.  That's where everyone else is heading, that's where we will go" says Arnold.

"How do we get there from here?" asks Zoey.

"I know the way.  You ready to move?" says Mike.

"Yeah, lead the way kid" says Veronica.

The five get up and start walking through the forest.

Billy pulls over on the highway.  He gets out of the car and looks around, there is no biters or people.  He motions for Gwen and Tyrone to get out and they do.

"We're the first ones to make it" says Billy.

"What do we do?" asks Gwen.

"We wait for them here.  They aren't here in two hours, I say we go to the coast"

"They will come back" says Billy.

"How's Mike?" asks Tyrone.

"He was crying the entire way here.  He didn't wanna leave Miranda behind, he will find out soon it was for the best" says Gwen.

"Someone should talk to him" says Billy.

"I'll do it" says Gwen walking over to the car.

"It's for the best.  He needs a sympathetic face" says Tyrone.

Brenda, Jenny, Sully, and Olivia were walking through the forest.  Sully was trying to contact anyone with his walkie.

"Anyone there?  Come on Will, Mike, other Mike... anyone" he says into it.

"No one is coming. I don't think anyone else grabbed one" says Jenny.

"Okay, here's what we have to do, Brenda, you and Jenny go that way.  Me and Olivia will go that way.  Here's a walkie, whoever finds the highway first try and contact the other group"

"Okay, we're on it" says Brenda taking a walkie and a gun.

The group of four splits into two groups of two and walks off.

Will, Matt, and Jake were driving on the highway.  Will was going very fast and looked very tense.

"Hey, you okay?" asks Jake.

"No.  This has all gone to shit.  Everyone is dead" he says.

"We don't know that"

"Kennedy, Sam, Alan, I didn't see anyone else"

"That doesn't mean they didn't make it" says Matt.

"Watch, they're probably waiting for us at the highway" says Jake.

"I just want Miranda and Veronica to be safe"

"I'm sure they are.  The people we were with are great people.  They will pull through" says Jake.

Sherry was driving down the road with Ash, Brett, Tommy, and Miranda in the car.  They see Billy's car and see them standing in the middle of the road.  Sherry pulls over and runs to Billy.  They don't notice them and Sherry tackles Billy from behind.

"Sherry? No way" he says hugging her.

"Is daddy or Kennedy here?" she asks.

"Not yet"

Miranda, Ash, Brett, and Tommy walk over to them.  Tyrone hugs Miranda and Tommy, and a group hug ensues. 

"Where's Mike?" asks Miranda.

"He's with Gwen in the car.  He's broken we had to leave you behind" says Billy.

Miranda walked over to the car and saw Mike and Gwen talking in the car.  Gwen sees Miranda and looks at Mike and says "I'll go".  Miranda gets to Mike and hugs him.  He looks at her with shock.

"Babe, you're okay" he says.

"Yeah, I'm fine" she says.

"Where's my sis?  Have you see my mom?" he asks.

Miranda looked down in sadness.  Mike gets worried.

"What happened?" he asks.

"They're both gone" she says.

Mike's eyes start to tear and Miranda reaches out and puts her hand on his shoulder.  Mike turns away.

"Leave me for a moment" he says.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I wanna be alone"

"If you need to talk I'm here"


Miranda walks away and goes back to the group. 

"Where's my dad?" asks Billy.

"Fuck him" replies Brett.

"What did you just say?" asks Sherry.

"That bastard got Nancy and Paul killed."

"How?" asks Miranda.

"He was part of our group.  He ditched us to ensure he survived"

"You're lying" says Sherry.

"No, no I'm not"

Mike was leading the group of four through the forest.  They were walking carefully and slowly.  Mike saw a biter, which he dispatched of.  Veronica was last on the line and was walking slower than the rest.  She stepped on a rock with her bare feet and it got stuck in her foot.  She sat down on a log to remove it. 

Jenny and Brenda were walking through the forest.  There were biters every now and then.  Brenda looked paranoid and kept looking over her back.

"Are you okay?" asks Jenny.

"Yeah, just keeping a watch for other survivors too.  You can't be too sure with survivors"'

"Yeah, Sully got fucked over with the branding"

"And did you see Mike's face?"

"If we see more survivor's we don't recognize, let's just leave them"


Will drove down the road and caught up to Jim's car.  Will drove next to him and rolled down his window.

"JIM YOU SON OF A BITCH" Will says happily.

"Will, you made it" he says.

"We are almost there.  A mile longer and we'll be at the meeting spot"

"Let's hope we won't be alone"

Veronica gets the rock out and notices that everyone is gone.  She looks around and gets scared.  She hears leaves crunching and voices. 'Do I run?', 'Do I ask for help?' she thinks.  She holds her gun out to the area and sees Sam and Alan come out.

"Veronica" says Sam.

"Oh, Sam" she says hugging him.

"You're alone?" asks Alan.

"No, I was with others.  They accidentally left me behind"

"Okay, let's go, I know where the highway is" says Sam.

The three start walking through the leaves.

Chrissy, Mike, Zoey, and Arnold were walking through the forest.  Arnold looks behind him and notices something isn't right.

"Dudes, we left Veronica" he says.

The other three turn around and realize they did.

"Let's go back" says Chrissy.

"Let's just leave.  She'll be fine" says Zoey.

"No, we should go back" says Mike.

"Ugh fine" she says.

The four turn around and start heading back.

Will, Jake, Matt, and Jim get to the others and they get out and reunite.  Brett walks over to Jim and punches him in the gut.  Matt and Will pull him away.


"What?" asks Jake.


"He did" says Tommy.

"How?" asks Will.

"He abandoned us without warning.  He let them get to us so he can escape"

"It's true" says Jim putting his dead down.

"Why?" asks Jake.

"I needed to see my kids again.  I even left Abby and the pregnant chick"

Will's face turns red.

"Who was pregnant?" asks Billy.

"Veronica" says Jake.

Will lets go of Brett and attacks Jim.

"You son of a bitch, got her killed" he says while kicking him.

Sherry, Tommy, and Ash look on scared.  Sherry looks at Billy to help and Billy just watches.

"He deserves this" says Brett.

"He doesn't deserve this, he deserves worse" says Will.

Will stops kicking him and he walks away.  Miranda goes to follow him.

"It's okay, I'm sure she's fine" says Miranda.

"She would be, if it wasn't for him" replies Will.

"Watch, she'll come out of the forest alive and well.  I'll bet on it"

Brenda and Jenny came to a little hill and heard speaking.  The two lied down on the floor and watched the survivors. 

"Can you see anything?" asks Jenny.

"No, I can't.  Can you?" asks Brenda.

All of a sudden they hear running coming from behind them getting closer.  Brenda initially turns on impact and shoots.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO" she hears.


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