It takes Brenda a moment to realize she did something wrong.  The facial expression on Jenny says it all, her mouth is open, her eyes are tearing, she looks like she's ready to faint.  Brenda looks down at Sam cradling Veronica's body.  There is a bullet wound and a lot of blood coming from her abdomen.  Sam is crying and Alan is standing there watching.  Veronica is barely breathing and Sam is elevating her head on his lap.  Jenny runs down to help and Brenda still stands there in shock.  They hear more footsteps and Mike, Zoey, Chrissy, and Arnold show up and see what's going on.

"Dude" says Arnold.

Mike and Chrissy immediately go to help.

"Is there anything we can do?" asks Chrissy.

"There is nothing we can do.  We have to put her down" replies Sam.

"But she's still breathing" says Jenny.

Sam puts his head over her heart.

"No heartbeat" he says.

"Everyone go to the highway before the biters come" says Mike.

"What about her?" asks Zoey.

"I'm sure Will will want to see her" says Alan.

"Let's bring her, I'd have to put her down though" says Sam.

"I'll do it" says Mike.

"Don't worry, I can do this" he says as he lines up the gun with her forehead. 

Sam pulls the trigger and picks up Veronica's body.  Everyone else follows him. Brenda stands there not knowing what to do.  Jenny grabs her hand and pulls her with her.

Sully and Olivia were running through the woods being chased by seven biters.  They didn't want to bring more so they didn't shoot them.  They saw an exit and ran for it.  They came out onto the highway, and off in the distance they saw the cars.  Sully pulls out his walkie.

"Brenda, we made it.  Tell me when you're close"

"We're close" says Brenda from the other side of the walkie.

Sully and Olivia run for the cars when they remember they were still being chased.  When they reach there, they are greeted by Will and Brett.  The biters that are chasing them start running to them too.  Will, Jake, Matt, and Brett easily take them out with their bladed weapons.

"Welcome back" says Jake.

"Thanks" says Olivia.

"Who are we missing now?" asks Sherry.

"We are missing Arnold, Mike, Zoey, Chrissy, Veronica, Abby, Brenda and Jenny" says Jake.

"What about Kennedy?" asks Billy.

"She didn't make it" says Will.

Sherry starts to cry and Ash hugs her.

"Where's Mike and Miranda?" asks Tyrone.

"They're at the car.  Miranda is sill trying to convince Mike to talk to her about his moms and sister's death" says Gwen.

"Yeah, no thanks to you" says Brett looking at Jim.

"I made a mistake" he says.

"I'm glad now you realize that"

Mike is leading the way for the eight.  He was slicing through the biters and they reach the road.  Brenda stops moving and looks at everyone.

"Are you okay?" asks Jenny.

Brenda remains silent.

"It's okay, it's not your fault" says Sam.

"But how will Will take it?  He won't forgive me, he'll kill me" says Brenda.

"No he won't.  He'll know it's not your fault" says Arnold putting his hand around her shoulder.

They look around for the cars and they see them.  Mike starts walking towards them and the rest followed.

"THERE THEY ARE" they hear Tommy scream from far away.

Jake, Tyrone, Sully, and Billy go and meet them.  When they reach them they see Veronica being carried by Sam.

"What happened?" asks Jake.

"It was an accident" says Sam.

"What the hell happened?"

At this point they reach the rest of the group and Sam rests Veronica's body.  Will sees it and runs to it.  He gets on his knees and starts crying over it.

"What happened?" asks Ash.

"I shot her.  She came out of nowhere and I panicked" says Brenda.

Will looks up at her angrily.

"It was an accident.  I'm so, so, so sorry Will"

Will stands up and raises his gun and points it at her.  Brenda hops back in fear and Sully jumps in front of her.  Will turns his gun towards Jim and points it to his head.

"Woah, I didn't shoot her" he says.

"This is your fault" he says.

"That bitch shot her"

"You left her.  What happened back at the farm Jim?"

"I saw Abby and Veronica running for a car.  Abby got bit and she left her.  When I got to the car before her, I was going to wait but she was bringing biters on too of us"

"You'd be lucky if I don't shoot" says Will who's in tears.

Mike and Miranda were in the car. 

"I'm just glad that the death is over for one day" says Mike.

"Yeah, me too"

Sherry walked over to the car.

"Hey Sherry" says Miranda.

"Hi" she says, you can tell in her voice something is wrong.

"What happened?" asks Miranda.

"Veronica is dead"



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