Will, Brett, Jake, Tyrone, Mike, Billy, and Sam moved up to the neighborhood.  The rest of the group drove back 10 blocks so that if anything goes wrong, they are out of sight.  Mike and Billy put down tape at the start of the block, signifying where they will start their little survivor homes.  The rest took down the biters with ease as there weren't many in the street.  Jake, Tyrone, and Billy went into one of the houses to clear it.  Mike, Brett, Sam, and Will went into the house across from it.  Will, Brett, Sam, and Mike went into the house and went through all the rooms.  Mike walked into the bedroom and saw the king size bed.  Sam enters the room too.

"I call this room" says Mike.

"Finders keepers.  I guarantee there is a better house" replies Sam.

"This is sick" he says, still in awe.

"You can boast about this house later, let's get back to work"

In the other house, Jake, Tyrone, and Billy had just finished clearing the biters out.  They all regrouped downstairs.

"So, on to the next house?" asks Billy.

"You two go ahead, I'm exhausted" replies Jake.

"Getting out of shape old man?" asks Tyrone.

"Laugh it up. We need energy, food if we are going to do this"

"Whatever, let's go Billy" says Tyrone and the two leave.

Will and Brett met back up with Mike and Sam. 

"I call this house" says Mike.

"You said that" says Sam.

"Just letting them know too"

"We are only getting ten houses.  How do you expect to get your own?" asks Will.

"We can discuss who gets what later.  Let's just do this so we can rest" says Brett.

"Fine by me" says Sam.

Miranda and Mike were laying on the hood of the car.  It was getting dark out and they both knew they would have to make a move soon, or else they will be blinded by the dark. 

"So, how are you feeling?" asks Mike.

"I'm good.  Are you feeling better?" replies Miranda.

"Yeah, it's just, I miss Bev.  Yeah, I lost my mom too, but Bev was always there.  My mom was barely ever there for me"

"I'll miss her too.  But, we have to move on"

"Yeah, but, I will miss her"

Sully walks over to the two with a notebook.

"Hey guys" he says.

"Hey Sully" says Miranda.

"I found this notebook in the back of the truck, it was Beverly's" he says handing it over to Mike.

"Thanks" he says.

"No problem" Sully says leaving.

"You wanna read it?" asks Miranda.

"Not yet.  Later" he says.

Will, Tyrone, Jake, Mike, Sam, Billy, and Brett meet up in the middle.

"We can start move everyone in here now.  Billy and Sam go get them.  We'll start making the border" says Will.

Sam and Billy go to get the group.  The rest of them started pushing old cars where they set up the tape.  Will and Brett find a large RV with the keys in.  Brett drives it to the tape.

"How do you like the lookout post?" asks Brett walking out.

"It looks like it'll work" says Tyrone.

"Damn right"

The group were waiting at the cars for them.  Chrissy and Jenny were keeping an eye on Jim.  They couldn't trust him.

"They're back" says Gwen.

The group goes to meet Billy and Sam.

"We're clear" says Billy.

"Awesome, let's get everyone over there" says Arnold.

"Okay, so, we have ten houses ready.  They are setting u the borders now, we should be good for a while" says Billy.

"That's what they said about the farm" replies Mike.

Brett, Will, Tyrone and Jake got one side of the border up.  They just had to do the other side.  It was night now, and they could barely see what they were doing.

"We should finish this later" says Jake.

"I agree" says Mike.

"We'll figure the rest of this out in the morning" says Will.

They see headlights and soon enough the rest of the group arrives. 

"What's the situation?" asks Jim.

"We are going to finish the barrier tomorrow morning.  For now, we should all sleep and get well rested" says Will.

"That's not very safe, is it?"

"You don't get to speak Jim.  You got 3 people killed because of your cowardness" says Brett.

The groups go into their houses and ready to go to sleep.  Mike, Miranda, and Will share a house.  Jake, Tyrone, and Tommy share a house.  Jim, Sherry, and Ash share a house.  Billy and Gwen share a house.  Zoey, Chrissy, Arnold, and Alan share a house.  Sam gets his own house.  Brenda and Jenny share a house.  Sully and Olivia share a house.  Brett and Matt share a house.  And Mike C., gets his own house.  The group looks forward tommorrow, and the hope of a new and better life.


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