Miranda woke up in the morning next to Mike.  She got up and went to her window.  She saw Jake, Matt, Tyrone and Will working on the barrier, by the looks of it, they are about done.

"Good morning beautiful" she hears Mike say.

She turns around and walks over to him and kisses him.

"Morning" she says.

"How'd you sleep?" he asks.

"I slept wonderful.  How about you?"

"Legs hurt"

"I wonder why" she says sarcastically.

"I mean more than usual"

"Let me see" she says pulling the blankets off of him.

She looked at his knees, and saw that they were yellow.  She looked away in disgust.

"Is it bad?" he asks.

"Yeah, pretty bad" she replies.

"What is it?"

"Probably an infection.  I'll go get Jim" she says leaving.

Ash and Sherry walked outside of the house.  They walked over to Will and Tyrone who were taking a water break.

"Hello ladies" says Tyrone.

"Hey, do you need any help?" asks Sherry.

"We should be fine, thank you though"

"Okay, if you need us, we'll be tanning over there" says Ash.

"Alright, thanks ladies" says Will.

The girls walk away and lie down on a couple of beach chairs they found.  Miranda hurriedly walked over to them.

"Where's your dad?" asks Miranda.

"In the house" says Sherry.

"Thanks" replies Miranda walking to the house.

She got to the front door and knocked on his door.  After 20 seconds, he opened the door.

"Hello Miranda" he says.

"I need your help" she says.

"With what?"

"It's Mike's knees"

Jenny was cooking eggs in her house.  Brenda came downstairs ready to go out for a supply run.

"Hey Brenda.  How are you?" she asks.

"I'm feeling better, still feel sick to my stomach though" Brenda replies.

"You'll feel better in time.  But, can you believe this place has electricity?"

"I know, it's unbelievable"

"So, you want some eggs?"

"Yes please"

"Where are you going?"

"Me, Sully, and Tyrone are going on a supply run later"

"Really?  Since when did you like doing supply runs?"

"I don't.  But I really want to contribute"

"Okay, well have fun going out.  Be safe" she says handing Brenda a plate of eggs.

Jim and Miranda entered Mike's room.  Jim looked at Mike's knee and saw what was happening.

"Yeah, it's an infection" he says.

"So, what should we do?" asks Miranda.

"Nothing we can do besides wait for it to heal.  We should keep it clean, maybe get some antibiotics.  But other than that, we should just wait"

"Thanks Doc.  What about the pain though?" says Mike.

"Nothing I can do.  Just keep an eye on him Miranda" says Jim leaving.

Sherry and Ash were lying out.  Sully walked over to them and lied down next to them on the other beach chairs.

"Hey" he says.

"Hey Sully" replies Ash.

"Hey, is it true you got branded?" asks Sherry.

"Yes, it's true.  Let me guess, you wanna see it, right?"



Sully gets up and shows them the big 'X' on his back and Sherry starts laughing.

"If you were there you wouldn't be laughing" says Ash.

"Was it scary?" asks Sherry.

"No, hurt like hell though" says Sully.

"That's an understatement.  You were squealing like a pig" says Ash.

"Have your laugh, I'm going to go get ready for my supply run" he says.

"Be safe" says Sherry.

"Didn't plan on anything different"

Brenda and Tyrone were waiting by the exit to go on the supply run. 

"Where the hell is Sully?" asks Brenda.

"Girls take time" he says.

"He was chatting up Ash and Sherry"

"Yeah, I saw him.  I also saw his girl watching with a jealous look in her eyes"

"Really?  She always accuses him of cheating though.  Nothing new"

"But does she think he's cheating with two lesbians?"

"Maybe she does"

Sully walks over to the two.

"You ready?" he asks.

"Yeah, let's go" says Tyrone.

Will walks into Miranda and Mike's room.  He sees them kissing and they stop when he enters.

"How you doing kid?" he asks.

"I'm doing better thanks" replies Mike.

"She treating you well?"

"Not really.  She hit me and told me to 'suck it up' before"

Miranda playfully punches his arm.

"Okay, if you need anything let me or Jake know" Will says leaving.

Mike C., Zoey, Chrissy, Brett, Jake, Matt and Arnold were working on the barrier. 

"We almost done?" asks Arnold.

"Just about" says Jake.


"So, how does everyone like their house?" asks Brett.

"Fucking amazing" says Chrissy.

"It's really good.  Got my own house and it feels good" says Mike.

"Why do you get your own house?" asks Matt.

"It just makes sense.  I don't know many of you, and my group is mostly girls.  They'd feel uncomfortable"

"Maybe, unless you trying to hit that" says Arnold.

"No, they're under aged.  Thanks for the offer though"

"Why not Mike?  You're pretty good looking" says Chrissy.

"Well, thanks Chrissy.  You know what a guy likes to hear"

"Oh God.  Last thing we need is more couples" says Brett.

"Agreed" says Matt and Zoey in unison.

Sully, Brenda, and Tyrone were walking through the woods.  They were using a shortcut to get to town.

"So, Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson?" asks Tyrone.

"That's way to tough" says Sully.

"Pick one"

"I guess Jennifer"


"I like Emma better, not by much though"

"Both of you are wrong. It's Mila Kunis" says Tyrone.

"That wasn't even an option" says Sully.

"I shouldn't have to say her name"

The three continued walking.  Sully stepped on a piece of metal.  He realized it and looked down.  He was on a bear trap, before he could react it snaps shut on his ankle.  He screamed in pain.

"Sully?" asks Brenda turning around.

Tyrone and Brenda rush over to him.

"Are you okay?" asks Tyrone.

"Do I look alright?" he asks, he is panicked and scared.

"I'll go get help" says Tyrone.

"Let me come with you" Brenda says.

"No you wait for me.  Protect him in case of a biter" Tyrone says sprinting back to the way they came.

"Get me out" says Sully.

"How?" she asks.

"Pull my leg"

"No.  Are you crazy?  Tyrone is going to come back"

They hear the rustling of leaves.  Sully gets more worried.

"Get me out" he says.

Brenda hears more rustling of leaves.  She pulls out her pistol and points it to the bushes she hears it from.


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