Brenda stood there with the gun pointed at the bush.  Sully's ankle was still in the bear trap and he was in so much pain.  He tried to remain as quiet as he could but every now and then he would let out a gasp.  An older guy walks out from behind the bushes holding an axe.  He bears a striking resemblance to Zachary Silva.  Brenda raised the gun at him.

"Fuck me" says Sully looking up.

"Listen young lady, put down the gun" says the older man.

"Who are you?" she asks.

"I'm Jeremiah. Your friend here accidentally stepped on my bear trap"

"Can you get me out?" Sully asks.

"Yes sir. I've got the key----" he pauses and looks for the keys in his pockets.

"Do you have them?" asks Brenda.

"I left them back at the camp"

"Fucking pull me out Brenda" says Sully.

Brenda motions him to be quiet.  They hear the moans of the undead coming around them.

"Get me out" says Sully who is going into a panic.

Brenda runs over to him and tries pulling his leg out and Sully screams in pain.  Jeremiah sees the biters approaching and starts taking them out.

"Kid take out the biters" says Jeremiah.

Brenda starts taking out the biters while Jeremiah goes over to Sully.  He looks at Sully's ankle and looks at his axe.  Sully is looking at Jeremiah's eyes.

"Oh God no" he says.

"I'm sorry kid" he says.

Jeremiah raises the axe and swings down, hitting Sully's ankle.  Sully screams in pain.  Brenda looks over and sees Jeremiah chopping at Sully's ankle.

"What are you doing?" she asks.

"Do you want your friend to live or not?" he barks back.

Brenda continues shooting the biters.  Jeremiah takes one final swing at Sully's ankle and disconnects the foot from the leg.  Sully passes out and Jeremiah picks him up.

"C'mon kid" says Jeremiah.

Jeremiah runs off into the woods with Sully over his shoulder and Brenda following him.

Jake and Tommy were playing ball in the street.  Jake rolled the ball on the ground and Tommy attempted to kick it, but he missed and fell over. 

"Tyrone's here" he hears Brett say from the wall.

Jake runs over leaving Tommy behind and goes to Tyrone who is at the front gate with Brett, Sam, and Will.

"What's going on?" asks Will.

"Where's Sully and Brenda?" asks Sam.

"We were walking through the woods and uh- Sully got his foot stuck in a bear trap.  I left Brenda there to protect him while I get help" says Tyrone.

"How far away are we?" asks Will.

"10 minutes, give or take"

"Let's go.  Brett, Sam you stay here.  I'll take Tyrone and Jake." says Will.

Will, Tyrone, and Jake sprint off into the forest.

"What was that?" asks Billy walking up with Gwen and Ash.

"It was nothing.  Everything is okay" says Sam.

Sherry exited the bathroom looking at the pregnancy test.  She is worried and nervous, because if it comes back positive, she'll have to tell everyone what happened.  She doesn't want people knowing that Drake took advantage of her... and what would Ash think?  Ash would probably be really upset that it took her a while to tell her.  These thoughts are all running through her head.  She looks at her clock making sure it's time.  She looks at the test and it has two pink bars.  She is pregnant with the baby of a rapist.  She breaks down in tears and punches the wall.  Jim hears the banging and starts walking upstairs.  She hears him coming and hides the test and lays on the floor.  When Jim enters it looks like she fell of the bed and he rolls his eyes and closes the door.

At an old motel, two people, one in his mid-thirties, and one in his mid-teens were keeping watch on what looked like an outpost.  A blond haired man walked over ot them.

"Hey Damian, Tyrell, you see anything?" he asks.

"Not yet Kenny" says Tyrell.

"Alright, let me know if that changes" he says walking away.

"Okay, so Damian, your serious?  You like Batman better than Superman?"

"I don't like that kind of stuff in general, but if I had to choose, yes"

"But Batman isn't a superhero.  He's a rich guy that buys all of his cool shit"

"And Superman has bad hair.  Your point?" asks Damian laughing.

"I take my comic books very seriously"

"So does Anthony.  Go talk to him"

"Maybe I will.  Bro, I'll disown you"

"You don't have the balls"

"Oh really wel--" Tyrell stops speaking when he hears running through the forest.  He raises his rifle and so does Damian.

They see Jeremiah run out of the woods with Sully on his back and Brenda running behind him.  Tyrell hops off the lookout post and opens the gate letting them in.  They are met by two others who heard all the commotion, a girl in her mid-twenties and a man in his mid-thirties.

"Lay him down on the table Jeremiah" says the girl.

"I know Isabella.  Dixon, help me patch him up" says Jeremiah.

Jeremiah lays Sully down on a table.  Dixon and Jeremiah start trying to stop the bleeding.  Brenda looks around at the people and two more people make their way outside.

"What's going on?" asks Kenny.

"What the fuck is this" says the other one.

"Everett calm down" says Tyrell.

"Just help him, please.  We'll leave afterwards" says Brenda.

"Fine.  Just fucking fix him then" says Everett.

Will, Tyrone, and Jake make it to the spot where Tyrone last saw them.  Will looks at the bear trap and sees the foot that was cut off.  He picks it up and shows it to the other two.

"Oh my God" says Jake coughing and gagging at the sight of it.

"Where did they go?" asks Tyrone.

"They couldn't have gotten far.  One girl and someone who's foot is cut off?  They have to be around here somewhere" says Will.

Tyrone looks around and sees a little trail of blood.

"Let's follow the blood trail" says Tyrone.

"Lead the way" says Jake.

The three follow the blood trail deeper into the woods.

Miranda and Mike were lying down in the bed hugging.  Miranda got up and looked at him.

"So, what's on your mind?" asks Mike.

"Nothing, you wanna try something?" she asks flirtatiously.

"Not this again, I'm not ready.  I was taught not to have sex until I'm married"

"Oh come on. We may never get this chance again, and I think God will make an exception just this once" she says kissing him.

"You do have a way of words" he says kissing her back.

Jim walked into Sherry's room when she went outside.  He looked around her room, knowing that something wasn't right about her.  He opens one of her drawers and finds the pregnancy test with the two positive lines.  He gets very angry, and his face turns red.  He storms out of her room, downstairs, and outside.  He walked over to Sherry who was lying in between Ash and Gwen and he grabbed her arm.

"Dad let go" she says trying to get away.

On the RV, Brett pokes Matt and points him in the direction in which this is happening.  Jim looks at Sherry in the eyes and hits her across the face and she falls.  Ash runs over to her and tries helping her up but Jim pushes her back too.  Brett and Matt run over to what's happening.  Jim picks up Sherry and hits her again.  Brett gets there first and tackles him.  Jim tries pushing him off bur Brett won't budge.  Jim looks at Sherry who is being helped up by Matt and Ash. 

"Explain this to me Sherry" he says holding up the pregnancy test.


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