"Where did you find that?" asks Ash.

"In Sherry's drawer.  Now Sherry, explain this too me" says Jim.

Sherry looks at him and is bleeding from her mouth.  She then turns towards Ash who is staring at her.  Billy makes his way outside with Miranda and Mike.  Sherry looks at him for help and Billy walks over towards them.

"What's going on?" he asks.

"I found this in Sherry's room" says Jim handing him the test.

"Oh this--this is, my fault"

"What do you mean?" asks Sherry.

"I uh--  I found this in Veronica's room.  I was holding on to it so I can ask her about it later. I must've forgot about it"

"Oh, well I'm sorry Sherry" says Jim.

Brett and Matt look at Jim in disgust.  He just hit his daughter, twice because he thought she was pregnant.  It was a known fact that she was a lesbian, and they couldn't believe he did that.  Brett offers to take Sherry back to her room and she accepts it.  Her, Ash, Billy, and Gwen follow Brett back to Sherry's room.  Miranda, Mike and Matt stand their watching Jim walk back to the RV to go on lookout. 

Kenny, Isabella, Tyrell, Jeremiah and Lee Dixon were crowding around Sully trying to help him.  Lee Everett was watching Brenda who was sitting at a table by herself.  She was shaking, crying, and was obviously scared. Everett went up to lookout and Damian went down.  Damian took a seat next to Brenda.

"Hey, I'm Damian" he says.

"Brenda, is my friend gonna be alright?" she asks.

"I don't know, I ain't a doctor.  Are you gonna be alright?"

"I'll be fine, I didn't just lose my leg"

"Yeah, he'll pull through.  Dixon and Jeremiah will do what they can."

"Were any of them doctors?"

"Well, uh no. Dixon was a health teacher though"

"Perfect" she says sarcastically.

Brenda looks up and sees there are more people coming out.

"They're all friendly, don't worry" says Damian.

"Friendly my ass" says Lee E, from up on the lookout post.

"Besides him" says Damian.

"What's going on?" asks one of the guys.

"Who is that?"

"Ok, everyone calm down" says Kenny walking towards then with Tyrell.

"What's going on Kenny?" asks one of them.

"Anthony, calm down.  We have a couple of guests.  This is Brenda"

"What is she doing here?" asks Anthony.

"Brenda, this is Anthony, Brad, Keith, John, Zane, Xander, Daniel, and Kent" says Damian.

Brenda remains quiet and looks at everyone looking at her.

"We don't bite" says Brad.

"That's what separates us from them" says Daniel.

Brenda just looks over at where Dixon, Jeremiah, and Isabella are trying to help Sully.  She looks back at these other survivors and remembers that her dad led a group of murderers.  She looks down and tries not to make eye contact.  Damian  puts his hand on her shoulder.

"Ah fuck, more people" Lee says from on the lookout post.

"Can you let us in?" Brenda hears a person says.  She recognizes the voice as Will's.  She gets up and runs to the gate followed by Damian and Kenny.  Kenny holds her back and Damian looks through the gate and sees Will, Tyrone, and Jake standing there.

"Let them in" says Brenda.

"Damian open it up, Anthony and Zane come here.  Open fire if you seen anything wrong" says Kenny.

Damian unlocks the gate and opens it.  Zane and Anthony aim their guns at the three.  Will comes in with Tyrone and Jake and sees Sully laying on the table.  Jake walks over to Brenda and hugs her.

"What happened to him?" asks Will going to his side.

"I had to cut amputate his foot.  He would've died if I didn't" says Jeremiah.

"Is he gonna make it?" asks Jake.

"We stopped the bleeding.  He'll be as good as new in a week.  We've got all the antibiotics we need" says Isabella.

"You've got antibiotics?" asks Tyrone.

"Sure do.  We're set here" says Kenny.

"That's incredible. I know you said a week, but how long before we can take him to our camp?" asks Jake.

"I'd wait the week.  It would be safer, for you and him" says Lee D.

"We appreciate it" says Will.

"Hey, you said you had antibiotics right?" asks Jake.

"Yep, plenty" says Kenny.

"How are you on food?"

"We're running low"

"We got plenty.  One of our members is in a lot of pain from an infection" says Jake.

"Sure.  We'll make a trade"

"I'll go with the antibiotics" says Tyrell.

"You can't go alone" says Zane.

"Ok, I'll bring Zane and Keith" says Tyrell.

"I'm going to" says Damian.

"You sure little man?" asks Zane.

"Yeah, let's go"

"Jake, Tyrone take them back.  I'll stay with Brenda and Sully" says Will.

"Yes boss, let's go" says Jake.

Jake, Tyrone, Zane, Keith, Tyrell, and Damian leave the camp bringing antibiotics and their guns with them.  Will stays back and assists Dixon, Isabella, and Jeremiah with Sully.

Sherry, Ash, Billy and Gwen were in Sherry and Ash's room.  They were putting their clothes in bags.

"Are you sure we can move into your house?" asks Sherry.

"It's fine Sherry, just don't be so loud" says Billy.

"We'll try" says Ash, smiling.

"So, you gonna tell us what that was all about back there Sherry?" asks Gwen.

"Billy already explained himself, hasn't he?" replies Sherry.

"Oh come on, I know when Billy is lying.  That was a big fat lie"

"I don't wanna talk about it" says Sherry.

Ash looks at her and walks over to her and grabs her arm.

"Tell me, please Sherry" she says.

"I'm pregnant" replies Sherry, starting to cry.

"How is that possible?" asks Ash.

"You remember Drake?"

"Tall, tan, and handsome?" asks Gwen.

"Yeah him.  He raped me"

"No way, Sherry, why didn't you tell me?  I would've been there for you" says Ash hugging her.

"I'm sorry.  I was just so scared and I--"

"Shhhh, it's okay Sherry" says Billy.

"I'm glad that fucker was killed by the prison guards" says Gwen.

"He wasn't killed by them" says Billy.

"Who killed him?"


Chrissy, Jenny, and Arnold were keeping guard at the RV.  They see a biter come by and Jenny shoots it, hitting it in the head.

"Nice shot" says Arnold.

Jenny blushes and says "Thanks".

"Why is your face turning red?" asks Chrissy.

"Well, I'm going to try to impress Sully when he gets back.  I like him, and I know he's dating Olivia, but she's a total bitch to him.  She's always jealous and doesn't realize she has a great guy"

"You have a crush?  Young love, wish I had it" says Chrissy.

"Maybe, you could have it if you put yourself out there" says Arnold.

"Sorry, let me walk around in a bra and panties during the end of the world" she says sarcastically.

They hear people talking and they raise their guns.  They hear Jake's voice so they lower them.  Jake comes out of the forest with Tyrone and other people they haven't seen before.  Jenny gets down and lets them in.

"Welcome back" says Jenny.

"Thanks Jenny" says Tyrone.

Chrissy and Arnold get down and meet them in their base.  Sam, Brett, and Matt also make their way over there.

"Who are these people?  Where's Will, Sully and Brenda?" asks Sam.

"They are all fine don't worry" says Jake.

Miranda walks out of the house and meets them over there.

"They are another survivor group.  They took over the old motel, we're gonna do a little trading, that is all" says Tyrone.

"What are we getting?" asks Miranda.

"We are getting antibiotics, for Mike"

"Really?  That's awesome, thank you so much"

"Not a problem young lady.  Anything to help" says Zane.

"Now, you guys can stay a while if you want.  Our house, is your house" says Matt.

"Yeah sure, we'd love to hang around" says Keith.

Jake is talking with Tyrell and Damian.

"So, Damian, Tyrell nice to have you around"

"Thanks for having us" says Tyrell.

"I'll go get the food" says Jake.

"No, we'll stay for a little bit.  Get to know everyone.  I think it's great to know that there are other people still out there in the world."

"I agree.  Especially people that aren't deranged psychos"

"You and me both"


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