Will and Brenda was standing at the table where Sully was.  He has not waken up yet and Will was scared.  Their was so much death, he doesn't know if he could take anymore.  He looked at Brenda who was shaking.  He had every urge to shoot her in the face.  She killed Veronica.  Whenever he thought that, he thought back to what Jim said, it's his fault.  And Brenda was just scared.  He quickly gets rid of the thought.

"I'm sorry" Brenda says.

"About what?" asks Will.

"About everything.  My dad caused the deaths of many people, I shot Veronica, I was with Sully when he got his foot stuck.  It's like I just bring bad luck everywhere" she says, starting to tear.

"It's okay Brenda.  Did I tell you, the second day I met up with the group, there was a biter attack that killed three people?  I thought I was bad luck then too, but you come to realize, it's just the world around you, it's not you.  Don't feel sorrow for your actions.  You couldn't have prevented your dad from doing what he did.  You were just trying to protect yourself and your friend when you shot Veronica.  It's just the way it is, nothing we can do to change it."

Brenda looks up at Will and smiles.  They hear clapping coming from behind them.

"That was an impressive speech fag" says Lee E.

"God, I hate this guy" Brenda says to Will under her breath.

"What do you want?" asks Will.

"Me?  I don't want anything.  Maybe a cookie"

"Leave us alone"

"Well, well, well.  That's no way to say "Hi" to your new friend"

"Leave us alone" repeats Will.

"Okay, I'll leave you and the whore alone" says Lee E, walking away.

Brenda's face gets red and Will looks at Lee.

"Hey Lee" says Will walking towards him.

Lee turns around and receives a punch to the face.

Tyrell and Damian were having a football catch in the street.

"So, how do you like the people here Damian?"

"They are pretty cool"

"I thought so too"

"I like them better than Lee Ev, that's for sure"

Tyrell chuckles to himself.

"Yeah, that's true.  Dudes kind of a douche."

"Kinda?  I think he was worse than that crazy guy we met named Patrick"

"You mean the guy who opened fire on us and ran away?  Yeah, dude was weird'

"Alright, throw it deep" says Damian.

"Alright, better go far champ" says Tyrell.

Damian started running back looking up to the sky to catch it.  Unknowingly, he bangs into Sherry knocking the bags out of her hands and they both fall to the ground.  Damian immediately gets up and helps up Sherry.

"Sorry" says Damian.

"It's okay" says Sherry walking away.

"Need any help with the bags?"

"No, I'm fine"

Gwen walks past him.

"Don't get your hopes up, she's playing for the other team" she says.

"Damn it" says Damian.

Mike and Miranda were in their room.  The neighborhood was run on generators, so every house had a working kitchen, fridge, and lights.  They were on their bed watching Grown Ups.  They hear a knock on the door.

"Come in" says Miranda.

Jenny and Mike C. come in.  They pull up chairs and sit down.

"So how's your leg?" asks Mike C.

"It's doing better.  Tyrone gave me some of the medicine and it's definitely working" responds Mike.

"The other group still has people here.  One of them is your age Mike, you should go make a friend" says Jenny.

"Yeah, well- maybe later.  I got my girlfriend, that's all I need"

"Awww Mike" says Miranda hugging him.

"Now I wish I had a girlfriend I could kiss ass to too, loser" says Mike C.

"Whatever dude"

Brad and Isabella were on watch duty.  Isabella was watching the street but Brad was watching Will and Brenda.  Lee Everett walks over to the two.

"Did you see them hit me?" he asks, infuriated.

"Yeah, pretty funny" says Brad.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah dude.  We heard you being a dick anyways" says Isabella.

"Shouldn't group members come first?"

"Maybe if they weren't dicks" says Brad.

"Fuck you guys" says Lee walking away, giving them the middle finger.

"I fucking hate that guy" says Isabella.

"Yeah, why did we let him join?" asks Brad.

"Kenny should've murdered him when he had the chance"

Keith and Zane were with Brett and Matt on top of the RV.

"So, you guys are fairly new to this group, correct?" asks Keith.

"Yeah, pretty much" says Matt.

"What do you think of them?"

"I mean-- they are, for the most part, awesome people.  But there's this one guy, that drives me nuts.  He's a coward, and has caused a number of our group member's death" says Brett.

"Other than that, their cool though?" asks Zane.

"Yeah, pretty much" says Matt.

"We have the same problem.  Some douche named Lee Everett holds our group down.  When we start a new project, all he says is how it's a waste and we'll die if we try" says Zane.

"Yeah, wanna trade?" asks Brett.

"Ha, no thanks" says Keith.

Xander Smith and Lee Dixon were in one of the rooms.  They were playing chess.  Xander made his move and muttered "Checkmate"

"God damn it" says Dixon.

"You mad?"

"Yeah I am.  How the hell do you do that?  You're a studio manager, not a scientist"

"Doesn't mean I'm not smart"

"Whatever, that's some bullshit"

"One day you'll beat me... ok, probably not" Xander says with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, laugh it up"

Brenda was sitting by Sully.  She saw his foot start to move and she stands up and looks at his face.  His eyes fly open and he started to shake.  Brenda put her hand on his face.

"It's okay Sully, it's me" she says.

"What--where, Brenda where---" he starts before slowly passing back out.

Brenda doesn't know what just happened.  She knew he had really bad anxiety, but he very rarely passes out.  She leans down and puts her head on his chest, she was looking for a heart beat, just in case he did die.  She found one rather quickly.  Jeremiah made his way over to her.

"Anything?" he asks.

"Yeah, he woke up" she says.

"Did he?  Why is he back asleep?"

"He's got bad anxiety.  When he panics, occasionally he passes out"

"Ok, I'll stay here in case he comes back" says Jeremiah sitting down.

Miranda and Jenny helped Mike outside.  Outside, Tommy and Olivia were playing with Jake.  Mike looked over and saw Damian talking with Tyrell and Tyrone.  Jenny walks away and went over to Olivia  Miranda helps bring Mike over to the three.

"Damian?  Man, it's been a while" says Mike.

"Mike?  No fucking way" Damian says and he hugs Mike, and pats his back.

"You two know each other?" asks Miranda.

"Yeah, Damian here was my only friend before I moved schools" says Mike.

"So, is this your girl?" asks Damian looking at Miranda.

"Yes.  This is Miranda"

"It's nice to meet you" says Miranda.

"Back at you" says Damian.  Damian looks at how Mike is leaning on Miranda.

"So, how come you're leaning on her?" he asks.

"Long story.  I need her to help me walk" says Mike.

"What happened?"

"Took two gunshots to the knee.  The right knee was luckier, and I can sort of walk on it, but not entirely.  My left knee, however, I can't feel... at all"

"How'd that happen?"

"I'll tell you later.  It's a very long story"

"Alright, it's great to have you back man.  How's the family?"

"They didn't make it.  Lost them last week.  Yours?"

"Suffered the same fate, lost them earlier though"

"Yeah, we have some catching up to do Damian"

"Yeah we do"


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