Kent sat down with Will, Brenda and Jeremiah who were sitting by the still passed out Sully.  Kent nudged Will so he would notice him.  Will turned towards Kent and smiled.

"Would you like to say a prayer?" asks Kent.

"I'm not sure if that will help" replies Will.

"It always helps.  Even if it doesn't heal him, it'll help you emotionally"

"Yeah, I'll feel better when he's up"

"Why do you act as it's your fault Will?"

"I sent two teens who weren't in the best condition out with my buddy Tyrone.  Brenda, was an emotional wreck and Sully has been having back problems.  I shouldn't have let them go"

"You know I can hear you, right?" asks Brenda.

"Yeah, sorry" says Will.

"I think we should pray.  Not just for him, but for us" says Kent.

"Okay, fine" says Will.

Will, Jeremiah, Brenda, and Kent close their eyes.  Kent decides to speak first.

"Lord, please help us.  Please Lord, give us the strength to move forward.  Give this young boy the strength to wake up.  Give me--"

Kent is interrupted by the sound of coughing.  Will looks to Sully and he is coughing and waking up.  Will goes up to him and looks him in the eyes.  When Sully's eyes open, his eyes start moving rapidly.

"Hey, kid you're okay" says Will.

"Will, where am I?" he asks.

"You're safe"

"Is Brenda-- is she okay?"

"I'm fine Sully" says Brenda.

"I don't remember what happened.  I got my foot stuck into a bear trap, and then this weird guy came out of the woods with an axe.  After that it goes black"

"I'm not weird" says Jeremiah.

"This doesn't look like our place"

"It's not.  We're at another survivor groups place" says Brenda.

"I'm ready to go, get back to Olivia" says Sully starting to get up.  Will stops him.

"You aren't going anywhere yet" he says.

"Why not?"

"You need to spend a week here" says Kent.

"What happened?"

"Dude, look at your left foot" says Brenda.

Sully looks down and sees his foot gone.  He immediately looks at Brenda in disbelief.  Sully's eyes start to roll to the back of his head, but Brenda slaps him.

"Fucking hell, what was that for?" he asks clenching his cheek.

"To prevent you from passing out" says Brenda.

"Thanks, I guess" he says.

Brenda chuckles and her face gets red.  Will notices this and motions for Kent and Jeremiah to come with him.  When they get to one of the other tables, Kent looks at Will.

"And I thought praying never worked" he says with a smile on his face.

Mike, Miranda, Damian, Billy, Gwen and Jenny were playing Uno in the street. 

"So, how's Sherry, Billy?" asks Miranda.

"She's fine" says Billy.

"She hasn't spoken to me in a while, that's all"

"She's been under a lot of stress lately.  She's been distancing herself"

"So, was all that stuff about the prison true?" asks Damian.

"Sadly, yes.  It wasn't that bad though.  We barely knew anyone who died which we're thankful for" says Mike.

"Yeah, you've got to appreciate what you have.  You never know when your time is up" says Damian.

"I wish it was as simple as that.  I miss my Xbox" says Jenny.

"I agree with Jenny" says Gwen, jokingly.

Jim was sitting in his room.  He was drinking scotch he found in the cabinet.  He was staring at his revolver.  He looked very down and sad.  He rolled a die he found and it landed it on a two.  He put two bullets in different slots of the revolver.  He closed it and he span the barrel.  He put the gun to his head and he went to pull the trigger.  He dropped the gun. not wanting to leave Billy and Sherry behind.  He remembers they probably will never want to see him again and he puts the gun up to his head.  He pulls the trigger and nothing happens.  He breathes a sigh of relief and puts the gun down.  He looks up and sees Olivia staring at him.  She starts to run out of the house but he shoots at her, not wanting her to tell anyone what he did, or tried to do.  He shoots her in the back.  He walks over her body and he shoots her one time in the head.  He goes over to his dresser and pulls a knife out.  He puts it into her hand.  He then sits down on the bed and starts panting like he was tired.  Brett, Matt, and Alan come flying into the room.  Brett and Matt go to Olivia and Alan goes to Jim.

"What the hell happened?" asks Brett.

"Bitch attacked me... no idea why" says Jim.

"I call bullshit" says Alan.

"What do you mean?" asks Brett.

"Look.  He has scotch, he is fake panting.  I'm a police officer, you don't think I know what's going on?"

Jim looks around sadly.

"What did you do?" asks Matt.

"I didn't mean for it to happen.  She saw me try and kill myself.  I didn't want her telling anyone that" says Jim.

"So you fucking kill her?" asks Brett, pointing his shotgun at him.

"I know it seems ridiculous, but I am completely intoxicated"

"You think, that you can blame this on the alcohol?"

"I'm so sorry"

"You're lucky you are our only doctor, or I would blow your brains out right now"

Jenny, Zane, and Jake come into the room.  Jenny looks down at her dead friend and starts crying.

"What happened?" asks Jake.

"Fucking Jim.  He killed Olivia" says Matt.

"Why?" asks Zane.

"Cause she caught him trying to kill himself" says Brett.

"This is a bad first impression" says Zane sarcastically.

"Not the time" says Jake.


Damian, Tyrell, Keith, Miranda, Mike C., and Chrissy were dispatching biters that were attracted by the sound of the gunshots.  Mike was watching sadly from afar.  Sherry walked up to him and lied down next to him.

"Is everything okay?" asks Sherry.

"I'm fine" says Mike.

"Are you sure?  You look very sad"

"It's just-- I feel so useful.  My girlfriend is risking her life and I can't do anything to help her"

"I know how you feel.  When my girlfriend was in the prison with you, I couldn't do anything to help.  I felt the same way"

"Miranda means so much to me.  I keep thinking that she's going to die, because I can't help her"

"Don't think like that Mike.  Those thoughts are going to make you paranoid.  And that isn't good, especially in the world where we live now.  Miranda will be fine, I can assure you that"

"Thanks Sherry.  Can I ask you something?"

"Of course anything"

"Why have you been so upset lately?"

Sherry freezes up, not wanting to talk about it. 

"It's just a question Sherry.  You don't have to answer it, but if you need anyone to talk to.  Tell me" says Mike.

"Thanks. Same with you" says Sherry kissing him on the cheek.

Mike sees Alan and Brett carrying out Olivia's body.  He sees Jim following them with Matt pointing a gun at your head.  Sherry turns to look too.  Sherry starts getting up to go see what's happening.

"Wait, Sherry, bring me with you" says Mike.

Sherry helps Mike walk over to them.

"What happened?" asks Sherry.

Brett and Matt look uncomfortably at each other, not wanting to tell her.  Jim looks down in shame, and guilt.

"What happened?" repeats Sherry.

"I killed her" says Jim.

Sherry starts to cry and Mike holds her close to him to comfort her.

"Why?" asks Mike.

"Cause she saw him try to kill himself" says Matt.

"Sherry, please forgive me" says Jim.

"You don't deserve forgiveness" says Sherry.

Matt takes Jim away and Mike continues to hold Sherry.  Sherry starts going back to Billy's house with Mike.



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