Brenda and Lee Dixon were trying to help Sully move on one foot only.  They knew there were crutches back at Sully's camp, but they didn't want to send anyone there at the moment.  Lee Everett was watching them from afar, in his motel room.  He saw Will who was talking with Kent, Daniel, and John.  His door opened and he turned to see Xander entering his place.

"What do you want?" asks Lee.

"To tell you to stop watching them.  They're clearly nice people" replies Xander.

"Listen old man, you may think you're smarter than me, just because I'm younger... but I'm telling you, these guys are bad news."

"And how do you figure that?"

"Something just seems off about these people"

"So, you're doing this based off of your gut?"


"You are an idiot.  They're leaving in an hour anyway.  Will doesn't trust you enough to keep two of his members here" says Xander leaving.

Jim was on his knees in the middle of the street.  He was looking down, but when he looked up, he was scared.  He saw Matt pointing a gun to his face.  He was surrounded by his fellow group members, each of them looking at him in shame.  He looked at his daughter Sherry, who is crying.  She was in the middle of Mike and Ash, both of them trying to comfort her.  He looked at Billy who isn't showing any emotion.  Billy is with Gwen and Mike C. 

"What should we do with him?" asks Chrissy.

"I say we kill him" says Sam.

"I agree" says Brett.

Murmurs of "yes" kept going around the group.

"No. Let him live with regret" says Jenny.

"Yeah, I like that too" says Arnold.

"We should wait for Will, he has always been rational" says Ash.

"Fine, we'll wait.  But I want this man dead" says Brett.

"You shall get that wish soon friend" says Tyrell.

"What do you mean?" asks Jake.

"He'll die, one way or another. You can just make it happen sooner"

"We'll wait for Will.  Then we can decide as a group" says Jake.

Will is walking through the woods with Brenda and Jeremiah.  Sully is staggering behind them, behind helped by Isabella and Brad.

"Thanks for your help" says Will.

"No problem" says Isabella.

"I'm so sorry about this" says Jeremiah.

"You shouldn't.  You saved my life" says Sully.

"I should tell the truth now.  This isn't the first time this happened"

"What?" asks Brenda.

"I setup one of the traps, where I had leaves and then you would step on it and you'd fall into the spikes... it didn't go so well.  I came to check on it, and some poor fellow fell in"

"He was dead?" asks Will.

"No, still alive.  I knew he wasn't going to make it... I had to kill him."

"At least Sully's still alive" says Brenda.

"Yes, we are grateful" says Will.

Sully looks at Brad.

"I know you, weren't you that rapper... Brad Jennings?" he asks.

"Yes I am" he says, happy someone recognized him.

"Man, I use to listen to your album all day in class.  Me and my friends loved you"

"I appreciate that.  Don't get recognized much anymore"

"It's the little things that count" says Isabella.

Sherry, Ash, Miranda and Mike were in Sherry's room.  Sherry was on her bed crying and Ash and Mike were trying to comfort her.  Miranda was staring out the window at the group still with Jim.

"I'm so sorry this is happening Sherry, you have to remain strong" says Ash.

"I know, it's just-- I wish my dad would die already.  I want Kennedy back" says Ash, still sobbing.

"Don't say that.  He made a mistake" says Mike.

"He killed your mom Mike"

"I know... it's just, he deserves a second chance"

"He killed Paul, abandoned Veronica, and he killed Olivia.  He doesn't deserve more chances"

"Will's here" says Miranda still staring out the window.

Will, Isabella, Brad, Jeremiah, Sully, and Brenda are allowed in by Zoey and Alan.  They go up to the group around Jim.  Jenny runs up, and hugs Sully and Brenda, still crying.

"What happened to your foot?" asks Jenny.

"What, you wanna poke that wound too?" asks Sully, trying to force a smile.

Jenny hugs Sully more.

"What's going on here?" asks Will.

"Jim fucking killed her" says Tyrone.

"Who'd he kill?" asks Brenda.

Jake looked at Sully who is watching him.

"He killed Olivia"

Sully's face gets really red, and he starts crying.  Brenda and Jenny hug him. Brad pats the kid on the shoulder trying to comfort him. Sully starts hopping to the body under the sheet.  He raises it, seeing her body.  He hugs it.  Brenda goes to comfort him, but she's stopped by Isabella who nods her head "no".

Will starts getting enraged.  His face turns extremely red with anger.

"Are you okay?" asks Tommy.

"Enough is enough.  This bastard has been screwing with us and I'm sick of it.  He failed to help Mike in surgery because he needed to rest, even though the kid was in so much pain.  He got Nancy, Paul, Veronica, and now Olivia fucking killed.  Enough is enough, trying to forgive this bastard.  All he does is get people killed.  Why did you do it?" screams Will.

"She caught me, trying to kill myself" mutters Jim.

This enraged Will even more.  He pulled out his pistol and executes Jim in cold blood.  He looks at everyone watching.  Most didn't seem to care, but Jake, Gwen, and Billy were shell-shocked.  Tommy was scared out of his mind and was comforted by Mike C.  He looked into the window and saw Miranda, Sherry, Ash, and Mike watching. 

It's been two hours since Will executed Jim.  Brett and Matt threw his body for the biters.  Sully wouldn't leave Olivia's body and Brenda and Jenny kep trying to get him to leave.  Tyrell and Damian were on watch on the RV while everyone else was under the stress of what had happened.

"So, you got all your things?" asks Tyrell.

"Yeah, but I was thinking... I want to stay here"

"Are you serious?  These people are psycho.  Their leader just killed one of their members in cold blood"

"I know, but the rest seem fine.  Plus, back at the camp, I have no one to hang out with"

"Are you seriously considering staying?"

"I am"

"Fine, whatever you want little man.  We can stay"

"That's awesome"

Tyrell sees Jake walking with Tyrone.  He whistles and they start walking over towards them.

"Hey, what's up?" asks Jake.

"Can we stay here?  Damian doesn't have any teens to hang out with back at our camp, and honestly I like you guys better than my camp" says Tyrell.

"I think that could work... after all, a house just opened" says Tyrone.

"Too soon" says Jake.


"So, we can stay?" asks Damian.

"Sure" says Jake.

"Thanks, that's awe--" he's cut off when he sees Tyrell raise his gun at the street.  He turns to look and sees two girls and one guy standing there.  The girls are unarmed and the guy is in a military uniform.  The older girl was hugging the younger one, who is crying.

"Who are you?" asks Jake getting on the RV.

"I'm Charlie, army medic.  This is Summer and Naomi, I found them earlier today after they lost their dad. We heard the gunshots and decided to come check it out" says Charlie.

"Let them in" says Jake.

Tyrone opens up the gate and the three enter.  Jake, Tyrell, and Tyrone don't put down their guns.  Will, Brett, Mike C., and Matt see the people enter and run over towards them.

"Who the hell are these people?" asks Will.

"This is Charlie, Summer and what's her name?" asks Jake.

"Naomi" says Naomi.

"You military?" asks Mike.

"Yes, medic" says Charlie.

"Are you one of those bad asses, like from the movie?" asks Damian.

"Nope. I suck at combat, but I can help with injuries"

"Can we trust them?" Matt asks.

"I'm not sure... let's give them the benefit of the doubt though" says Will.

"Ok, but listen... you do anything I don't like, I won't hesitate to kill you" says Brett.

"You guys are pretty friendly" says Naomi.

"Sorry, we've had the shittiest day" says Jake.

"We did too.  Lost our dad" says Naomi referring to her and her sister.

"Two of our people lost a dad too, plus Johnny Weeping Willow over there lost his girlfriend" says Tyrone pointing to Sully who is still crying over Olivia's body.

"Is that where that body out in front came from?" asks Charlie

"Yes" says Will.

"She doesn't talk much, does she?" asks Tyrell looking at Summer.

"No, she doesn't.  She hasn't talked at all since this epidemic began" says Naomi.

"Summer is it?" asks Will.

"Yes" says Naomi.

"Okay, well Summer, you don't have to worry.  You are safe here.  We have people around the same age as you here, you may find it enjoyable here"

Sherry and Ash were hugging on their bed.  Sherry wasn't crying anymore, but she was more disappointed.  She always thought she had the best dad in the world, she realizes that's not the case now.  Ash got up and Sherry turned towards her.  She saw a bite mark on Ash's back.  Sherry gets up to look closer.  Ash turns around and her eyes are all blue.  Sherry jumps back and Ash bites Sherry's neck.

Sherry wakes up gasping and she sees Miranda, Mike and Ash watching her.

"Are you okay?" asks Ash.

"What happened?" asks Sherry.

"You blacked out when your dad was shot" says Miranda.

"I had the worst dream"

"Yeah, you were whimpering and it looked like you were about to start talking in your sleep" says Mike.

Zane, Keith, Brad, Isabella, and Jeremiah walk up to Will, Matt, Tyrell, and Damian.

"Well, we are going to go now" says Zane.

"You ready?" asks Keith.

"We're going to stay" says Tyrell.

"You sure?" asks Isabella.

"I am sure.  I think I can help some of the people here"

"Okay, well good luck" says Brad, shaking hands with Tyrell and then Damian.

The group of five leave.  Charlie walks up to Will, Matt, Tyrell, and Damian.

"Hey, Will, got a second?" asks Charlie.

"Of course" says Will and the two walk off.

"So, I've been thinking, we should try to control more areas of town"


"We should start setting up posts all around town and eliminating all of the biters.  If we do this, within a month or two we can have a little safe-zone running"

Will ponders this idea.

"We'll lose a lot of people" he says.

"We'll lose the few to save the many"

"How long till some bandits raid and try to kill us?"

"We will have our own army.  It's been two months... if you don't know how to kill the infected by now, you either are stupid, or not physically up for it.  If we have families here, we can have our own army to protect us form bandits, cause they would want their family safe"

"Alright... when should we start, how would we even do this?"

"Oh, I have a plan"



  • Last appearence of Jim
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