Will, Naomi, Jake, and Tommy were sitting around a fire.  The warmness of the fire relaxed Will and he just took it all in.

"Do you ever, think of life before?" asks Naomi.

"All the time" says Will.

"Not just life, I mean everything.  I never realized how much I missed out on before.  I never noticed the kids running and playing, I never stopped and watched the moon like we are doing now, it was all normal back then, we are taking in the beauty cause it may be our last day, but we never thought about how beautiful it was before.  Now it's not normal and I am realizing how much I miss everyday life"

"We all miss the times before this... but for me, it's been a blessing"

"Why do you say that?"

"I got to meet so many amazing people I wouldn't have met otherwise.  I met a girl during this and I am just grateful I had the chance of meeting her"

"She didn't make it, did she?"

"No, no she didn't"

"Dead get her?"


"So, it was the living... you have to watch out for those guys... this group of four people jumped me, my dad, and my sister about, a month in.  These guys held down me and my dad and they started to undress my sister, ready to kill her... my dad broke free and killed all four people before they could do anything"

"We had a similar problem like that, no one raped, but this random group kidnapped a bunch of us... killed some of us"

Naomi examines Will.

"You need a haircut" she says.

"Trust me... I know"

"You want me to give you win?"

"You have one?"

"I do"

"Fuck yeah, let's do it"

Naomi reaches into her bag and pulls out a clipper and turns it on.  Will sits on the ground in front of her and she starts shaving his head.

"Can I get one next?" asks Tommy.

"You sure can little man" says Naomi.

"Why'd you bring one of these with you?" asks Jake.

"My dad did... he never liked his hair too long" she says smiling.

Summer was sitting in her new room, Billy had an extra bedroom and let her take it.  She was writing down in a journal with a purple pen.  There was a mirror in front of her and she kept looking up at it.

"Hey" she hears at her door.

She closes her journal and turns towards the door and sees Ash standing there.  Summer just smiles.

"I know you don't talk much, your sister told me, but I just wanted to welcome you to the group.  If you need anyone to talk to, or have any questions, me and my girlfriend are right down the hall" Ash says.

Summer smiles and nods her head yes.  Ash leaves, closing the door and Summer goes back to writing.

Mike was sleeping next to Miranda, who lies awake.  She's staring at the ceiling, into darkness.  She hears Mike mutter "fuck" in his sleep and she laughs to herself.  She looks over at him and rubs his head.  "Fucking hell" he mutters again and this time she laughed, harder which woke him up.

"Miranda, is it morning?" he asks, still tired and sounding sleepy.

"Not yet, you were cursing in you sleep" says Miranda.

"Yeah... nightmare"

"You and Sherry seem to have a lot of nightmares"

"Yeah... they suck"

Miranda hugs Mike and the two fall asleep in each other's arms.

"Looking fresh Will" says Jake looking at Will's new haircut.

"Anyone got a mirror?" he asks.

"Right here" says Naomi handing him one.

Will looks into the mirror, and it wasn't a full buzz cut, but it was definitely shorter.

"Thanks" he says to Naomi.

"Yeah, you're welcome"

"My turn?" asks Tommy.

"Yeah sure, come here" says Naomi.

In the morning, Charlie was outside and he picked up his M16, ready to go.  Jenny, Billy, Mike C., and Miranda walked up to him.

"You going alone?" asks Billy.

"Just going to scout some areas where we can clear out and help set up shot" says Charlie.

"Can we come?" asks Jenny.

"I don't wanna be on daycare for all you teens"

"C'mon, we'll help... more eyes"

"Fine, we're leaving in five" says Charlie going to wait by the gate.

Miranda walked up and got a meat clever that Will gave her at their stay at the Lee residence.  She grabbed a small bag and put two water bottles in it.  She started walking back towards Charlie where Mike and Billy were waiting.  Will gets in her way.

"Don't go" says Will.

"Why not?" she asks.

"Cause I don't want something bad to happen to you"

"Nothing is going to happen... I'm in good hands"

"But, I want to make sure"

"I'm going... I can make my own decisions" says Miranda walking away.

Tyrell and Tyrone walk up to Will.

"What's her problem?" asks Tyrone.

"Probably upset about something" says Tyrell.

"Maybe she just wants to help" says Will.

"I don't know, maybe" says Tyrone.

Sully and Mike were in Mike's room watching Lost. 

"Man, I can't believe the people who used to live at your place actually had all six seasons on DVD... this is awesome" says Mike.

"I know... I've never seen it... just bits and pieces every now and again"

"I wonder where Miranda is, she said she was going to get popcorn, like ten minutes ago"

"Girls take forever to do everything... and I mean everything"

"Haha, Amen"

The door opens and Summer walked in carrying a bowl of popcorn.  She put her hand out so Mike could take the bowl, and he hesitated for a moment.  He then took it and Summer turned around and left.

"That was weird" says Sully.

"That girl is so creepy"

"I know, right?"

"Where is Miranda?"

Charlie was leading the way through the woods, followed by Mike, Jenny, Miranda, and Billy.  They were on the outskirts of town and they wee scouting for biters in town... they didn't see many and knew that could change at any moment.  They took a spot and they looked on from a distance. 

"There's one" says Mike pointing out a biter who is in a Laundromat.

"Look, one is coming out from behind the corner there" says Jenny.

Charlie looks through his binoculars and sees more and more biters coming from behind the corner.

"Oh my God" says Miranda.

"Horde" says Charlie.

"Horde?" questions Jenny.

"Let's move... now" says Charlie.

The five start running through the woods, the cracking of the branches sparked a few, but not all of the horde's attention and they started following.  The five get to a clearing.  They start making their way to it.  Billy steps on a wire that is at ground level and looks down.

"Is that a trip-wire?" asks Jenny.

Billy looks up and a sharp rocks get released from a bag which some hit him in the face.  He started bleeding profusely and he stumbled to the ground.  Miranda and Mike helped him up.

"Let's go, let's get somewhere safe" says Charlie.

Charlie and Jenny lead the way and Miranda, Mike, and Billy go next.  They make it to a large field and they go onto a little hill and look around them.

"No biters" says Mike.

"Okay, let's get back to the group" says Charlie.

"Go on without me, I'll only slow you down" says Billy.

"Fine by me"

"Are you serious?" asks Miranda.

"What can I do?"

"What would you do when someone got wounded in war?" asks Jenny.

Charlie pulls out of his pocket his pistol.  He takes out a clip and removes a bullet.  Miranda and Jenny look on in amazement.  He cuts the bullet in half which releases gunpowder.  He puts the gunpowder over Billy's wound.

"What's that going to do?" asks Jenny.

"Just put your hand over his mouth, it's going to make a lot of noise at it is" says Charlie pulling out a lighter.

Miranda puts her hand over Billy's mouth and Jenny takes Billy hands.  Charlie lights the gunpowder.

Brenda was sitting on the RV smoking marijuana.  Will, Jake, and Brett walk up to her.

"What are you doing?" asks Will.

"Smoking a joint. Extremely against my character, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I never thought you'd be one to do that'

"I never have... found this in a dresser"

"Yeah, you can't be doing that while on watch" says Jake.

"Why not?"

"Cause you'll make a mistake... you'll die or something" says Brett.

"Who cares about me anyway?  Everyone here hates me" she says.

"Why do you say that?" asks Brett.

"I killed Veronica... everyone liked her.  It only makes sense"

"No one hates you" says Will.

"I ruined your life Will... why won't you accept the fact?"

"Cause, I know it's not your fault Brenda.  You know it's not too"

"You don't know that Will... you weren't there" says Brenda getting up and revealing a half-drunken bottle of vodka.

"Was that full?" asks Brett.

"Maybe" she says.

Brenda starts walking and she suddenly falls off of the RV, landing in the street where she was keeping watch.  Will gets on the RV and sees she's passed out in the street and biters have noticed her.

"Fuck me.  Go get the key" says Will hopping off of the RV into the street as Jake and Brett run to get the gate keys.

Will picks up Brenda and moves her to the gate.  He drops her and pulls out his pocket knife and waits for a biter to get close.  When one gets too close for comfort, he stabs it.  Brett and Jake make it back with Chrissy who has the key.  She opens up the gate and Jake pulls Brenda in and Will runs in.  Chrissy locks the gate behind them.

"What happened?" asks Chrissy.

"I'll tell you later" says Will picking up Brenda and walking away.

"I guess it's your shift" says Brett looking at Jake.

"Fine" says Jake climbing up the ladder of the RV.

Charlie was firing back at the biters chasing them as the five ran through the woods.  Mike, Billy, Jenny, and Miranda did the same, but Miranda and Jenny's shots were missing.  Charlie  leads them into the town where it looks like all biters are gone, probably went after the sound of the gunpowder.  He leads them into a bar and he locks the door behind them.  He looks out the window and sees the biters not there.

"Did we lose them?" asks Jenny.

"Yeah, stay quiet and stay down though" says Charlie.

"How's your head?" asks Miranda looking at Billy.

"The bleeding stopped" he says.

Miranda gets a rag from behind the counter and wets it with water.  She starts rubbing his head to get all the dry blood off.  The biters made their way back into the town.

"Now what?" asks Mike.


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