"YOU LET HER GO WHERE?" screams Mike.

Will, Tyreese, Damian, Ash, Mike, and Naomi are standing in the street with Mike leaning on Ash.  Mike had just learned about Miranda going off into the woods.

"She went with Charlie, Mike, she's safe, I'm sure of it" says Will.

"She told me yesterday she hasn't killed a biter yet... you let her go out there?  I don't even think she knows how to use a gun"

"She's fine.  Billy, Charlie, and Mike are there to protect her" says Naomi.

"I'm sure of it too" says Ash.

"This is bullshit" says Mike.

Miranda, Billy, Mike, Charlie, and Jenny were in the bar.  Miranda and Billy were hiding behind the counter and the other three were looking through the windows.

"It clearing up?" asks Miranda.

"Not yet, some are wandering off though" says Charlie.

"You hear that?" questions Jenny.

Faintly off in the distance they hear a few cars driving by.

"There going straight into a biter trap" says Mike.

"Give us a chance to escape" says Charlie.

"It's getting closer" says Miranda hopping over the counter to watch.

Five military cars pulled up, each one with a turret mounted on it.  A man with a shirt that says "Hardcore" walks out of one of the trucks.

"Light 'em up boys" he says.

The other men fire into the crowd of biters.  Miranda and Jenny stare in amazement at how easy and efficiently the biters were being taken out.  The whole herd was destroyed pretty much right away and when they were gone, the man looked at his soldiers.

"Nice job, there have to be others around here, they wouldn't have been looking around like that"

A young man walks up to the man.

"We taken them back to base Jeremy?" he asks.

"No, people can't be trusted anymore.  Shoot on sight James."

"Aye-aye" he says and the man and he goes to group up with other men.

Inside the bar, the four watch.

"Should we go ask for help?" asks Miranda.

"No, that's not a good idea" says Charlie.

"Why not?  Did you see how easily they took them down?  They can save our asses" says Jenny.

"We don't need saving... these people are dangerous"

"Why not?" asks Mike.

"That ain't anyone good.  Those are fucking bandits.  We had a deal with them, they kept us alone for a while, but then one of our guys went there and killed the leader's wife.  They invaded and killed almost all soldiers, we had to flee"

"So, what do we do?" asks Billy, who is making his way over there.

"We stay down 'till they leave.  Hopefully they don't find us"

"Ok, so, who wants a drink?" asks Mike going to the counter.

"Now's not the time" says Jenny.

Arnold and Alan were on watch.  A biter came close to the RV.

"You got this one" says Alan.

Arnold pulls out his rifle and aims at the biter.  He shoots and it's just off.

"A little to the left" says Alan.

Arnold aims at the biter and shoots again, hitting it in the shoulder.

"Man, I suck" he says.

"Just keep practicing"

Arnold aims again and fires, hitting it in the head.  He puts it down feeling accomplished.  Mike and Ash climb up on the RV.

"Hey kid" says Arnold.

"Hey" says Mike.

"Anything you wanna talk about?"

"Nah, Will needs you guys.  They're discussing plans to conquer the town or whatever"

"Ok, let's go" says Arnold.

Arnold and Alan climb down from the RV and leave.

"You sure about this?" asks Ash.

"I'm sure"

"You can barely walk though"

"I know, I just, have to find Miranda.  She's in trouble, I know it"

"You're paranoid"

"I know that"

"C'mon let's head back down.  I'm sure she's fine"

"I'm going"

"Let's go back"


Mike climbs the ladder down into the street.  He leans against the RV.

"Fuck" Ash mutters and she goes down too.

"Glad you are going to join me" says Mike.

"Let's make this fast" she says.

Miranda, Jenny, and Charlie were watching the men go up and down the street.

"Let's check the bar" says one of the guys.

"Do it" says Jeremy.

James and three other bandits walk up to the bar.  The five go into hiding spots in the bar.  Miranda went behind the counter, Billy and Jenny went into a storage closet, and Mike and Charlie went into the bathroom.  The four enter the bar and start looking around.

"This is spooky as Hell" says James.

"C'mon, you scared James?" asks on of the girls, around his age with a flirtatious voice.

"No, no I'm not... just pointing out the obvious"

"You two, zip it.  Let's do the search" says one of the older bandits.

"Yes sir" says James and the girl.

One of the bandits looks at the wall of booze.

"Hell no, man.  They got my favorite one" he says going over the counter.

"Which kind?" asks the other bandit.

"Buds Light... I'm stoked.  Hey James, Emma, you guys want your first beer?"

"Jeremy would kill us.  That 'no drinking for the minors' rule he has implemented.

"C'mon, he won't know"

"Don't we have a job?" asks the bandit.

"Yeah, there's no one here" says the other one.

The four go to leave, but one of them stays.  Emma, James, and the other bandit leave and they close the door.  Thinking they left, Miranda stands up.  The bandit sees her and pulls out his pistol.  He fires shooting her in the shoulder and once in the chest and she falls to the ground.  The man leaves the building.

"What was that?" asks Emma running up to him with a few of the others.

"Some crazy chick just pulled a gun on me... shot and killed her"

"So, that's why the biters were here?" asks one of the other bandits.

"Yeah, I guess so"

The bandits hop in their cars and drive off.

Ash was helping Mike walk through the streets.  They hear a gunshot and Mike looks at the direction it came from.

"That way" he says and the two continue to walk.

They hear cars approaching and they go into the closest store.  They watch the cars pass and all of a sudden, Mike feels something against the back of his head.

"Please tell me that's you Ash" he says.

"No" she says.

Mike and Ash turn around to see a police officer holding a gun to Mike's head and a man pointing a gun to Ash's head.

"Woah, we're sorry" Mike says.

"Who are you?" asks the police officer.

"You see, I could ask you the same ques--" he's not allowed to finish as she hits him in the head with her gun.

"Mike, now's not the time" Ash says.

"Yeah, I figured that out"

"You guys are just kids.  What are you doing out here alone?" asks the police officer.

"I was looking for my girlfriend.  Heard the gunshot, heard the cars... too much going on"

"Kendall, Christa, it's okay to come out" says the man.

"You know, it's hard to see with this gun in my face" says Mike.

The police officer lowers her gun and so does the man.  The two girls come out from the back.

"Names?" asks the police officer.



"Okay, what happened to your knees?"


"And you're missing a finger"


"You survived a bite?" questions the man.

"Yeah, all you have to do is amputate that body part"

"Alright, you guys have a camp?" asks one of the girls.

"I could say yes... but I need names too" says Mike.

"I'm Ashley, that's Tyler, Kendall, and Christa" says the police officer.

"Okay, yeah we have a camp."

"We going to go there?" asks Kendall.

"I'm going for my girlfriend"

"I'll go with him" says Ashley.

"Me too" says Tyler.

"Okay, Ash, take the two others back to camp"

"What about you Mike?"

"I'll be fine"

Will, Naomi, Tyrone, Tyrell, Damian, and Jake were sitting by a table with a map of the area that Charlie had,

"Okay, so we go house-by-house for the first nights, and then as we progress we start taking stores" says Will.

"We should split into two groups, one that goes from both ends" says Damian.

"Maybe we can enlist the help of your group" says Jake.

"Kenny would say yes, I think"

Alan and Arnold walk up to the group and sit down.

"Hey, so what are you doing?" asks Arnold.

"We are discussing the plans on retaking the town" says Tyrone.

"Wait, who's on watch?" asks Will.

"Mike and Ash.  They said you needed us here to help" says Arnold.

"Oh my God, you have to be kidding me" says Will.

"Why?  What happened?" asks Alan.

"They're going after Miranda... how long ago did they leave?"

"20 minutes"

"It took you that long to get here?" asks Jake.

"Well, we had a long conversation with Damian, and he accused us of stealing something of his"

"Did you know about this?" asks Tyrell.

"No, they told me that Arnold and Alan stole my shoes I couldn't find"

Will gets up and grabs his gun. Jake, Tyrell, and Naomi do the same.

"Where are you going?" asks Tyrone.

"Mike is injured, they couldn't have gotten far" says Will.

Charlie, Jenny, Mike, and Billy were in the bar getting ready to go.

"Where's Miranda?" asks Billy.

"I heard a gunshot" says Jenny.

"She probably ran.  We'll find her, don't worry" says Charlie.

"Let's go, she may still be on the run" says Billy.

The four leave and behind the counter Miranda lies bleeding.  She is still awake and moving around, but she can't speak.  The bar opens again.

"Let's see, we've got, YES. Whiskey, just my kind" she hears a man favorite.

She turns her head and sees three men and a girl looking at the alcohol on the wall.  It's Lee Dixon, Isabella, Jeremiah and Daniel.  She doesn't recognize them, and she starts trying to move away.  Isabella turns her head and sees Miranda.  She walks up to her, and checks to see if she's alive or dead.  She sees she's alive.

"GUYS HELP" she screams. 

The three men come by and see Miranda lying on the floor, bloody.

"I know what to do" says Lee.

Jeremiah and Daniel pick her up and lie her on the counter.  Lee starts applying pressure on her chest wound, with it being more severe.

"What happened?" asks Daniel.

"Remember those guys who killed Fred? I'm guessing that's what happened" says Jeremiah.

"Go back to camp and get my supplies Daniel, she won't survive if we wait" says Lee.

Daniel goes to leave but then he pulls out his gun.  He aims it at the door.  Jeremiah and Isabella turn and see Mike, Tyler, and Ashley standing there.

"Who are you?" asks Daniel.

Mike just stands there in shock.  He starts to cry, and Ashley brings him to Miranda.  He looks into her eyes.

"Miranda?  Miranda can you hear me? Oh God, what happened?"

"I have no idea son" says Jeremiah.

"What did you guys do?"

"We just got here" says Daniel.

"Daniel, go get my kit" says Lee.

Daniel runs out of the bar followed by Jeremiah.  Miranda starts coughing up blood some of which hits Mike in the face.  Mike grabs a rag and starts wiping the blood off of her face.

"Is she gonna make it?" asks Ashley.

"I don't know, it's 50/50 right now" says Lee.

"Miranda, you're going to make it, don't worry" Mike says.


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