"C'mon hang in there Miranda" says Mike.

Mike is leaning over Miranda, tears dripping from his eyes.  Lee Dixon is trying to apply pressure to her wound.  Isabella is helping him.  Tyler and Ashley are just standing there looking at each other.

Isabella grabs Mike by the arm and she looks into his eyes. "Give us some room" she says.

Ashley helps Mike go back.  Mike watched Miranda, she was lying there, her eyes were still moving. 

"I'm sure she will be fine kid" says Ashley.

No words come out of Mike's mouth, he just watched as Lee and Isabella are trying to help Miranda.

Lee Everett and John Adams are keeping watch at their camp.  They hear rustling of leaves and Lee raises his guns.  They see Daniel and Jeremiah running out of the woods.

"We need Dixon's kit" says Daniel.

"Why, what happened?" asks Lee.

"There's some girl in the old bar.  She had a gunshot wound"

"I'll be right back" says Lee.

Lee hops down and runs to Dixon's room.  He gets his kit and runs out and Anthony joins him.  He opens the gate.

"Go inside. I have more energy and I'll be faster" says Lee.

"I'm coming with" says Anthony.

"Okay" says Daniel.

Lee runs off into the woods with the kit.

Ash, Christa, and Kendall were walking through the street.

"How much longer 'till we get back to your camp?" asks Christa.

"Another mile, maybe two" says Ash.

They hear a car and they scram to a parking lot.  They hid under a couple of cars.  The car pulls up and they see four sets of feet walking around.

"Come out" says the voice that Ash recognizes as Will.

She goes to get up but is stopped by Kendall.

"I know him" says Ash.

The three get up and Will, Naomi, Jake, and Tyrell aim there guns at him.

"Are you okay?" asks Jake.

"I'm fine" says Ash.

"Where's Mike, who are they?" questions Will.

"Mike went off with two members of their group.  They went for Miranda.

"Okay.  You guys head back to camp.  We're going after Mike" says Will.

The four get into the car and drive off.  Ash, Kendall, and Christa stand there.  Kendall looks over and sees a Blockbuster.

"So, you have electricity back there?" asks Kendall.

"Yeah, why?"

"Let's go get a film"

Sully was sitting at the edge of the bed where Brenda was sleeping.  He was sitting there, reading a book.  He hears groaning and looks up.  Brenda starts waking up and she stretches.

"What happened?" she asks.

"You passed out in the street.  Fell right from the RV, Will had to save you" says Sully.

"He should've left me"

"No, Brenda.  I remember that Will told me you haven't left my side when my leg was cut off.  I intend to do the same with you"

"I took the life of two people.  Veronica and her baby.  They should be here, not me"

"Listen Brenda, I love you.  I can't lose you"

"What about Olivia?"

"I never loved her... I was broken when she died, but she was always so mean to me.  You were always there for me"


"Listen to me.  You can't leave me.  You'll have to fight through this depression you're in and move on... it's the only way"

Brenda sits up and kisses him.

"Now get dressed, I'll make you some breakfast" says Sully getting on his crutches and leaving.

Miranda was lying on the counter still.  Lee Dixon hasn't moved his hand in fear that if he did, she'd die.  Lee Everett and Anthony bursts through the door with the kit.

"Thank God, put it next to me" says Lee D.

Lee Everett puts down the kit and Lee Dixon takes out his utensils to take out the bullet.  He gets ready to perform the surgery.  He looks at Mike who is crying with Ashley hugging him.

"I'm gonna save your girl's life" he says.

The door opens again and they turn to see.  They see Will, Naomi, Tyrell, and Jake standing there.  Will sees Mike crying and looks over at Miranda.

"No, no, no, no" he says and goes up to her. 

Will looks down at her and starts to tear up.  Naomi goes up from behind him and hugs him.  Jake goes to Mike and pats him on the shoulder.

"Can you fix her?" asks Will.

"Oh, she's with you guys?" asks Lee Dixon.

"I remember you. Lee, Lee, Isabella, and, what's your name?"

"I'm Anthony"

"Yeah, but can you fix her?"

"I can try" says Lee Dixon.

"Oh God, just please. What happened?"

"I don't know, we found her here shot" says Isabella.

Will turns around and looks at Mike.  He goes up to him and hugs him.

"She'll be fine" Will says.

Ash, Kendall, and Christa were looking around the store for good movies.

"Anyone find anything good?" asks Kendall.

"I got, Cabin in the Woods" says Christa.

"Umm nothing.  All these movies look trashy" says Ash.

"You're in the porn section" says Christa.

Ash looks up and reads the label.

"Oh, makes sense" she says.

She walks out of the aisle and is pulled to the floor by a man.  He puts his hand over her mouth.

"Shhhhhhh" he says.

"It's Ash" she hears Mike say.

"Oh, sorry Ash" says Billy.

"What the hell?" she questions.

Christa and Kendall run up aiming their guns.

"It's okay. my girlfriends stupid brother" Ash says.

"Thanks" says Billy.

Billy, Mike, Charlie, and Jenny stand up.  Jenny wipes the dust off of her clothes.

"Where's Miranda?" asks Ash.

"I don't know.  She ran off after these bandits came.  She ran out looking for an escape" says Charlie.

"You have no idea?"

"Not a clue" says Jenny.

In the bar, the operation had started.  They couldn't find a way to make Miranda fall asleep, she couldn't move anyway but she was in so much pain.  Mike was holding her hand so in case she felt pain she could squeeze his hand, it's something his mom would do to help.

"Almost done, after this I just have to stitch her up" says Lee Dixon.

They hear the doors open and they turn to see.  There's ten people standing there with guns pointed at the group.

"Hello" says Jeremy.

Will, Jake, Tyrell, Naomi, Lee Everett, Ashley, Tyler, and Anthony raise their guns.

"We don't want to fight you" says Jeremy.

"What do you want?" asks Will.

"To check in on the girl my man shot.  She okay?"

"You son of a bitch" says Will raising his gun.

"I wouldn't do that.  Here's what I want, and if I don't get it I will kill your doctor.  His death will result in her death.  You don't want that now do you?"

"Why don't I just kill you?" asks Tyrell.

"You could do that.  I have nine people with me here.  Outside I have people mounted on turrets ready to shoot"

"What do you want?" asks Jake.

"Supplies, food.  You give that to us, we won't kill you all"

"We can do that, as long as nobody gets hurt" says Will.

"Listen, I'm not an idiot.  You all pack up and go home than you defend your camp when we come get them.  So, I want two of your group members."

"Haha, hell no" says Jake.

"They'll be unharmed if you get us the food.  It's either you give us two people, we leave you alone and return them when you get us food... or you all die right now"

"I'll go" says Mike.

As Mike says that Miranda squeezes his hand harder.  He looks down at her and runs his finger through her hair.

"I'll be fine" he says.

"I'm coming too kid" says Lee Everett.

"No, Lee" says Dixon.

"It's fine.  Save the girl"

"Alright let's go" says Jeremy.

"I can't walk though" says Mike.

"You two bring him out.  Meet us here, one week, at sunset"

Lee Everett, Jeremy, and Tyler and Jake bringing Mike come out of the bar.

"You sure Mike?" asks Jake.

"Just make sure Miranda remains safe" he says.

"Sure little man"

Jeremy gets in the passenger seat of the car and Lee and Mike are thrown in the back.

"I hope you two enjoy your stay" says Jeremy sarcastically and they drive off.

Lee and Mike look at each other and nod their heads.


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