Lee Dixon was putting his utensils back into the box.  Isabella had her hand over Miranda's wrist, feeling her pulse.  Will, Jake, Ashley, and Anthony are watching from a distance.  Tyrell and Tyler were sitting at a table drinking beer.

"Is she gonna be okay?" asks Will.

"She'll be back in no time.  In a few days she'll be able to walk.  If the stitches reopen, I told Jake what to do" says Lee.

"Why did you just let the kid go like that?" asks Ashley.

"He offered, he'll be fine" says Will.

"What if that man was lying?  You let a handicapped kid go out there, possibly to his own death"

"He'll be fine, I'm sure of it.  If anything happens to him, I'll kill them all"

"We'll help, if that were to happen.  They have our friend too" says Isabella.

"Jake, Tyrell, if you can, grab Miranda.  Let's drive back to camp"

"We're coming with" says Tyler.

"Why is that?" asks Tyrell.

"Well, if not for us, you would've never had found her" says Ashley.

"Plus, you have two of our members with, what was her name, Ash?"

"Fine.  Hop in, we're going now"

Will walks up to Lee.

"Thank you" he says.

"I do my best" replies Lee.

Jake and Tyrell pick up Miranda and bring her to the car.  Naomi hops in shotgun and Tyler and Ashley go into the back.  They drive off and in the rearview mirror, Will see's Lee, Anthony, and Isabella walking back to their camp.

Lee Everett and Mike were sitting in the back of the car.  Jeremy was in the passenger seat and a big, tough guard was driving.  Mike looks out of the window and sees over 20 people standing guard at the front gate.  A couple of guards removed the gate and they drove in.  When they enter, they see kids running around.  They see a couple of people Mike's age in gun training with some of the older ones.  Mike can't believe it, this group is almost like theirs, except they aren't psychos who shoot random girls.

"I hope you enjoy your stay" says Jeremy.

The car gets parked and Jeremy exits the car.  As he does so, a handful of people walk up to them with guns in arms.  Lee and Mike trade worried looks.  Jeremy opens the doors and Lee gets out.  Lee stares at Jeremy and Jeremy motions him to help Mike out.  Lee opens the door and helps Mike out.  The two stare at Jeremy.

"Who are these people?" asks a guard.

"Members of another group.  One of their members attacked us.  These two played no part in it, but they are here for questioning" says Jeremy.

"Is that what you tell them?" asks Lee.

"Did I say you can talk?  You two take them down to the cells" Jeremy says to two of the guards.

Ash, Summer, Sherry, Kendall, Billy, Charlie, Mike, Damian, Jenny, Gwen, Sam, Tyrone, Chrissy, Alan, Zoey, and Christa were sitting around a table.  They were looking at a map of the area.

"We'll start the search for Miranda in the woods" says Billy.

"It's where she most likely went" says Sherry.

"But, wouldn't she find her way back here?  There are two options, she is still being chased and doesn't wanna bring them here... or she's dead" says Gwen.

"Don't say that.  I'm sure she's fine" says Damian

"We should wait for Will to get back before we make any crazy decisions" says Ash.

"The sooner the better" says Tyrone.

"Hey Charlie, aren't you a military officer?  You should know what's best" says Jenny.

"We shouldn't make any decisions we will regret" says Charlie.

"But, without us she'll die" says Mike.

"I'm sorry" says Charlie.

"Sorry bout what?" asks Sam.

"I saw her get shot... I should've said something... but c'mon, we would've all been slaughtered"

"You son of a bitch" says Sam pulling out his gun.

"Sam, don't" says Sherry.

"Why wouldn't you tell us?" asks Billy, raising his gun.

"Y'all kids would've panicked" says Charlie.

"I should kill you right now" says Sam.

"You won't though, will you?"

"I should... I won't though.  We need you to help kill these assholes who shot Miranda"

Lee and Mike were making there way to the cells, guided by two bandits.  There were bandits standing guard at each cell.  One of the guards lower his head when he sees the two enter.  The two went into two different cells and locked up.  They were straight across from one another.

"Hey, John" says James walking into the cells.

"Yeah?" replies John.

"Order came from Jeremy.  He needs help setting up the interrogation room"

"Okay, I'll go now" says John and he starts to walk away.

John gives a quick glance at Lee, and Lee sees his face.  It's John Adams, one of his group members.

"You fucking prick" screams Lee from the cage.  "Get fucking back here Adams"

John keeps walking.  James takes John's post guarding Mike's cell.

"What did you mean by interrogation room?" asks Mike, clearly worried.

"Not for you.  For your friend here" says James.

"Why?" asks Lee.

"Pretty self-explanatory"

"You know your man shot my girlfriend, almost killing her?"

"I was told she attacked him.  I don't think I'd be lied to by Jeremy"

"What do you know about him kid?" asks Lee.

"I know he keeps me and my family safe" replies James.

Will walks into the gate with the rest of the group.  Will and Tyrell were holding Miranda.  Sherry, Damian, Tyrone, Ash, Billy, and Jenny were there to meet them.

"Oh my God, is she okay?" asks Ash.

"What happened?" asks Will.

"We were in the bar, these guys came and we all hid.  Charlie told us he saw Miranda run away... he lied" says Billy.

"Yeah, good news is she'll be fine"

"Where's Mike?" asks Ash.

"Yeah, you two seem to have gotten close" says Jenny.

"He's gone" says Jake.

"What do you mean gone?  Is he dead?" asks Ash, getting scared.

"Some group took him and one of the other members from Kenny's group" says Will.

"You let them take him?" asks Damian.

"We didn't have a choice"

"Bullshit, I was there.  They wanted two people and Mike volunteered.  Kid is fucking handicapped" says Ashley.

"Is that true Will?" asks Ash.

"It is"

Ash gets infuriated and walks away.  Billy follows her and so does Gwen.

"Are you sure Miranda will be fine?" asks Tyrone.

"She won't be able to walk for a few days, other than that she's fine"

"I'll help her till then" says Sherry.

"You sure?" asks Naomi.

"Yeah, I have nothing better to do.  And something tells you have some planning to do"

John is walking up the deserted street.  He walks and finds his group's camp.  He climbs up a ladder he lied out so he can sneak in and out.  He gets in his room and sits in a chair.  There is a knock on the door.

"Come in" he says.

Kenny walks in.

"Hey, you free in a week?" asks Kenny.


"These assholes took Lee, and we're going to help get them back"


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