Two days has passed since Miranda was shot.  Will and Billy were keeping watch on the RV.  Will was smoking a cigarette.  The two were sitting there in silence.

"I thought you said you stopped" says Billy.

"I did.  So much stress though" says Will.

"C'mon, put it down.  Miranda is fine, she's starting to walk again and Sherry has been taking good care of her.  She's making some good progress"

"It's not her at this point.  It's Mike.  I shouldn't have let him go, the kid is too young to be making those stupid decisions."

"Mike will be fine.  Just remember, you have to be there in six days to get the food there"

"Yeah, I know.  But it helps a lot"

"Give me the cigarette Will" says Billy putting out his hand.

Will takes the cigarette out of his mouth and gives it to Billy.  Billy throws it into the street.

"Now give me the pack"

Will takes the pack out of his pocket and Billy throws it into the street.

"Good.  You'll feel better in no time"

"I hope you're right.  Oh, a biter" says Will.

Will stands up and very effortlessly shoots it in the head.

Brenda, Sully, Jenny, and Zoey were watching TV.  Zoey was going through the stations.

"You seriously think you may find something?" asks Jenny.

"You didn't even look?" asks Zoey.

"Didn't find the point of doing it" says Brenda.

Zoey presses up on the TV and gets a news station.  The four fill up with excitement.  It's a news reporter, Hugo Reyes that they recognize.  He's standing with what looks like a safe-zone behind him.

"If you're watching it please come to Orlando.  There is a safe-zone u and running, we have guards 24/7, it's the safest place you can be right now" he says.

"Go get Jake or someone" says Brenda.

"Yeah, Sully go" says Jenny.

"But-- I'm footless" he says.

"I'll go" says Zoey getting up and running down the stairs.

Mike was sitting down at a kitchen table.  Emma walked down the stairs and went into the fridge.

"Why am I here?" asks Mike.

"You mean, why you're here with us, or in my house?" she asks.

"Both, I guess"

"You're here to make sure your group can be trusted.  You're with me right now so I can show you we aren't bad people.  We don't wanna hurt you"

"Than let me go"

"It isn't that simple.  Listen here are your two choices, my place, or the cell floor"

"I guess here's the best"

"Exactly.  Now, I'm having a couple of guests over tonight, some other guards.  Act your best, maybe they'll feel sympathy and let you go"

"Let me guess, you're having your boyfriend James over, right?"

"He's not my boyfriend"

"So, you two make those eyes at each other for no reason?"

"Maybe.  See you're doing a good job in acting cute and nice.  They may just free you yet"

"Yeah, I try"

Lee Everett was sitting in his cell.  He hers footsteps and sees John Adams walking downstairs with Jeremy.

"You son of a bitch" says Lee.

John just looks at him.

"So, my group is planning to attack us at the meeting place.  Not sure bout the other group" says John.

"Is that true?"

"It is"

"We should deplete their numbers"

"Already did, killed some of my members.  I can't go back there anymore"

"Who did you kill?" asks Lee.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"Who did you fucking kill?"

"Zane and Keith.  Killed them while we were sitting by the campfire.  No one saw it coming, pretty exhilarating. Don't you think?"

"You mother fucker.  I'll kill you, you hear me?"

"I do, I do hear you" says John taking out his pistol and aiming it at Lee's head.

Jeremy grabs his hand.

"Don't.  If we show up with just the kid, they'll attack... we need both" says Jeremy.

"You're lucky" says John.

"You're lucky I'm locked in here" says Lee.

Miranda was lying in Sherry's bed.  Sherry was sitting on the edge of the bed watching Paranormal Activity that Christa picked up.  Miranda woke up and spastically kicked Sherry in the back.

"OW" she says holding her back.

"What-- Sorry" she says.

"It's okay, what a way to say good morning though" Sherry says sarcastically.


"It's okay, how are you feeling?"

"Better than yesterday"

"That's a start.  Do you need anything, water, food?"


"He'll be back in six days, don't worry"

"But, why would he just leave me?"

"He wanted to make sure you were safe"

"I'd rather him be here with me"

"He'll be back soon, just get some rest Miranda"

Will was sitting in front of the TV with Brenda, Zoey, Sully, Jenny, Brett, Jake, and Naomi.  They were watching very intensely.

"Come to Orlando, it's the only place safe... this is Hugo Reyes signing off" says Hugo.

"That's incredible" says Jake in amazement.

"I know, should we go?" asks Zoey.

"Is that a question?  Of course we go" says Jenny.

"I'm not sure, it's a long drive, we don't have much gas..." says Will.

"Are you sure?  This could be our prayers becoming answered" says Naomi.

"What if it falls?  How long do those normally last?" asks Brett.

"Not long enough to commit to" says Jake.

"I'm going, no question" says Jenny.

"Jenny, you'd have to go without us then" says Brenda.

"Why?  We could be safe"

"It's a huge risk" says Brett.

"But the prize is enormous" says Naomi.

"We should think about this when we have everyone here" says Will.

"Okay, but I do think we should start going" says Jenny.

Mike was sitting on the couch at Emma's.  Emma, James, and two other guards that he got the names as Dennis and Marissa.  Dennis and Marissa were two of the higher level soldiers.  They were the trainers of James and Emma.  They were sitting on the couch.

"Mike, we're sorry it came to this" says Dennis.

"It's fine... as long as Miranda's okay" Mike replies.

"You really like this girl?"

"Yeah, and it's killing me that I don't know if she's okay or not"

"Kid, I'm sure she's fine.  All you have to do is wait five days" says Marissa.

"And if they fail to show up?  I'm gonna be killed, right?"

"Sadly, that's most likely the truth.  We'll try talking him out of it if it comes to that... most of us aren't bad people like you think"

"Well, I appreciate knowing that, I guess"

"You'll be fine.  So will your friends, don't worry" says James.

Summer was playing Solitaire in her room.  She was listening to her iPod, thanks to the generators she can charge it and listen to music.  There's a knock on her door and Naomi enters the room.

"Hey Summer" she says.

Summer looks at her and waves "Hi".  Naomi sat next to her and put her arm around her.

"Are you okay?" she asks.

Summer doesn't say anything.  She goes back to playing Solitaire.

"C'mon Summer.  Why don't you talk anymore?  You used to be the peppy girl who was always happy.  Now you sit here depressed and you don't talk"

Summer continues playing solitaire without saying anything.  Naomi gets up and leaves closing the door behind her.  Summer looks at the mirror and picks up her notebook which she starts to write in.  In a sharpie, she wrote the words "ALL MUST DIE" and looked back to the mirror.


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